What Is Ac Inverter Technology All About?

Perhaps you are already considering buying a new air conditioning system. You have heard many recommendations about the new models of air conditioning that use the INVERTER energy, but you still do not know precisely how they work.

At Intec, we will explain a little more about the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India’stechnology and benefits.

What does the INVERTER technology mean?

INVERTER technology works straightforwardly: when the compressor needs more power, it gives more control. When you need less energy, it provides less energy. With this technology, the compressor will be on, but the unit of your air conditioner will consume less energy and give more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. In short, the speed and control of the compressor will be adjusted appropriately to the needs of the room.

Five reasons why an AC INVERTER unit is better a traditional one-


As explained above, the INVERTER technology works with the temperature in the room using variable speed. Therefore, thanks to the INVERTER technology, the power can be adjusted, thus reducing electrical consumption and saving energy.

You save money

Because the compressor does not operate at full capacity all the time, the energy necessary for its operation is low. In this way, your electric bills will be too.

It produces less sound

By maintaining a constant rhythm that decreases from time to time but never goes out and therefore it is not necessary to have to turn it on every time, the mode of operation is entirely silent.

Longer life

Less power consumption air conditioner not only makes cooling and heating more Continue reading

What Type Of Air Conditioning Do You Need For Your Home?

The importance of an air conditioner in your home or apartment is essential, not only to reduce heat but to improve air quality. However, which one is right for you? Then, INTEC will explain what type of air conditioning you need in your home according to your needs.

Do I need to buy a wall air conditioner?

Of course yes! Every day strange odors accumulate in your home and enter allergens that can harm you if you suffer a respiratory problem. It is the best type of air conditioning as provided by window air conditioner manufacturers in India, whether you have a room of regular or large size because its cooling power can cover up to 9 meters.

On the other hand, although many say it is harmful, it is proven that one of the benefits of wall air conditioning is more noticeable when it is in the bedroom. In summer, it is sometimes impossible to sleep because of the more than 25 degrees felt in the capital. And you know what’s best? You can program your equipment to turn off when you are deeply asleep.

It should be noted that you will save a significant amount of energy, since once you are asleep, you will not need the wall air conditioner still on; and will help you sleep quickly, making you sleep eight full hours without interruptions. In other words, the next day you will present a better performance in college or at work.

When to buy a window type air conditioner?

Sometimes, because you rent an apartment or the floor of a house, you cannot make significant changes because the contract prevents it. Doing so would entail paying more money for making changes to someone else’s property, sometimes things work that way. In these situations, the best choice is to buy a window type air conditioner.

One of the benefits of buying this unit is its price. It is cheaper than a wall air conditioner and provides great satisfaction. Also, it is quite practical for people who always move, since Continue reading

Maintenance Of Office Air Conditioning Systems

Fortunately, in most cases, an air conditioning system will work correctly, since modern ones are durable and provide a high quality of air. However, like any device, so that its performance does not decline, it must be provided with adequate maintenance.

It is essential that office air conditioning systems work without problems since a comfortable work environment is vital for all companies. If the staff does not feel comfortable, they will not be able to work correctly, which hurts the company. Then MOTOREX will present you with five tips to keep your air conditioning in perfect condition.

Make sure you clean the office air conditioner

Dirty air conditioners cause problems and failures within the system. An easy way to prolong its life is by cleaning the ventilation ducts regularly. Also, remove the filters and wash them with warm water, as these are an essential component of the unit. Subsequently, use an antibacterial spray to protect them.

Clean or change the filter

As stated earlier, screens play an essential role in Lowest Power Consumption Air Conditioner In India. This help protects other components and purifies the air since they do not allow the entry of allergens, dust or other harmful particles. Also, if these are not cleaned on a regular basis, they will cause the air conditioning system to work more, shortening its useful life.

If you have “split” intec air conditioner without ducts, there must be a removable panel in the unit that allows you to clean the filter with a rag; it is not necessary to replace it.

Obstructions in the condensing units

Because the condensing unit is located outside, it usually accumulates waste, such as branches or leaves, making the group not work as it should. Regularly reviewing the area where the condenser is located will help your system function properly.

