Premium Range options from Intec – The Best Air Conditioners Brands in India

A new air conditioner is a long-term investment. The brand is another crucial aspect we take into account before purchasing any significant appliances. Here are the top air conditioner brands in India you need to be aware of if you’re looking to get a new AC this summer. Intec!

In a country like India, it’s difficult to get by during the heat. The concept of sunny summer days may have seemed tempting a couple of months ago. However, with the summer months rapidly approaching, even the slightest prospect of sweltering hot days makes us feel horrible. Air conditioners are our only hope during these oppressively hot months. We can tolerate hot days and cope with the muggy, sweltering atmosphere thanks to air conditioners.

In this blog post, we’ll go over all that Intec has to offer for your comfort and advantage.

I-Series:– which are appropriate for both large and small rooms and come in 1-ton and 1.5-ton capacities, make sure that the buyer does not go away empty-handed. It complements the surroundings beautifully and is sleek and fashionable. It is created using Vedic air technology, which helps to maintain the air clean and microbial-free.

The Premium Series: One of the most well-liked series from one of the best air conditioner brands in India is the Premium Series. You won’t have to give up convenience to conserve energy because the Premium series has three stars. You can boast about your sense of style to your friends since the cute LED gives the environment a refined air. Your ability to get a good night’s sleep will be facilitated by a silent operation.

IP-series: The metal split air conditioner will make your surroundings a more attractive place to live, and you can now anticipate many congratulations from your visitors for your stylish decision. If you want to live a happy life and display your style, the IP Series split ac is a perfect choice. You will be informed of the set temperature by the large numbers on its stunning LED display. To guarantee that the machine operates as efficiently as possible, the filter mesh can be simply separated and cleaned. The extremely effective 8 mm copper coil technology turns the household appliance into a beautiful one.

Go with Intec

Split air conditioners have a sizable market. It is essential to review a device’s technical parameters before choosing it. The top split air conditioner manufacturer in India, INTEC, offers a range of models to suit the requirements of all customers, and each one is strong enough to bring relief from the heat in the shortest amount of time.

For the top split air conditioner brand in India, check out Intec’s high-quality offerings and wide selection right away.


Want to cool your bedroom this summer? Here Are The Options You Can Choose From

Is the heat of summer nights preventing you from sleeping properly? Why not equip your bedroom with an air conditioning system offered by air conditioner brands in India to enjoy a breath of fresh air and finally be able to spend good nights?

What type of air conditioner in India should you choose, what power to choose and where to install it in your room? We will answer all your questions!

3 air conditioning units adapted to one bedroom

The indoor ambient temperature can make us see all the colors! In winter, we can have trouble sleeping when it’s cold, and conversely, the heat can easily keep us from falling asleep in summer.

Soon, we will witness hot summer weather, so it makes perfect sense to want to install an air conditioning system in your bedroom to be able to rest better in the event of tropical temperatures!

For this, the following 3 alternatives are considered to be particularly suitable:

  1. The mobile packaged air conditioner

On wheels, the one-piece air conditioner is a very simple extra solution to install and rather affordable in terms of price.

However, it does not have an outdoor unit, which means that all of its components are in a single indoor unit. This parameter then makes itrather noisy. It is, therefore, better to make sure to choose a function offering a “night” mode, a quieter option so as not to disturb your sleep.


  1. The split air conditioner

Very efficient in terms of cooling and quiet, the split wall air conditioner is an excellent option for a bedroom. It consists of an outdoor unit as well as an indoor unit which ideally finds its place above the door to the room. However, this is an expensive solution that requires professional installation and commissioning.


  1. The multi-split air conditioner

Cousin of the split air conditioner, the multisplit consists of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. It is therefore perfect for cooling several bedrooms or several rooms in a house.

An additional advantage: each indoor unit is independent in terms of the temperature setting.


Where should the air conditioner be installed in a bedroom?

Ideally, the air conditioner should be as far from the bed as possible and near a window or door. In the case of a fixed installation at height, the top of the door is therefore a location of choice.

In order to promote the natural regulation of body temperature, 20°C ​​is the recommended ambient temperature in an adult bedroom.

In summary, the best choice of air conditioner for a room remains the split, or the multi-split, whose noise level does not exceed 40 decibels so as not to disturb your sleep, while offering you pleasant and effective cooling.

How split air conditioner price and monthly expenses might affect you?

Split air conditioners are the most common type of cooling system, and they can be found in nearly every home. It is extensively used since it is less expensive and simpler to install. However, if you are considering purchasing one, you should be aware of the split air conditioner price as well as its other costs, particularly those that will become a part of your life and will occur every month. Interested? Let’s go through some of the hidden prices and expenses that you might not be aware of when purchasing an air conditioner.

