Want your top LED TV in India to Last? Do These 4 Things

Today, top LED TVs in India have become an item in almost every home. In addition to entertainment, for example, watching soap operas and comedy shows, and getting the latest news, television is used to beautify the living room.

Being a display is another function or side use of today’s television. Therefore, televisions should be selected carefully.

As part of electronic goods, buying a durable and the best-LED TV in India is everyone’s desire. Apart from having a memorable value, durable electronic items can also save your finances. Because there is no need to buy new items and repair costs can be made for other needs.

For this, if you want your TV to last, these four things you should not ignore!

  1. Use the TV Only as Necessary

You certainly won’t watch TV all the time, right? For that, use the TV as needed. For this, you may need to make a regular schedule to watch TV only, whether it’s watching with family or alone. With a schedule, you will have a reference at what time you can watch TV.

In addition, you can use the TV during certain favorite programs. If you like comedy, for example, you only turn on the TV when the show is about to start and turn it off when the show is over.

Another bad habit of watching TV is leaving the TV on while you sleep. To avoid this, use the timer feature on your TV so that when you fall asleep, the TV will turn off automatically.

  1. Keep TV away from direct Sun

Place the TV in a place out of direct sunlight. This is an effort so as not to cause distortion to the picture quality of your TV. Also, keep your TV away from items that have a high magnetic field as they can interfere with important elements on your TV.

  1. Diligently clean your TV regularly

No need to wait until your TV is dirty and dusty, do it regularly. When you’re cleaning the house, just as well clean your TV. The TV does have to be cleaned often because it is easy to dance to dust. Especially when it is on, the TV can easily attract objects that contain electromagnets. For that, be diligent in cleaning it so that your TV lasts a long time.

  1. Put the TV in the Right Position and Place

No less important is the placement of your TV at home, be it the position of the TV or a place, usually a table, where your TV will be placed on it.

If you are going to put it on a table, check the table first; whether shaky or not. If you want to stick it on the wall, make sure the wall is strong and sturdy. This is to prevent your TV from falling suddenly in the future.

The position and location of the TV must be adjusted to your TV. The TVs offered by the best LED TV manufacturers in India are suitable to be placed in any place and position.

We are sure that these suggestions will definitely help you in keeping your TV in the best condition. However, the first condition is to buy a sound and sturdy TV for your home as only then it can be ensured it will work smoothly for years.

Do you want to buy an LED TV for your home or office? We invite you to discover the TV models present on the website of Intec.

The best tip for sleeping well when it’s hot: Turn To Air Conditioner Brands In India

Summer is here and the heat is finally coming back! We can finally enjoy the outdoors as it should be and cool off by the swimming pool. If it is easy to find “cool” solutions during the day, it is more complicated at night, when the heat, sometimes boring, prevents us from sleeping properly. Discover our tips for more pleasant summer nights!

What could be more unpleasant than suffering from the heat at night and sleeping uncomfortably because of it! In order to improve your sleep, there are however some simple tricks, like turning to air conditioner brands in India.

  1. Ventilate and circulate the air

In order to bring down the heat accumulated in your home during the day, it is essential to ventilate it well once the sun has set and the outside temperature has dropped, especially your bedroom.

If possible, create a draft by opening the windows of several rooms, in order to circulate the air and allow more efficient cooling.

  1. Refresh yourself

If drinking a good quantity of water is essential in all seasons, this is all the more important in the summer in the case of strong heat.

Drink regularly and abundantly during the day, and just before going to bed, without forgetting to place a bottle of fresh water at the foot of your bed, to deal with the thirst that pulls you out of your sleep in the middle of the night.

  1. Install an air conditioner

At home, in the office, or in public places, top air conditioner brands in India offer a wide range of air conditioner models to improve everyone’s daily life, health, and environment.

The benefits of air conditioning

To refresh the premises: Cooling, which is the most common function of the air conditioner, is made possible by a heat exchanger mechanism. The air conditioner draws excess heat from inside the room and then discharges it outside the room.

To optimize the temperature: Air conditioning allows you to choose the temperature of a room. A temperature difference of 5°C to 8°C between the inside of the house and the outside is recommended. The arrival of reversible air conditioning makes it possible to maintain an ideal temperature both in summer and winter.

To regulate humidity: By reducing the level of humidity in the air, air conditioning restores comfort and well-being inside a building.