Check the air flow

If you do not find problems in the condenser, verify that the air flow is sufficiently robust and constant. If this is intermittent or weak, it means that there is a problem that only a professional technician can solve. Remember that manipulating any component that you do not know can lead to more significant issues.

Look for rust or corrosion

Rust and corrosion are signs that the air conditioning system has not been adequately maintained. If you notice the presence of any of these two, do not hesitate to call an expert to solve this problem. Generally, they use special steel paint and weather resistant.

Finally, remember that you should not wait for your unit to present serious problems to request a technician to take a look. Preventive preservation is the key to ensuring that all appliances last much longer, especially air conditioning systems since they are a significant investment.

Is It Time To Change Your Screen? We Help You!

An essential part of the home is television, since enjoying good programming together, unites us as a family, generating an environment of pleasant conviviality that often ends up in conversations on the table.

Keep in mind that it is a device that can last for many years, so selecting well is the option to acquire a screen that will have a long lifetime.

Start the search for the new screen

Before going to a store or buying online, meet with your family and make a list of the models of filters that have caught their attention, expose their points about size, functionality, extra benefits and even the price. You must also be clear, in what room or room of the house you will place your new screen, because this will depend on its size, and if necessary, the option of adding to your purchase some support or entertainment center as a compliment.

Buy smart LED TV in Delhi?

Smart TVs have software that will allow you to use applications such as smartphones. The most common apps for this type of TV are NETFLIX, Spotify, and YouTube but you can also communicate with Facebook or Skype. Independent of these applications, some smart televisions also have an Internet browser. If you decide to buy a standard screen and it has HDMI input, you can turn it into smart TV, all you have to do is integrate an additional device, such as an Apple TV, which will provide high definition, tune to channels via streaming and play movies online.

The size and type of screen

Full HD or Ultra HD are other common terms when talking about televisions, these characteristics are related to the screen, and it is the highest definition of the image. The resolution Continue reading

4K Or Full HD: What TV To Buy?

Being interested in the sphere of electronics, users note the appearance of TV-devices, through which the image is shown in the highest quality, with thin and large screens. Innovative technology makes it possible for every user to enjoy high-quality video, with a detailed picture. With the popularization of modernized appliances, do consumers think that it’s better – 4K or Full HD? Which option is more appropriate?

Advantages of ultra high definition LED TV 

The first advantage of Ultra HD- convenient viewing of the TV at a relatively short distance. The screen of this device is known for its decision, which is considered ultra-high (about 8 million pixels).

This means that the picture is as detailed as possible and looks clearer, compared with previous modifications of TVs. The main advantages of Ultra HD are:

The manifest image is detailing, through the use of proprietary technologies and increasing the pixel density index. The man readily perceives such a picture.

Progressive scan rates are up to 120 frames per second. As a result, the burden on eyesight decreases, and the eyes do not get so tired, even if you watch TV for hours.

Profound display of a large number of colors.

Increase the dynamic range. In the most clarified and darkened areas of the picture, any detail is transmitted very clearly. All shades and colors seem brighter and more saturated.

This technique will attract the attention of fans of video games, because it creates the most realistic picture, contributing to a complete immersion in the world of virtual reality. In stores, you can already find games that support this format.

4K matrix creates a three-dimensional image, viewed by the viewer from all positions. To see high-quality three-dimensional photos do not need 3D glasses.

Is there enough content in high definition, and where to look for it?

Despite the popularization of this technique, there is not much available for the extensive use of content for viewing in high resolution yet. You cannot watch your favorite movie or TV series in 4K format. You’ll have to spend time searching for the right files.

Some online services already provide such content. To search for it, you can use:

Youtube- It has been broadcasting programs and films in UHD resolution since 2014. Rollers are designed for free viewing – just set the resolution value to 2160 and enjoy a high-quality image.

Netflix- This service has become available in our country relatively recently. In its video library there are a lot of files in high resolution, but you need to pay a subscription to view them. There is a free period for review.

So what to choose: ultra high definition LED TV or Full HD?

The answer to this question is ambiguous. Innovative technology is gradually gaining ground in the modern market, but those wishing to use it are few. This is due to the high cost of Ultra-HD-TVs.

Unfortunately, the realities of our life and the electronics market in the country have not yet been adapted to use innovative devices and to view files in ultra-high resolution. Therefore, the question of which TV to buy – Full HD or 4K, is logical.

