4K TV 2018: Recommendations For The Best Choice

Most 4K/Ultra HD TVs differ from their predecessors not only in resolution and price. They have HDR support with greater color depth, higher frame rates, and a dozen more chips.

In this post, we have tried to put everything on the shelves and recommend several models in different price segments. And they did it traditionally without reference to our range.

4K background

In the prehistoric era of Full HD domination — that is, five years ago — buying high definition LED TV was more of a costly exotic experiment than a practical choice. In addition to digital photos and hand-made video from at least expensive 4K-cameras, there was nothing to watch by and large. And even as a monitor for external sources of 4K-pictures from game consoles and a PC, such a TV was not very suitable: mainly due to the limitations of the interfaces of that time regarding bitrate and FPS.

The collapse in prices for 4K TVs began three or four years ago, simultaneously with the advent of 4K content: movies, shows, and games. By this time, the mass transfer of home Internet networks at a speed of hundreds of megabits per second successfully arrived, which provided massive access to online cinemas with 4K-interesting deposits.

Today, the 4K image has wholly lost its exotic status – and not only on the large home screen but even on the smartphone display. Prices for TVs 4K UHD with a diagonal of 43 inches and more, the image with super high quality is easily transmitted through modern wireless networks, TV shows and movies are ready to broadcast on-air, Internet broadcasters and even cellular operators. 4K cameras aren’t built into irons.

Go to the store or buy online?

Online offers are usually more attractive at prices, and the choice is always more. If there is clear confidence in the selection and there is no time for running around, why not, if only with a reasonable price of delivery and all the documents and guarantees.

But it is better still the opposite – to find the optimal model on the Web (several is better), and pamper yourself with a trip to the store at the bride — TV in the picture and “live,” in work – two completely different things. In reality, you may not like the design, the remote control, the quality – but who knows what.

When deciding on the maximum amount to buy LED TV at lowest price, add at least 20% to it to be ready for unexpected, pleasant and not so much. For example, in order not to miss an unexpectedly advantageous offer, when complete with a planned TV, you will almost get some nice bonus in the form of external acoustics.

For perfectionists, audio and video, lovers of techno-exotic or huge diagonals, and finally, for owners of tight wallets among the latest TVs of the season there is always something special: with an exclusive design, a curved or stereoscopic 3D screen, with an OLED matrix or “quantum dots”, multichannel sound and so on.

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