To breathe healthier air: The air conditioning guarantees better air quality thanks to a filtration system that eliminates cigarette smoke, dust, and purifies the air.

To save energy: Reversible air conditioning, also called an air heat pump, makes it possible to rationalize the energy consumption of a home.

Having an air conditioner installed in your home is a comfortable and effective solution to avoid suffering from the heat in summer, day and night.

While some devices are rather noisy and can disturb your sleep if they work, others are much quieter and include a specific “night” option. You then enjoy a pleasant breeze of fresh air, in perfect silence!

Window air conditioner in India: Is It Effective In Cooling You Down?

Is the heat in your home hard to bear when outside temperatures are high in summer? Window air conditioner brands in India may have a solution for you! Quite popular and the best device for cooling, the window air conditioner is an economical one-piece device that is easy to install at window level. However, is it really effective?


How does a window air conditioner work?

The window air conditioner is a packaged device, that is, unlike a standard air conditioning system, it consists of only one indoor unit, but no outdoor package.

It comes with different elements to be able to work: an exhaust pipe, a drainpipe, and a caulking kit. It is installed at the level of a previously caulked window in order to prevent the heat from the outside from entering, but also, to ensure that the cooling generated by the device does not escape.

Simple and quick to set up, a little less for the heaviest models which require external reinforcement, it is also easy to remove, once the summer is over.

Does this device appeal to you? Get to know it a little better through its advantages!


  • Simple to install,
  • Easy to use,
  • Removable,
  • Economic,
  • No maintenance required by a pro.

A removable and economical system

First of all, the less bulky models of window air conditioners are hailed for their flexibility: easily transportable, they can be installed in any room, according to the needs of the home.

We must link this advantage with the ease of installation of this device. Thus, there is no need to have special technical skills to set it up. It is therefore quite possible to install it yourself. But it is suggested that you entrust this work to installation experts.

Finally, unlike a standard air conditioning system, it is also a product rather accessible to purchase and which has no additional costs (installation by professional and annual maintenance).

No maintenance by a pro” does not mean no maintenance at all!

Finally, the window air conditioner also requires regular maintenance on your part. A simple, but necessarily diligent gesture in order to maintain the good air quality in your home, consists of dusting it frequently.

In summary, the window air conditioner offers good prospects for those who wish to air-condition their interior thanks to a financially accessible device that is easy to install.

Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that this one-piece device is effective for cooling a single room at a time. It is therefore rather recommended for apartments, but can also be suitable for a house, provided you acquire as many air conditioners as there are rooms to be air-conditioned!

If you are in search of a reliable air conditioner brand in India, then let us introduce you to one of the best one- Intec. The reason why Intec is trusted by a large no. of customers is that it offers the most advanced air conditioner models that will serve you faithfully for many years, without burdening you with worries and additional troubles.

Which air conditioner to choose for an apartment?

Which air conditioner to choose for an apartment?

While the heat of the beautiful summer days will soon reach its peak, what could be more comfortable than staying at home, well cool. With this in mind, installing an air conditioner in India allows you to enjoy invaluable comfort, day and night when the heat becomes too much to bear.


Air conditioner brands in India are everyone’s best friend in the summer! You can count on their product’s reliability to face the crushing heat.

Do you dread the summer and the heatwave that often goes with it? Rest assured. You shouldn’t suffer from it for too long: we’ve sorted through the different types of the air conditioner to tell you which one is best for your apartments. Now the serenity of well-deserved freshness is yours!

The apartments are far from exempt from heat strokes when summer arrives. On the contrary, they often heat up faster than some houses. In this context, what is the best air conditioning system for these homes? We tell you everything!


Air conditioners all work, broadly, on the same principle. They break down into two large families”

  • Monoblock: fixed or mobile, they function more as backup solutions, thanks to an indoor unit and a drain pipe;
  • Split: fixed or mobile, too, split air conditioners are made up of two groups – or units, which absorb heat and provide cool air inside the room, cooled by a compressor; it is, then, mainly the anatomy of the diffusers which makes it possible to differentiate them.
  1. The mobile air conditioner

This type of air conditioning is, without question, the easiest and fastest to implement in apartments, whose area does not exceed 40m².

To leave the cellar when the temperatures begin to rise, it is easy to install in each room, thanks to its wheels. A simple electrical outlet is enough to connect it and the best part is that this type of air conditioner comes at a pocket-friendly price.