The purchase of 4K TV is associated with some difficulties. For its full-fledged use, you will need high-speed Internet and a dedicated HDMI cable. The owner of a modern TV-device will have to spend time searching for and buying the right content. Satellite channels, designed for viewing in this format, in our country is almost none.

5 Big Mistakes That Compromise Your Air Conditioning

Has not it happened that you buy an air conditioner and you end up disappointed because it was not what they promised? But then you see that a friend of yours bought the same product and is very happy with his purchase. Why do you think this happens? Will, your friend, be very simple and settle for the minimum, or maybe you have misused your equipment?

Not all of them read the manual with which the air conditioning equipment comes and they use it as they think it should be, this is where the error lies. You must take into account different factors so as not to make mistakes when using your equipment. Otherwise, you will not feel satisfied with your purchase, and you will think that you have wasted your money. That is why Intec has compiled the five big mistakes that compromise your air conditioning and do not let you enjoy it to the fullest.Do not change or clean the filters of your air conditioner

At a minimum, you should differ the screen on your central air conditioner once every three months and once a month if you do not use it regularly. Otherwise, the dirty filter may cause reduced air flow or problems with the evaporator coil of your equipment. A dirty filter could add 5% to 15% to your air conditioning bill and shorten the vital usefulness of it.

If you have “split” air conditioners without ducts, there must be a removable panel in the unit that allows you to clean the filter with a rag; it is not necessary to replace it.

You cool empty rooms

It is more than apparent that one does not spend time with every one of the rooms in the house, there are always specific places where we spend more time. Precisely, these are the places we use every day that should cool down to have a more enjoyable time. What good is it to cool a room where you or someone else will not be? It is reducing the useful life of your air conditioning equipment and also your bill at the end of the month will be quite high. Just use the air conditioning where you will be, it does not make sense to cool empty rooms.

You do not perform the annual maintenance of your equipment

You can look for online video tutorials by air conditioner best brands in India on cleaning the coils and fins of your air conditioning unit, performing this maintenance is necessary because it keeps your computer running efficiently. If you have the possibility of hiring a professional to provide proper support at least once a year would be even better.

Do not make the most of the fans

Any fan, and especially the ceiling fans, can help keep cold air circulating throughout your house. That eliminates part of a load of your air conditioning equipment. Just make sure the ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise during the summer, which promotes more airflow.

Do not use curtains or blinds

The sunlight of that sweltering summer is the primary nemesis of your air conditioning equipment. Do you wonder why? The answer is quite simple. The sunlight that enters through your windows lets in the solar rays, as well as the heat. Previously, we recommend tips to maximize the effectiveness of your Intec air conditioner.

New World Of Possibilities With Android TV

If you have not yet heard of Android TV, it’s time to discover a new world of possibilities from your living room. It is a device that, connected to your television, allows you to surf via Wi-Fi, check your email, enjoy social networks, play with the highest quality, play Full HD video, connect your pen drive and enjoy your favorite videos and music. Choose what to see as a family thanks to TV on demand, chat with your friends or even talk on Skype.

With this device you can also control your Smartphone or Tablet on your television screen, so everything you have on your device, you can enjoy on television. For example, see the latest photos, without having to pass them to a CD or another format. In short, you will get a multimedia center on your screen. And best of all, it is not incompatible with the SmartTV and works with anyone who has HDMI input. Add possibilities to your television and buy android TV in India.

Everything you imagine on your television

In addition to all this, you can download multiple free applications from the Google Play store and other Internet sites as mentioned, TV on demand, various applications, games, etc. However, we must be careful and look at the apps that we want to download, since some are paid as in the mobile or tablet.

How does Android TV work?

It is straightforward to use. The only thing that your television needs ais HDMI connector, where you will connect the Android TV and Internet with Wifi Router, although with an optional accessory, you can compare it with a network cable directly to the Router. However, if you want to play files from your pen drive, it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet, although in Red, you will gain 80% more possibilities.


For easy handling, you can install a keyboard or USB mouse with cable. If you decide to connect a keyboard in Spanish, you will need to download an application in a simple way that recognizes the keyboard in Spanish. In the support section, there is direct access to the app. The same will happen if you choose to install these peripherals, but wireless.