The Standard Unit

When compared to window air conditioners, split air conditioners produce less noise because the noise-generating machinery is positioned outside the room. These devices come in a variety of cooling capacities, but unlike window air conditioners, their size isn’t directly proportional to them. This is because the main cooling mechanism is located in the outdoor unit, whilst the indoor unit is smaller. Split air conditioners prices in India currently have cooling capacities ranging from 0.75 to 4.5 tonnes. In this article, we’ll assume that your air conditioner fits the aforementioned description. Is that clear? Now for the meat of the matter.

The cost of installation

After the expense of the split air conditioner, you will have to pay for installation. Some vendors, both online and offline, also provide free installation. If not, the whole installation cost, in most circumstances, will be less than Rs. 2000. However, this does not include the cost of additional copper wire, which will vary based on a variety of circumstances.

The price of copper wire

Most manufacturers provide a certain length of complimentary copper wire, but if your AC setup necessitates more, you’ll have to pay for it. This necessity will be communicated to you by the installation crew. Copper wire costs Rs. 200 per foot in most places, including fitting charges.

Service Cost

  • The cost of service varies depending on whether your computer is still under warranty. After purchasing an air conditioner, the compressor is the most expensive component to service. Most manufacturers’ compressors come with a 5-year warranty. If your compressor breaks down after the guarantee period has expired, it can cost you anything between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 8000.
  • The cooling gas is the second most expensive part of maintaining an air conditioner. The gas is circulated in copper tubes, which are prone to corrosion, as previously stated. If you live in a place like Mumbai, where the humidity is high, the copper tubes are likely to rust and shatter. As a result, there will be less cooling, and eventually none at all. The tubes can be repaired by a local AC mechanic for a fee ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 700. After that, you’ll need to refill the compressor’s gas tank. A 1-ton air conditioner would set you back roughly Rs. 2500. The majority of brands’ warranties do not cover this.

Monthly Electricity Cost

  • When purchasing an air conditioner, most customers overlook the cost of electricity. This is where star ratings are important, and you must make your decision properly. As previously said, the lower the star rating, the lower the electricity bill. Inverter air conditioners are the most energy-efficient. The estimated electricity costs for houses and offices are listed below.

Household Costs (Runs 3-4 Hours/Day)

Your monthly electricity bill will be around Rs. 620 if you buy a 1-ton air conditioner and use it for about 4 hours every day. This is a rough estimate based on the per-unit cost of power in your area of Rs. 4. If the same considerations are taken into account, the monthly electricity bill for a 1.5-ton AC would be around Rs. 920. If you choose a machine with a better star rating, the cost will be reduced, and vice versa.

Office costs (7-8 hours each day)

The cost of power per unit in commercial areas differs from that in residential spaces. The monthly cost for a 1-ton machine would be Rs. 1,382, assuming the AC works for roughly 8 hours every day. Using the same figures as before, a 1.5-ton system will set you back Rs. 2,073 a month. The monthly cost of a 2-ton air conditioner is roughly Rs. 2,880. This time it’s for an air conditioner with no mention to a star rating. The prices will be cheaper if you purchase a higher-rated air conditioner.


The sun is ready to soar as summer approaches, and there’s no better time than now to go pick out the perfect cooling gadget for your house or office. You can compare the costs of our INTEC split air conditioners price to those of other brands to choose the one that best suits your needs.

INTEC Split AC – The Best Split Air Conditioner Brand in India

INTEC Split AC – The Best Split Air Conditioner Brand in India

Without any uncertainty, INTEC is one of the best split air conditioner brand in India. with years of experience offer the best customer quality a well as ensuring the highest level of comfort in all our products. All of our household appliances are designed with humidity in mind. With the help of an Intec Split air conditioner, you may even appreciate the 50-degree Celsius torture weather.

We’ll look at some of Intec’s best series in this blog.

What INTEC Has to Offer?

When it comes to the best split air conditioner brand in India, INTEC offers a variety of models to fit the needs of all users, and they’re all powerful enough to provide respite from the heat in the shortest amount of time. Now let’s have a brief look at these models to figure out which one is best for you.


I- series, which are available in 1 ton and 1.5-ton capacities, are suitable for both large and small rooms, ensuring that the buyer does not go empty-handed. It’s sleek and stylish, and it adds a lovely touch to the surroundings. It’s made with Vedic air technology, which helps to purify the air and keep it bacteria-free.

The Premium Series 

The model has three stars, so you won’t have to sacrifice your convenience to save electricity. Cute LED lends an air of refinement to the atmosphere, allowing you to brag about your style to your friends. A silent operation will not disturb your slumber, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.