  1. The wall-mounted air conditioner

Much more discreet, silent and efficient, fixed wall-mounted air conditioning is also one of the most widespread in apartments today.

Particularly effective, it involves, on the other hand, relatively heavy work for its installation, because it is, in 95% of cases, of the split type.

Perhaps, an air conditioner is the only option that can bring maximum benefit and provide unmatched comfort. That is why today consumers are not faced with the question of suitability, but the question of which model and company to prefer.



When looking for an answer to the question “What kind of air conditioner to buy for an apartment”, special attention should be paid to the visual perception of the model.

However, you should be on the lookout: a stylish case can hide the primitive functional set of the device. Conversely, a seemingly modest model can be equipped with excellent functionality.

Moreover, traditional classic models with a snow-white body with minimal front panel trim and temperature indicators fit perfectly into the interior of any room, without spoiling the overall architecture.

Want to cool your bedroom this summer? Here Are The Options You Can Choose From

Is the heat of summer nights preventing you from sleeping properly? Why not equip your bedroom with an air conditioning system offered by air conditioner brands in India to enjoy a breath of fresh air and finally be able to spend good nights?

What type of air conditioner in India should you choose, what power to choose and where to install it in your room? We will answer all your questions!

3 air conditioning units adapted to one bedroom

The indoor ambient temperature can make us see all the colors! In winter, we can have trouble sleeping when it’s cold, and conversely, the heat can easily keep us from falling asleep in summer.

Soon, we will witness hot summer weather, so it makes perfect sense to want to install an air conditioning system in your bedroom to be able to rest better in the event of tropical temperatures!

For this, the following 3 alternatives are considered to be particularly suitable:

  1. The mobile packaged air conditioner

On wheels, the one-piece air conditioner is a very simple extra solution to install and rather affordable in terms of price.

However, it does not have an outdoor unit, which means that all of its components are in a single indoor unit. This parameter then makes itrather noisy. It is, therefore, better to make sure to choose a function offering a “night” mode, a quieter option so as not to disturb your sleep.


  1. The split air conditioner

Very efficient in terms of cooling and quiet, the split wall air conditioner is an excellent option for a bedroom. It consists of an outdoor unit as well as an indoor unit which ideally finds its place above the door to the room. However, this is an expensive solution that requires professional installation and commissioning.


  1. The multi-split air conditioner

Cousin of the split air conditioner, the multisplit consists of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. It is therefore perfect for cooling several bedrooms or several rooms in a house.

An additional advantage: each indoor unit is independent in terms of the temperature setting.


Where should the air conditioner be installed in a bedroom?

Ideally, the air conditioner should be as far from the bed as possible and near a window or door. In the case of a fixed installation at height, the top of the door is therefore a location of choice.

In order to promote the natural regulation of body temperature, 20°C ​​is the recommended ambient temperature in an adult bedroom.

In summary, the best choice of air conditioner for a room remains the split, or the multi-split, whose noise level does not exceed 40 decibels so as not to disturb your sleep, while offering you pleasant and effective cooling.

Selection of the Best and Energy Saving air conditioner in India: A Task That Requires Your Absolute Attention

Selection of the Best and Energy Saving air conditioner in India: A Task That Requires Your Absolute Attention

The benefits of using air conditioners in residences and small businesses are indisputable. Air-conditioned environments provide an increase in labor productivity and a healthy life. In the light of this information, air conditioner in India has become not a luxury, but a necessity for human life.

For those of you who are planning to buy an air conditioner for the first time, there may be a few things that are still haunting you.

For example, related to the use of electricity. How much electricity bills will have to be borne later? Or even more basic, is the electricity at home enough to power the air conditioner that has been purchased?

Departing from here, a new feature of the air conditioners emerged. Not just advanced features, energy efficiency is also an important consideration. Here are tips for choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner.


  1. Find the AC that matches the size of the room.

How large is the room that you want to install AC? Choosing an air conditioner that matches the size of the room will give you many advantages. In addition to being able to cool the room optimally, a suitable AC is also more energy-efficient as no electricity is wasted.


  1. Consider Inverter AC

Currently, more and more air conditioners are equipped with inverter technology. This air conditioner is indeed much more energy-efficient than ordinary air conditioners. When first turned on, the surge current is also minimal. Not surprisingly, this air conditioner is rated as the best air conditioner for most people.