Another option is the mini keyboard + mouse + control function (2.4 GHz), such as the Mini Wireless Fly Mouse keyboard model. With it, you can control all the gadgets in your home in one device: TV, DVD, HIFI, VCR, video consoles etc. It also incorporates a microphone and a speaker with which you can make calls and video calls, with programs such as Skype.

Also, if you have an android LED TV price in India, you can manage your television with remote control, synchronizing both devices.

When choosing an Android TV, it is advisable, that at least have:

  • Bluetooth The version 4.0 is very advanced and will give us fewer problems when connecting keyboards via Bluetooth.
  • Internal memory. To have an excellent reproduction of High Definition video. The recommended is 8GB: 5GB in the SD memory partition and 3GB in the system.
  • It is essential to have proper cooling because if it is of poor quality, the device will overheat and restart. The more full the Android TV, the better, since the heat will dissipate better.
  • It is essential that our Android TV has an optimal rate.
  • Support by the manufacturer. In the case of Android TV, it’s two years.

Discover 5 Myths And Truths About Smart 4k Tvs

The human capacity to see the resolution and price of the devices are some mysteries unraveled

Smart TVs 4K has finally become a viable option for Indian consumers, who find a wide variety of models on the market. The best LED TV manufacturer in India such as Intec are present in the domestic market with devices of different sizes and specifications.

  1. Is every 4K the same?

Myth. When reading “4K”, we think that best LED TV manufacturer in India are always talking about the same characteristic, but not quite. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has released the term Ultra High Definition (UHD) in 2012 to describe devices with at least 3840 x 2160 pixels. The idea was to replace the name “4K”, standard developed for the cinema screens and with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. However, the fact is that the organization has no regulatory power. Thus, a manufacturer can sell 4K smart TVs with 4096 x 2160 pixels, while another sells 3840 x 2160 pixels, also 4K devices.

  1. Are curved TVs better?

Myth. Manufacturers often advertise smart curved TVs as being better at increasing the feeling of immersion, covering the higher field of view of the viewer. It is right on a desktop monitor, but not for smart TVs. There are two crucial differences between these two panels: the size and number of viewers. On the computer, the immersion result is useful because only one person is facing the screen. But the TVs are designed to be seen by more than one person, which changes all the dynamics. In this scenario, whoever is at the end of the sofa will see a distorted image, besides not enjoying immersiveness.

  1. Does the human eye not distinguish 4K?

Partly true. The human eye has a fixed ability to capture the resolution. That means that for more pixels that appear on the screen, there is a limit from which it will not make a difference to our view. On average, an individual can distinguish separate objects in a range of 0.1 mm at a distance of 25 cm. Despite this, you probably will not sit less than 25 cm from a 4K TV. If you do, then the difference between Full HD and UHD is visible.

  1. 4. Is there little content available?

Truth. Indeed, there is much more content available today than when the standard was released. The Play Globe displays part of its programming in 4K HDR on smart TVs since 2016. The Netflix also offers movies and series in Ultra HD, as well as other streaming video platforms.

  1. Is OLED Panel Better Than LCD?

Truth. OLED technology brings an improvement over LEDs. The lighting system is pixel-by-pixel, unlike what happens on the LCD and LED screens, where a single back panel illuminates everything. The result is greater control over brightness and contrast, as well as more accurate color emission and darker dark tones.

The technology does not interfere in anything with the number of pixels: a 4K OLED display has the same 3840 x 2160 pixels as a 4K LCD or LED. The gain in image quality lies in the improvement of color and contrast, something that critics of “how much better resolution” are always pointing to more critical specifications.

How To Solve Water Leaks In Your Window Type Air Conditioner?

Buying a window type air conditioner is an excellent choice when you need to cool a room in particular. However, with the passing of years and reduced maintenance, this unit usually presents problems, such as water leakage, causing the wall, window, and floor of your home to get wet.

Next, window air conditioner brands in India like Intec will present you with some solutions for this problem and other reasons that cause leaks in your window type air conditioner.

How can I solve that?

  1. Disconnect the window type air conditioner.
  2. Dry the water that is inside the unit, in the window and on the floor of the room.
  3. Check and make sure the unit is appropriately sealed to the window.
  4. If you feel hot air coming in, you need to seal the group correctly as indicated in the owner’s manual.
  5. Make sure that the drain holes located on the back of the group are not blocked.
  6. Clean them to allow water to drain without problems.
  7. Get rid of the accumulated dirt in the filter, as it will cause it to lock if you do not receive proper maintenance.

