Popular TV Sizes To Evaluate For When Purchasing An Android TV In India?

Popular TV Sizes To Evaluate For When Purchasing An Android TV In India

Choosing a television is a difficult decision. There are several different TV sizes to choose from when purchasing. Even though different TV sizes are available, some are more common than others. There are numerous brands in the same price range that have various features.

Some TVs range in size from modest to enormous. Your taste, your budget, and the size of your room will all influence the size of your TV. Use the TV viewing distance method or select the appropriate TV size for your bedroom.

Which of the many different Android TV sizes in India is ideal can be determined using this guide and the room calculator. There are now different TV sizes, including small, medium, and even huge ones. The optimal size for your room is something you should consider when purchasing an Android TV in India.

  1. The extremely inexpensive cost of small TV sizes is one of their main advantages. A cheap LED TV under 24 inches can typically be found for less than $150.
  2. Shortly after 24-inch TVs, a 28-inch TV screen will be available. If you want to utilize a TV as the main TV in your living room, stick with a 28-inch screen. The image quality has improved, and it is simpler to watch from a distance. Similarly, contrast Smart TV and Android TV.
  3. A small living area works well with a 32-inch TV. A 32-inch TV may be viewed from a few feet away, even though many prefer larger TVs. If you want to watch television
  4. TV screens that are 42 inches or larger are typical. You can easily see every feature on a 42-inch TV when sitting comfortably back from it. However, a 42-inch TV can require extra space in some living rooms.
  5. The 48-inch TV screen is the most common size. For both Smart and high-quality LED TVs, the 48-inch size is common. There are several other options if a 48-inch television is what you’re after.


After reading the details mentioned above, we’re sure that purchasing Android TV in India will result in you receiving a top-notch set. If you’re looking for high-quality products, check out what we offer immediately. At INTEC, we provide a wide range.

Do You Know All the Uses of Your Smart TV?

The wide majority of TVs currently on sale have linked characteristics, called Smart TVs (or Connected TVs). But what about its use and how to take full benefit of this? A question that deserves attention! Whether you bought your TV a few years ago or you opt for a new model today (Full HD or Ultra HD), you will have a connected TV at home. But at the time of Box Internet and other consoles of games connected to the Web, what can serve a connected TV? The short answer: lots of things! For a more complete answer, follow the guide.

buy smart LED TV in Delhi

From the complement to the indispensable companion

Perhaps you are already using your normal Internet Box, which is usually feature-rich when connected to your TV. Only, it needs a remote control, settings, ignition in addition to the TV- sometimes you just get frustrated because of this waste of time. This is where your Smart TV comes in. With a single remote control, you have access to many features, provided you have taken the time (a few minutes are enough) to connect the TV in WiFi.

After deciding to buy smart LED TV in Delhi, you will have access to several services provided, basic, on your Smart TV: catch-up TV will allow you to watch the programs of different channels in the replay. It’s no longer worth recording your favorite shows since, in some remote control manipulations, they are accessible on the TV!

Various channels also have their own video-on-demand service to buy or “rent” movies and series for streaming or good French viewing directly without having to record them first. Again, access is only a few keys, without having to go through a computer, a smartphone, or a box. The TV records your payment, and you have access to it immediately. Your screen is no longer just live: it has become a real platform for interactive entertainment!

And of course, all this does not prevent you from turning on your box or your game console at any time. You just have the choice to make Smart TV a supplement or your preferred platform.

Dedicated applications to download via Smart TV

Who says connected TV says personalized interface, dedicated to Internet access. Some brands, such as Intec, have opted for Android TV. As the name suggests, it is an operating system derived from Android, which can also be found in smartphones and tablets.

This implies that it is possible to download on its TV, applications specifically dedicated to Smart TV. In addition to the apps dedicated to video entertainment, there are also services like Spotify or Deezer for music or video games that are specially adapted to be played with remote control! Finally, connoisseurs will be able to install the VLC app on their TV, to watch streaming videos stored on their PC.

