Air Conditioners in India: Tips to use them efficiently

As the temperatures rise, we will all start using our air conditioners for cooling purposes during these days when we stay at home. However, if even the most efficient AC from top air conditioner brands in India, is used unconsciously, it negatively affects the ecological balance, and its improper use can impair your health and cause unnecessary energy consumption.

Here are a few tips given by professionals of the best window air conditioner brand in India that you must keep in mind for efficient usage of AC device:

Serpentine and Filter Cleaning

The serpentines, fans, interiors, and filters of air conditioning devices keep dust and get dirty over time. This affects the efficiency of the air conditioner and wears out the machinery over time.

While dust can be held with air conditioning filters, volatile organic compounds can be eliminated by ventilation of the environment, and biological pollutants can be disposed of by hygienic maintenance of the AC.

Therefore, if the air conditioning device is used in summer and winter, at least in every transition season, serpentines should be cleaned and periodically maintained by authorized services at least once before each use period.

During periodic maintenance, control of the refrigerant inside the device should also be carried out.

Setting the Right Temperature in Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are devices made for comfort; Overheating or overcooling will cause these devices to consume more energy, even if you have the most efficient and economical model.

It is enough to adjust the desired room temperature from the control of air conditioning devices between 23° C-26° C in normal rest and work areas in hot weather. The recommended setting value for volumes heated in winter conditions is 20° C-24° C.

Adjusting the Air Blowing Direction Correctly

By adjusting the direction of the vertical and horizontal wings in the air conditioning device or by continuously moving the blown air, a homogeneous cooling can be obtained, the desired room temperature can be created more quickly and energy can be used efficiently.

In case the air guiding wings do not work in the moving mode, the wings should be up to cool the room, downwards to heat the room.

Using in Humidity Mode

On days when the air is not too hot and the humidity is high, the air conditioner should be operated in humidity mode. Removing moisture will create a comfortable environment.

Avoiding Airflow for Health and Comfort

It is inconvenient for health to stand in front of the air conditioner and in the airflow for a long time, to sit, to stay in the cold airflow.

More care should be taken during the use of air conditioning in the rooms of the elderly, sick, and children, and care should be taken not to affect their health conditions. Due to the sensitivity of the human body, there should be a temperature difference between the selected internal air temperature and the external air temperature not exceeding 7-8° C.

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