After you have finished all these steps and have kept the window type air conditioner off, turn it on once more to see if the water appears again.

If you notice that the water leak continues and begins to wet the floor of the room, check again to have it adequately sealed to the window.

Why else do water leaks occur?

  1. – Air Leaks

If your window type air conditioner is not sealed correctly, hot air from outside enters the unit. When this happens, the moisture found in the hot air condenses thanks to the cold air inside the unit. When there is a surplus of humidity inside the appliance, it starts to drip.

  1. – Drainage is blocked

Behind the window air conditioner, there are drainage holes (drip trays). Sometimes, these can be prevented by the accumulation of dirt and dust. When this type of blockage happens, it usually causes water leaks in the front of the unit, as well as on the sides.

Avoid this type of problems by keeping the drainage holes clean and removing dirt accumulated in the filters or replacing them to prevent any blockage that causes a water leak. It should be considered that there is a relationship between your allergies and your window type air conditioning, so cleaning it is extremely important if you suffer from respiratory problems.

  1. – Low temperatures outside

If it is beginning to rain or there is a lot of humidity out, the water takes longer to evaporate than normal. This leads to an excessive accumulation of moisture in the window type air conditioner, causing water leakage. It should be noted that this happens to other air conditioning units and is solved using a drip tray.

  1. – Malfunction of the condenser pump

If the condenser pump is not working properly or is stuck, it will cause water leakage. If you have technical knowledge, you can review it personally and look for a block or loose cable without any help from air conditioner brands in India. If the pump appears to be in the fine state, you will have to test it to see if it is defective.

Upscaling: The Key To Making The Most Of Your Full HD Or 4K TV

If you purchased a 4K or Full HD TV recently, you might have noticed that the quality of the playback depends not on your screen, but on the source. This can translate into an unsatisfactory experience when watching old, low quality or non HD videos. But you should not worry about this problem: today there is a new technology that allows you to upload the resolution of the multimedia content you want and, in this way, enjoy it on your TV without limitations: I speak of Full HD Upscaling. Let’s see what it is and what you need to know to start using it today:

What is Upscaling?

Upscaling converts to high definition the low-resolution multimedia content you could find in streaming services or, even, in your library. This technology has been functioning for a while now: what happens when your DVD player raises the resolution of the material to adapt it to your 4k or Full HD TV is, precisely, Upscaling. However, the most recent Blu-Ray players of best LED TV brands in Delhi have taken Upscaling to another level.

Not only do they increase the resolution of the videos, but they use all the pixels of your TV to provide a sharper and better quality image as if the source itself were 4K. To achieve this, the Upscaling uses an interpolation algorithm that tells the empty pixels how they should behave, based on the pixels they have around, something that significantly improves the quality of the screen.

How to take advantage of Upscaling on a 4K or Full HD TV:

First of all, you should know that because of its higher pixel density, a 4K TV offers four times more resolution than a Full HD of the same number of inches. Bearing this in mind, it can be deduced that it will be more difficult for an image to look good on a 4K TV if the source does not do an Upscaling Full HD job. The scaling can be handled in the same way by a Blu-Ray player as by a 4K TV. Of course, there is no point in purchasing a 4K TV if you only watch content on DVD, just as you do not have to buy a Blu-Ray player if you do not have a TV with the proper pixel density. If you use a combination of both devices, you can get surprising results regarding image quality.

Aspects to take into account:

So far, it sounds like Full HD Upscaling allows you to get a 4K quality from a source with a maximum 1080p, but that’s not what happens. Upscaling cannot add details that are not present in the source. Also, as with all types of technology, its operation is not perfect. There are still some problems with scaling, such as distortion of moving images, elongation of frames and fog in the most challenging pixels to fill.

With this, I do not mean that buying a 4k TV right now is a waste of money. All films are produced in 4K quality, and it is logical to think that now that this technology has reached homes, the Blu-Ray releases in native 4K by best LED TV manufacturers in India are becoming more frequent. Upscaling is an excellent addition to your home entertainment set.