Understanding HDR And Why It Is Important For Great Picture Quality In Led Tv?

Understanding HDR And Why It Is Important For Great Picture Quality In Led Tv

Along with the type of display, another aspect to consider is HDR technology. High dynamic range (HDR) is a brand-new 4K Ultra HD TV feature. By contrast, 4K refers to the display’s ability to produce more colors, contrast levels, and increased brightness. It offers good quality from a close-up perspective. At any distance, it is easy to see the difference in video quality brought on by the high dynamic range.

It provides:

  • Overall, a more satisfying watching experience.
  • Making brilliant spots brighter and dark dots darker.
  • Adding a great deal of complication where it is unclear.

HDR is a brand-new feature for led televisions with 4K high resolution. Its name is High Dynamic Range, and it promises to provide more colors, greater brightness, and more contrast. The core standard for high dynamic range content is referred to as HDR 10, or HDR 10. As a result of the widespread adoption of this essential standard by manufacturers, HDR 10 will be listed on many compatible TVs. Any high-definition led tv on the market must support HDR 10 as a minimum.

Dolby Vision is an HDR format that is more demanding. It has dynamic information that adjusts the HDR effect frame-by-frame for far more precise and exceptional image quality. HDR 10+, Samsung’s premium HDR format, has also been introduced. It is also comparable to Dolby Vision in some ways, although it is exclusively offered on Samsung TVs and is much less common than Dolby Vision.

When it comes to supporting Dolby Vision, there is a tonne more stuff accessible. Many Netflix TV episodes support Dolby Vision, whereas HDR 10+ is supported by Samsung and is accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

Refresh rate

The number of times a picture is updated on the screen each second is known as the refresh rate. The typical refresh rate, measured in Hertz or Hz, is 60 Hz. When watching those frantic action scenes, 120 Hz TVs, which are also becoming more and more popular, will provide you with a more fluid viewing experience.

Although not much video can currently be viewed at high frame rates, this will soon change for things like movies and sporting events. A high-refresh-rate, high-definition LED TV may be sold to you if you enjoy playing video games. However, keep in mind that the typical maximum frame rate for most gaming consoles is 60, so it makes sense to stick with those.


An HDR-capable high-definition LED TV can produce content with a broader range of brightness and colors than a non-HDR TV. It can be a significant upgrade from your current standard LCD television. The advantages of HDR technology include brighter highlights, richer colors, and more vivid image quality.

Is 4k Ultra High Definition Led Tv Is Worth Buying

Is 4k Ultra High Definition Led Tv Is Worth Buying

Every TV buying guide would be complete with a discussion on resolution. The number of pixels in the image’s horizontal and vertical columns and rows is referred to as resolution. Now, if you want a crisper image and finer details, you should buy a 4k ultra-high-definition led television with a higher resolution and more pixels.

Full HD resolution, usually 1920×1080, has long been considered the international standard. Every TV on the planet is still regularly using this resolution. Manufacturers, however, are already embracing Ultra HD TVs as the new fad. Four times as many pixels are available on these TVs as on modern HD panels. Because of their 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, they are referred to as “4K TVs.”

  • Videos in Ultra HD look wonderful on your screen, and more TVs than ever support this resolution. Netflix, Amazon Prime Content, and YouTube are just a few streaming services that have started offering 4K video. It is now much easier to watch your favorite TV shows and movies in 4K if you have a smart TV that can stream content directly from Netflix. Although Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs are more commonly accessible, they still fall short of 1080p.
  • Because of the greater resolution of 4K TVs, you can see more detail in on-screen objects, and text looks even sharper. The images appear lifelike and have a deeper color than Full HD TV screens. Furthermore, a crisper image gives you the benefit of
  • Even if Live TV hasn’t embraced 4K yet, many stations offer 4K content for various on-demand services. Even while 4k ultra high definition led tv provides an improvement over the currently available HD content, the results don’t look as sharp as 4K programming.
  • There are also 8K TVs available, although they could be more economical. Furthermore, finding content that can completely use improved quality can take a lot of work. As a result, an 8K set has a resolution four times that of a 4K monitor. Additionally, it shows a substantial improvement in picture technology. But investing in a 4K TV will be sufficient to get you ready for the future.


An LED TV with 4K ultra-high quality LED is appropriate for every living space. However, not everyone can afford the best television on the market due to financial limitations. Due to India’s high demand for LED TVs, many companies have jumped on board to provide inexpensive options. Buy Yours Right Now!