And for other LED TV manufacturers in India? If they do not opt for Android TV, they have their own system. You do not know these interfaces? Do not panic! They are, in any case, very ergonomic, because thought for use on TV. On each TV, there is a catalog of applications to download, and there is something for everyone. And it is always the assurance of access to content that we are not used to seeing on traditional TV channels!

Features that we do not think about!

Do you need other examples of features that we do not necessarily think about? One can mention the Screen Mirroring, which allows displaying the screen of his smartphone or tablet on his TV to view his photos or videos on the latter. It can also be used to use apps on a big screen. Today, many connected TVs offer this function, which is sometimes hidden in the menus. But if it is useful to you, it is worth looking for a little, whatever the brand of your TV.

Era of High Definition LED Tv Begins to Conquer Our living Rooms

No other activity can substitute the need of entertainment after a long day of work better than watching television. Television has been part and parcel of our daily lives and shall continue to be so in the days to come. It is interesting to notice the fact that our television sets are no more the same. With changing times and technology, television has also advanced itself to the current technical needs. We as living beings can probably never get enough of entertainment means provided to us. As an answer, high definition TV has arrived to the scene and it may well change the dynamics of the television market.

To put simply, high definition led tv has succeeded its analog predecessor that was launched with much fanfare back in the 90’s. Back in the way, analog HDTV’s used high bandwith, four times more than the current high definition television. As a result, they could not be as popular and economic choice as expected. This is where high definition led tv has taken over with its ability of digital compression.

But if there is one specific quality of these TVs that has trumped all its earlier versions, it has to be detailed picture quality which makes an excellent viewing experience for all the viewers. Therefore, most led tv manufacturers in India are going all out to enhance the pixel resolution of their TVs that use the light emitting diode technology or LED.

Formats of high definition of LED tv

By format of high definition led TV, what is being stated is whether the picture transmitted is through progressive scan or interlaced. The former is marked with Continue reading

The Trends of Changing TV in Today’s Time

The television is one of the household appliances that has dominated a good part of our lives. The oldest of the place may even remember the arrival of color televisions to our homes (in Spain later than other countries). A new member of the family could be said.


And is that given the high price that has long been to change TV or get one has turned this task, this process, into a ritual and an event in many homes. A new TV at home was a good time adjusting the two channels (then there were only two) and the necessary parameters, a work that was done on the same TV since no, we still did not have a remote control. But the years have passed and what has changed since then?

The television, despite a somewhat darker time in its existence, has been the family totem par excellence. It has enjoyed a dominant place in our living room to the point that the furniture was coupled to the measurements and needs of the TV. We had high definition LED TV at home, first in the living room, then in the double bedroom and later in other places (console accompaniment) or even in the kitchen.

The ritual of changing television based on being increasingly Continue reading

Where Cheaper To Buy a TV- Online Or Offline?

Where is cheaper to buy a TV? Of course on the Internet! Comparing the prices in the shops below, you can choose a model that suits you for the price and characteristics. For the benefit of our customers, competition among stores, including those selling TVs, is quite large.


Buy smart LED TV in the online store is quite easy. You cannot go out of the house to explore the range and compare prices for the model you like. Today in the network you can find specialized resources that do not have retail outlets. Often, they can be cheaper to buy TV than in standard stores, because you Continue reading

How Can You Pick the Best LED TV Brand in Delhi?

Smarter Technology Intec TV

Smarter Technology Intec TV

The concept of new improved ultra high definition LED TV has started getting more patrons in the Indian markets too. In the recent years, the market for LED TVs has started thriving and people steadily switched over to the televisions that offer vibrant and brighter picture quality. One more thing with buying LED televisions is the wide spectrum of options to choose from. This much abundance of choice is likely to make you confused. So what you need to do in such a situation? How can you pick the best LED TV brand in Delhi that Continue reading