  1. Choose an easy-to-clean air conditioner

Make no mistake, the cleanliness of the air conditioner also affects its performance and efficiency. If the air conditioner is kept clean, the use of electricity is also more efficient. So by choosing an air conditioner that is easy to clean, it is more likely to save electricity later.


  1. Choose a Brand That Has Been Tested

You can just look for air conditioners at low prices but the benefits of buying an air conditioner like this are only felt at the beginning.

Unlike this, when a person buys an air conditioner produced by a well-known brand, the quality and performance is definitely more guaranteed.

Appropriate capacity selection is very important for efficient air conditioning use. A bigger air conditioner doesn’t always mean better. Moreover, the efficiency of the air conditioner should be considered, and inverter type air conditioners, which are much more efficient, should be preferred.


In addition, attention should be paid to the sound level of the air conditioner, and devices with low sound level should be selected.

Buying an air conditioner should be treated like buying an investment product. Long-term gains are far more important than affordability. So don’t be easily tempted by cheap prices.

Although the best AC is not always synonymous with expensive prices, the price can always be an indication of the quality of a product. So when it’s the best AC you’re looking for, the range of air conditioners offered by Intec, one of the top air conditioner brands in India, is definitely something you can consider.




Intec: TV More than Just a High Definition LED TV: Why Smart TV is Cool

Intec: TV More than Just a High Definition LED TV: Why Smart TV is Cool

The evolution of TVs to Smart TVs is identical to the evolution of a phone into a smartphone. Internet, online cinemas, music, games with the connection of various devices, mirroring the screen of a smartphone, viewing files from a home PC, voice control. This is only a small part of the functions available on “smart” TVs. If you are planning to buy Smart LED TV in Delhi, contact a reputed manufacturer and know about the capabilities of smart TV.


Most modern TVs support smart TV functionality.85% of TVs are smart: The demand for high definition LED TV models is understandable: this is not just a “YouTube on TV” (although this too). It’s about really huge opportunities.

Such TV devices are in many ways similar to smartphones and computers:

  • run on multi-core processors;
  • have ram and permanent memory;
  • have the functionality to connect additional devices;
  • have built-in communication devices for access to the internet;
  • have their own applications and operating system (OS).

Connect to your computer through a local area network

Full operation of Smart TV is impossible without connecting to a local network with Internet access. However, the “locale” has a number of interesting functions. For example, it allows you to connect from a TV to the storage of media files on a home PC or laptop.

Not every Smart TV has the ability to connect to devices on a local network. Such functionality is indicated in the characteristics – it is indicated by the abbreviation DLNA.

Internet in the TV

On all models of Smart TVs, you can sit on the Web through the built-in browser. To do this, the TV must be connected to the “locale” with Internet access.

Any websites and social networks are available on Smart TV. In this sense, the TV is an analogue of a conventional computer. The main thing is that the processor performance and the amount of RAM are enough.

Connecting to the Network provides other opportunities: access to games and streaming services (for example, online cinemas).

Connect your smartphone to TV

On some Smart TVs, you can broadcast the image and sound from the smartphone screen. In mobile on Google Android OS, this function is called Miracast, on Apple iOS – AirPlay. You can arrange a viewing of a photo album or video recordings of a smartphone in a couple of clicks, turn on a demonstration of the work of an application or a mobile game. If you want to watch some exclusive video on Instagram on the big screen – Miracast/AirPlay + Smart TVs will come to the rescue. You can also broadcast data from the screens of modern laptops to the TV.

Install additional applications

Depending on the model and manufacturer, various additional applications are available on the Smart TV. They can be downloaded and installed from the built-in store.

For example, some programs allow you to get rid of the antenna cable that stretches from the entrance through the entire apartment. It is enough to find it from the provider and set it up to watch TV channels. Most providers have such applications; there are many third-party programs – including free ones.

Connect additional devices like

  • Universal Pointer Remote Control
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Controllers, wireless headphones, and more

Instead of a conclusion

The possibilities of Smart TV are extensive – they can already be compared with a PC or smartphone. Comparison with the latter, by the way, is quite appropriate: Smart TV is used, among other things, for video calls. Over time, the functionality of “smart” TVs is only expanding. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a TV – be sure to pay attention to the models with the Smart TV function.


LED Television by Top LED TV Brand in India or OLED TV: The Match!

LED Television by Top LED TV Brand in India or OLED TV: The Match!