Difference between a Smart and Android TV – Running System & Available apps

Difference between a Smart and Android TV – Running System & Available apps

There has been much discussion regarding Android LED TVs vs. smart TVs for a very long time. Both forms of TV have benefits, and some individuals choose their kind of TV based on convenience. On the other hand, this article will examine the essential standard features and distinctions between Smart and Android TV in India. Without further ado, here are the specifics:

Running System:

Each brand uses a different OS to power its smart TVs, starting with the operating system. While LG employs its WebOS operating system, Samsung Smart TVs come with the Tizen running system.

On the other hand, the most popular Android LED TV IN India comes with a free operating system. Moreover, when compared to smart TV, LED.

Available apps:

The core and OS of these TVs are the two key fundamentally different components. Because they both let us browse and utilize apps like Instagram, Youtube, and others, Smart TV and Android TV are essentially identical from an application standpoint. The availability of integrated and downloadable apps is another obvious distinction between Android and Smart TVs. The Play Store, which has a vast selection of applications, is already installed on Android TVs. In contrast, there aren’t as many downloadable apps on smart TVs as on Android TVs, and some apps aren’t as readily available.

Needs to update:

Frequent firmware updates are another aspect to consider when comparing these TVs. In the case of LED TVs in India, we can anticipate regular updates for the OS and apps, enabling us to use contemporary apps at all times as it keeps the loaded apps updated automatically. Smart TVs, however, are difficult to update frequently; after a while, they become outdated. You might have to upgrade to obtain the most recent apps if you purchase a smart TV.


Since the most used and recently installed apps are displayed on the home screen of smart TVs, switching between apps is made simpler. However, in the case of Android TVs, one needs to be familiar with the Android ecosystem to navigate the app store swiftly.

Numerous other distinctions exist between these two types of TVs and these fundamental ones.

Voice assistant:

The availability of voice assistant support is another obvious distinction between these two sorts. A Google Assistant feature is built into almost all Android TV models, but you must yell the program’s title or movie’s name to find it. Smart TVs can support speech, but it costs extra, and you might need to pair them with your smart TV. We’ll examine Smart TV, as it merely has a search box where we may enter the desired content.

With an Intec India purchase, you can take advantage of attractive incentives and cashback deals.

Why Sound quality is Important When You Buy Android TV In India

Sound is the most important aspect of enjoying your immersive viewing experience. For good quality audio from your TV, remember that the higher the wattage there is, the louder the sound output will be.

You can’t get sound from just a buy android TV in India buying guide. You have to experience it yourself.

If your home is large, go for a TV that can emit a sound that can be heard farther away. Playing a few loud action movies will help you decide if the TV is the right fit for your home or not.

And then paying attention to the customers to judge whether the sound is thin or distorted at higher volumes. Also, test how the bass is in those action scenes, and check the voice in movie dialogues. Make sure to check if the sound is realistic and see the amount of detail in the sound.

Consider investing in a quality sound system by selecting a solid soundbar if you want the finest audio output from your TV. In addition, when you buy android TV in India, pay attention to the cabinet rattle, directional distortion, and overall sound under pressure. These s found system add-ons can help you enhance the audio experience. But having strong built-in speakers on your TV is always preferable.

Now that you have understood the importance of connecting a soundbar for a surround sound system to your TV, it is also important to know what ports your TV includes. HDMI ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. It is a sophisticated protocol that works in conjunction with the HDMI standard and aids in improving the audio output of your TV and soundbar combo.

With ARC support, you may use a single wire to connect your TV to a soundbar directly. The advantage is that it allows you to boost both the bandwidth and speed. It allows your soundbar to receive higher-quality sound from your TV. But for the eARC, you need support for newer HDMI 2.1.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that eARC and ARC are not backward compatible. This means if your new TV supports eARC and your soundbar supports just ARC. And due to the limited ability to transfer data of the ARC, you may lose out on all the eARC benefits.

At the moment, eARC is still very new, and few devices have support. But as the need for greater sound quality grows, eARC may soon become as common as HDMI ARC.

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Finding The Perfect Screen Size for Android LED Television?

Whether you want to buy an Android LED Television that can stream your favorite Netflix shows. Or a traditional dumb TV through which you can use your cable connection. The size of the screen should be taken into account. You must take into account the amount of people in your home, how many will watch television at once, and where the TV will be located when doing this..

Then pick a screen size that will comfortably fit your space and entertain all your family members at once.

You should also consider how close you will sit to the TV. You won’t be able to view any details of any content being played on the TV if you are too far away and it is too small.

A good basic rule that works is you should sit at a distance three times more than the height of your screen if it is an HD 720p TV. And sit at 1.5 times the distance if the screen is 4K ultra HD.

No matter how detailed a TV buying guide is, you cannot make the right choice sitting at home. If you have time and it is possible, you should visit the store and look at the Android LED Television.

If possible, you should also bring your family to get the idea of which TV will be right for you even though the 4K content is less accessible than the 1080p resolution.