Do you want to buy a new TV? The question then arises of the display technology: LED or OLED? Or even QLED (Quantum Dot)? In order to help you in this choice, LED TV Manufacturers in India professionals will arbitrate the match LED TV Vs OLED TV. On your marks!

Is the price difference between an LED TV and an OLED TV justified? Should we prefer an OLED TV absolutely? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies?

  • Small Aside: Display Technology vs Screen Resolution:

OLED and LED TVs are both available in UHD/4K. In the same way, there are models of OLED TV and LED TV by top LED Brand in Indiathat benefit from HDR technology.

  • What is an LED TV?

LED TVs have completely replaced LCD TVs. However, the technology of the LED TV is not so far from the LCD TV… It is even an abuse of language because the LED TV remains an LCD TV.

LED TV, like LCD TV, uses an LCD screen that works with liquid crystals. The only difference is in the backlight system that is placed behind the screen.

The backlight represents the light source that illuminates the liquid crystals so that they are visible. On an LED TV, the liquid crystals are illuminated by LEDs (light-emitting diodes); while on an LCD TV, the crystals are illuminated by fluorescent tubes.

  • What is an OLED TV?

An OLED TV is equipped with a completely new technology to make the image: the organic light-emitting diode display.

An LED television produces colours by shining the light generated by the LEDs through colour filters; whereas an OLED screen uses LEDs that produce both colours and light.

  • What to choose: LED or OLED?
  • Screen thinness: Advantage for OLED TV 

Thanks to its technology (removal of the backlight); OLED makes it possible to considerably reduce the thickness of the TV.

  • Contrast and Black Level: Advantage for OLED TV 

Not incorporating a backlight allows the OLED TV to avoid “light leaks”. LCD-LED TV cannot avoid this.

  • Brightness: Advantage for LED 

LEDs are very good at getting very bright (especially with the addition of quantum dots). In a dark room, an OLED TV will perform better, while in a room with a lot of ambient light, an LED TV will perform better.

  • Richness of colours: Equality OLED / LED 

The colours are also richer with OLED. However, Quantum Dot TVs counteract this advantage. This new technology has enabled LED TVs to significantly increase colour accuracy and richness. OLED TV and LED TV (QLED) are therefore tied on this point.

  • Price: Advantage for LED TV 

Undeniable advantage for LED TV because OLED costs much more as a rule. NB: The price of high-end LED TVs is almost at the same level as the price of OLED TVs

So what do we buy: LED TV or OLED TV?

LED TV dominates the market because its price is accessible, its range is wide and it offers sufficient image quality for the public.

So yes, when faced with a basic LED TV, the difference in quality of an OLED TV is obvious. For those who have a TV that dates a little, put yourself in front of an OLED TV, the Wow effect is guaranteed!

In terms of image quality, OLED TV is still the big winner. The best HDR LED TVs can produce high-quality images but the overall contrast will always be better on an OLED TV.

Nevertheless, the technology of LED screens continues to improve and manufacturers compete with innovations to increase the quality of the image by erasing its defects (contrast, colours, and sharpness) to get closer to the undeniable performance of the OLED TV. However, in order to benefit from these advantages, it will be necessary to put the price.

Five Errors when Choosing a LED TV in India

Five Errors when Choosing a LED TV in India

Choosing a TV is a painful task. You can take a wad of money and trust consultants, but then the worm of doubt will gnaw on: whether I bought a model “according to plan”. The second option is to figure everything out yourself. Today best LED TV manufacturer in India experts will talk about some misconceptions and nuances that should be taken into account when buying a new TV.

  1. Diagonal 98 and not an inch smaller!

The first thing customers think about when buying a TV is the diagonal. Not the resolution, not the type of panel, but the size! And if it is not a simple background TV in the kitchen, the buyer may be attacked by real gigantomania.

In practice, sitting in a large 75-inch TV is not very comfortable. LED TV manufacturers in India states, “remember that the cheapest seats in the cinema are in the first row. Children especially should adhere to the good old rule about three diagonals.”

  1. QLED, ULED, Nano Cell and Tri-luminous – another divorce of marketers?

In fact, quantum dots not only sound cool, but also work in an impressive manner. TVs with the prefix QLED, ULED, Nano Cell and Tri-luminous are not just an overpayment for another marketing name, as one might think, but a really new colour enhancement technology, albeit developed on the basis of the good old LED. Quantum dot matrices give a much brighter image. For a bright room or studio with large windows, the choice in favour of such models is obvious.