OTT services such as Netflix have now offered more high-quality 4K content. Therefore, if you have limited room and intend to sit close to the screen, you might wish to invest in high-resolution technology. Additionally, since 4K is the format of the future for content, it’s preferable to prepare now.

Avoid buying extended warranties.

Extended warranties are a major source of revenue for many large electronics retailers. The key justification is their dire need, particularly for a flat LCD panel. Most of the components in today’s TVs are remarkably resilient and long-lasting. So instead, just stick with the basic warranty manufacturers provide when you buy a new TV. Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on new Android LED Televisions, which may be sufficient for all buyers. And if needed, you can anyways extend the warranty from the manufacturer. You will receive reputable service and certified professionals, however it can be a little pricey.


Why the High-Definition Led TV Are The Way To Go In 2022

The following is a comprehensive guide to buying a high-definition LED TV with important variables to consider when selecting the best smart television for your home at a fair price.

The screen resolution, or how sharp and clear the image appears, is determined by the number of pixels on the screen. A clearer image and more pixels are produced at a greater resolution.

Full-HD panels have four times as many pixels as Ultra-HD (4K). The result is a richer, more detailed appearance to the items on the screen.

Audio is a factor that is occasionally overlooked when purchasing a smart TV. To start, measuring the audio watts (mentioned in Watts) is wise. The volume of the television increases with the number.

The audio might stutter at higher volumes, so you’ll need to verify the reviews or ask a store representative about that.

However, if you want a high-definition LED TV, you should purchase a higher number. Smoother action is produced with a greater refresh rate, such as 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, or more.

You won’t see any blurriness in fast-moving things, unlike normal panels.

This feature is useful if you wish to play games or use your TV as a computer display, even though it is unnecessary.

Also, take into account the television’s post count. Look for a TV with at least four HDMI ports if you want to avoid switching out wires whenever you want to attach a device. Even though most 4K TV models enable HDCP, only the most recent models support HDCP 2.2. (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). Search for it in the

Screen size is the most crucial element when buying a smart TV. The location you choose, the size of the surrounding area, and the number of simultaneous viewers all play a significant role.

Get a 32-inch TV if the viewing distance is less than 5 feet. Choose 43 inches if the distance is between 5 and 6 feet. A 46- or 50-inch TV would also be excellent for seeing from 6-7 feet away. Panels of 50 and 55 inches can be used for lengths greater than 8 feet.


We hope this post has been useful as you search for your home’s greatest high-definition LED TV. In advance of purchase:

  • Always take into account all the attributes and features.
  • Compare them to the substitutes.
  • Try to find any discounts.

If you want a high-end LED TV for your home, look at what we offer at INTEC.

What Are The Pros And Purposes Of An Android LED Television?

Our way of life has undergone a significant transformation due to digitization. Android is an operating system that uniquely altered the world’s landscape. It is the main driver of digitalization.

Android is the reason why phones may evolve into smartphones. No other operating system has had such a profound impact on the electronic industry as Android. And now that businesses are aware of the benefits of Android, they are also using it on televisions.

Different screen sizes are available for LED Android TV. Additionally, diameters ranging from 28 inches to over 60 inches are available. The size of your living room alone should be used to determine the ideal screen size.

In a room bigger than 1000 square feet, a 50-inch television is ideal. Even if they are seated further away from the TV, users can only watch the material in an authorized manner.

Most LED Android TV provides wide-angle characteristics in addition to screen size. This feature might appear trivial, but in practice, it has great value because it allows consumers to watch content even when they are not seated in front of the TV.

Android TV: Wide Colour Gamut

Each Android TV will have a very wide range of colors. The television won’t be able to create brilliant and eye-catching colors till then. Even worse, seeing content with dull hues can make the viewer feel depressed.

Businesses use this technology to prevent these inconsistencies and improve the viewer’s overall experience.

In general, a television with a color gamut of more than 90% can suit anyone’s eyes everywhere in the world. The panels of the Android TVs provide perfect color reproduction. One brand of Android TV supports the entire SRGB color range.

Why Choose the Best LED TV Brand in India, INTEC LED?

Anyone with an internet connection may now enjoy a richer, more feature-rich watching experience thanks to the development of Smart LED televisions, provided they choose one of the best LED TV brands in IndiaThere are still several additional variables, like HDR, other intelligent features, connectivity for USB and HDMI, contrast ratio, and quality audio. This article will examine the three primary varieties of LED technology before moving on to the crucial elements to consider when purchasing the best-led TV brand in India.

These features must be available from any manufacturer who calls themselves one of India’s top TV brands.

  1. LED televisions are far more dependable than plasma TVs. It is recognized as having the best features and the longest lifespan. Today, purchasing reliable, reasonably priced LED televisions with excellent after-sales service is simple.
  2. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, LED TVs use significantly less electricity. Compared to LCD TVs, they merely take in a small amount of energy. Using LED TVs reduces electricity use by more than half. Cost increases for electricity won’t be an issue.
  3. Thanks to the excellent visual quality of LED TV sets, watching is now a wonderful experience. The LED TV has unmatched brightness and clarity compared to traditional LCD TVs. In comparison to the previous edition, the dark levels have improved. This is one of the distinctive qualities that will make the switch from LCD to LED possible.

Order Right Now from INTEC

One should also take other elements like audio quality, contrast ratio, HDMI and USB compatibility, HDR, and smart features into account. However, going with a reputed company like INTEC can make your decision-making process easier and guarantee you will obtain a quality product. INTEC is one of the best LED TV brands in India, offering a variety of goods, including LED, OLED, and QLED TV sets.


What are Android TV’s strengths and functionalities?

Visual experience of Android television is top notch. As there are several elements that make an Android television to deliver stunning picture clarity. In fact these elements help android tv in India to maintain an edge over regular televisions.

Android TV comes with processor which can upscale the resolution, colour and picture quality of content in no time. So user can watch super sharp and smooth content without any kind of noise in it.

In addition to screen size, most of the Android TV has wide angle feature. This feature may seem petty on paper but in reality its functionality can be seen in an explicit manner, as user can watch content clearly even if they are not sitting directly in front of the TV.

Wide Colour Gamut

Every android tv in India will have a really good amount of colour gamut. Only then, the television will be able to produce eye catchy and vibrant colours. Watching content which doesn’t consist of brilliant colour can even ruin the mood of user.

In order to avoid these discrepancies, companies are using this technology to enhance overall visual experience. Generally a television which has more than 90 percent colour gamut can please the eyes of anyone across the globe. There are some Android TV which has 100 percent SRGB colour gamut. Colour reproduction from the screens of that Android TV is flawless.

Since this factor plays a pivotal role in enhancing the picture quality. It is absolutely safe to affirm that colour gamut is one of the major benefits of Android television.


This is a kind of technique used in photography which boosts the contrast of images to a great extent. Screen of Android TV supports HDR in order to deliver content which will make the eyes of user to lust. This technique tries its best to produce an image that looks similar to real life. Hence watching HDR content in Android TV is going to be a visual treat to your eyes. Screens which support HDR has the potentiality to produce 1000 units of brightness, thus user need not strain a bit while watching the television.

Internet Connectivity

Electronic products like laptops, smart phones and computers seek the help of internet to simplify several arduous tasks. Likewise Android TV is using internet and the operating system of Google to allow user to do various things. Access to internet means access to the entire world. Because it is through internet, the entire world is able to stay connected and get to know numerous facts. Many experts say that internet has shrunken the entire size of our planet.

Apart from watching content from DTH provider and USB stick. You can watch movies, web series and sports from online streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Android televisions also support many applications from Google Play store. You can avail the services of those applications in order to make user experience breezy and soothing.


Except few TV manufacturers most of the companies are using Android as the operating system in their products. And the difference between android tv in India and TV’s which use other operating system is negligible. Avail our safe and secure delivery service to get products instantly delivered to your doorstep.

The Most Recent Led Tv In India Technology: All You Need To Know

Are you unfamiliar with how to operate LED displays? Although there are best indoor and outdoor display practices, it’s imperative to understand the foundations first. When assessing your choices, numerous phrases, elements, and resolutions must be considered. Let’s start with some basic information regarding LED displays so you can confidently purchase an LED TV in India.

When an electric current passes through a semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED), the LED releases visible light, compared to other types of light, it uses less energy and has a longer lifespan.

Newest OLED TV Technology

Most of us believe that organic light-emitting diodes are the most recent technology businesses use to create smart 4K televisions. However, this method is time-tested and still novel and distinctive.

Additionally, OLED televisions have exceptional picture quality, with excellent black visibility. Additionally, the colour reproduction will be pleasing to the eyes.

Steven Yan Slyke and Ching Tang first introduced OLED. However, they were unable to incorporate this technology into items for sale. Since then, LG has taken on the challenge of making OLED screens a reality so customers can glimpse previously unseen colours.

OLED offers a spectacular visual experience, but the industry does not like it.

Samsung developed a different method to produce stunning pictures without compromising to get around this restriction. Samsung’s research and development team also designed a device that circumvented OLED’s drawbacks.

Are you curious about what the technology is called? QLED alone is responsible (Quantum Light Emitting Diode). This technology produced screens that were substantially brighter than OLED ones.

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