A quantum dot TV will also help out if a huge black rectangle does not fit into the new interior and goes against your design taste. It is this technology that underlies most interior models.

In the budget segment, such TVs cannot be found, because they are considered competitors of OLED itself. In black, they, of course, are inferior to it, but in brightness they are superior at times.

  1. OLED is the best!

Organic diodes have many advantages that marketers buzzed our ears about: endless contrast, deep black, and clear image. However, do not forget about the shortcomings. Firstly, it is the burnout of a static picture in the form of the logo of your favourite channel, and when using the TV as a monitor – the interface of the game or operating system. However, work on solving the problem is underway.

  1. HDR

Extended dynamic range is the main love of marketers today. But do not think that after buying an HDR TV, you will immediately get a WOW picture. First, you will have to look for HDR content: subscribe to a streaming service or purchase a BD player and CDs.

Secondly, not every TV with the inscription HDR can demonstrate all the delights of technology. This requires a full ten-bit matrix, 1000 nits of brightness and Dolby Vision support is desirable. Of course, such TVs cost accordingly.

  1. TVs for gaming

For playing a full-fledged game, a device with low latency and high response speed (input lag) is needed.

Do not forget about VRR (synchronization of the frequency of the TV and console) and ALLM (automatic recognition of the connection of the set-top box, which speeds up the output of the image to the panel). Both features are part of the HDMI 2.1 specification.

It is good if the TV has a separate HDMI game port, adapted to work with consoles.


Do you Know All the Uses of your Smart TV in Delhi?

Do you Know All the Uses of your Smart TV in Delhi?

The vast majority of TVs currently sold by LED TV manufacturing companies in India are equipped with connected features; they are called Smart TVs (or connected TVs). But just because you own a connected TV doesn’t mean you know all the subtleties! Here’s what you need to know to make the most of it.

What is a smart TV for and how to take full advantage of it? A question that deserves attention!

Over the years, a majority of TV brands have switched to Smart TVs. Whether you bought your TV a few years ago or today you plan to buy smart LED TV in Delhi (Full HD or Ultra HD), you will have a connected TV at home. Follow the guide to know more…

  1. From complement to essential companion
  • A single remote control to access multiple services

With your Internet subscription, you probably have a box to connect to your TV, and you may be using it to access replay services, Netflix, or other such content.

Once the TV is connected via Wi-Fi to your Internet network, you will be able to enjoy most of the functions on your box directly from your Smart TV.

  • An interactive entertainment platform

The models sold in recent years offer access to different replay channels, VOD services (video on demand) to rent or buy films in dematerialized version, but also SVOD platforms (subscription video on demand) to watch streaming such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

All this can only be controlled with a single remote control in a fluid and intuitive interface, which is very easy to handle. Your screen is no longer satisfied with live: it has become a real interactive entertainment platform!

  • Easy and secure payment

Smart TVs even allow you to pay for your purchases directly through this same interface. You can subscribe to a new service or buy a movie and validate the payment with your Google account, or directly via your credit card.

  1. Dedicated applications, to download via the Smart TV
  • An operating system: Android TV or Web OS

Who says connected TV says personalized interface, dedicated to Internet access. Some famous brands have opted for Android TV. As the name suggests, it is an operating system derived from Android, which can also be found in smartphones and tablets.

What about other TV manufacturers? If they don’t opt for Android TV, they have their own system. All you need is to install the application from catalogue and enjoy the services.

  • Video games

Video games are also increasingly present on connected TVs, especially on Android TV models. Indeed, Android is a very popular platform for mobile games, and developers are offering more and more versions of their games that can be downloaded on Smart TVs.

  1. Functions you do not think about!
  • Control your smart TV by voice

Other useful features include the presence of a voice assistant to control the screen by voice. It is Android TV 9 that allows you to control almost its entire interface by voice, thanks to the remote control of the TV.

  1. Smart TV, in conclusion…

More than just a TV, a Smart TV is a real computer that can store files, access online content, pay for your purchases without getting up from your couch and respond to your voice.

Manufacturer updates are an additional asset that should not be overlooked, because they keep these many features at the forefront of technology: do not hesitate to inquire from time to time by browsing the menus of your screen, to know if there is not an upgrade planned soon.

Thus, you and your Smart TV will be able to go a long way together, taking full advantage of the potential of this beautiful technological friendship!