The split air conditioner, which is made of metal, will make your surroundings a more appealing place to live, and you can now expect a lot of compliments from your guests for your fashionable choice. The IP Series is a great split ac to get if you want to show off your flair and live a happy life. The huge digits on its beautiful LED display will notify you about the set temperature. The filter mesh may be easily separated and washed to ensure that the machine functions at its best. The home appliance is transformed into an attractive one thanks to the highly efficient 8 mm copper coil technology.


The market for split air conditioners is huge. It is critical to examine each device’s technical specifications before making a decision. Check out Intec’s high-quality products and large assortment today to make the proper decision and choose the best split air conditioner brand in India.


Achieve More Efficient Consumption With Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is not a luxury but definitely a necessity. People feel more comfortable and relaxed in clean air environments with a humidity of 30-60% and a temperature range of 20-27°C.

Too low or too high temperature bothers people. The decrease in the humidity level causes dryness in the throat, burning in the eyes, the increase in the moisture level, a feeling of overwhelming heat and sleepiness.

In order to filter dust, smoke, pollen and other harmful substances, a light air circulation is required to bring clean air at a speed not noticeable by the human being and carry the polluted air.

For suitable air conditioners to achieve this, it is necessary to locate the indoor unit on a solid wall in the room where the air conditioner will be used, and the outdoor unit in a place that is easy to reach and can be accessed directly in case of a failure.

It is suggested to not to set your air conditioner to very low temperature while operating in cooling mode. You can’t get cool faster by doing this. Choose the highest temperature that is comfortable for you (24-26 ° C). Each degree you lower will increase the air conditioner’s electricity consumption by 10%.

The hot season is already at its best, so we leave you these small, but valuable tips to help you feel comfortable, create environments of relaxation and well-being both in your home and in your office or work area and at the same time efficient use of the less power consumption air conditioner or the normal air conditioning system you have.

  • Install the thermostat away from heat sources.
  • Set an average temperature between 22º and 24º C from the moment you turn on the appliance.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the compressor.
  • Avoid opening doors and windows unnecessarily when the appliance is running.
  • Place the compressor in an area with good air circulation.
  • Use awnings and blinds in hours of maximum sun exposure. This will reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning by up to 30%.
  • Keep the air conditioning inlets and outlets clean.
  • Periodically clean the filters to prevent them from clogging with dirt and dust.
  • Do not keep the blowing speed of your air conditioner higher than necessary.
  • Operate your air conditioner in dehumidification mode on humid days.
  • Renew your air conditioners older than ten years. Old air conditioners consume 40% more energy than new air conditioners for the same cooling performance.
  • Make sure that the air inlet and outlet of the indoor unit of your air conditioner are not blocked. The air inlet outlet of the outdoor unit should also be free.
  • Clean the filters of your air conditioner periodically and have periodic maintenance done by authorized services.
  • The timer of your air conditioner prevents unnecessary operation and turns off at the time you arrive and keeps the house cool.
  • If you are in an old building with poor insulation, improve the insulation to match current requirements.

Along with following these suggestions, you can also buy an inverter AC from split air conditioner manufacturers in India, as these ACs have a control technology that provides economical use and maximum comfort all year round.

The inverter feature of an air conditioner means that the inverter compressor automatically decreases and increases the speed of the inverter compressor to meet the changing heating or cooling needs in the indoor environment.

Signs That You Need A New Air Conditioner

The air conditioners are part of our daily lives, but as we know “Everything just serve” then how we identify that the life of our team is about to end?

For many of us, air conditioning is a convenience that we have long been accustomed to. However, like other household appliances, it loses its effectiveness over time.

If you purchased your air conditioner 14 years or more ago, then it is time to consider replacing the appliance with a new one so you can enjoy the maximum comfort at home and at the same time reduce your energy costs.

air conditioner

When it comes to repairing your old air conditioner, consider if it’s really worth it. The older your air conditioner is, the more likely something else will be damaged. Finally, the decision to buy a new air conditioner offered by the split air conditioner manufacturers in India may be a better option instead of doing a few repairs to the old one.

Here are some signs before facing an embarrassing situation:

Home expansion: when the installation team gives a model that fits your needs; regarding energy and cooling measures, it is because it makes a preliminary study of the infrastructure, if at any time you decide to expand the establishment, the equipment you have may no longer be ideal. This creates the need to change equipment.

Increase in energy payment: if the bills are increasing, but the use that you are giving your air conditioning does not change, it may not work in the correct way, in the face of this problem you must act at the moment, since if We do not give proper maintenance, your system will lose efficiency.

Frequent calls to technical service: If your air conditioner starts to have continuous failures, you should consider the possible change. You may think the drastic change is expensive, but in the long run it will save your pocket.

The life time is about to expire: air conditioning units have an average life of 15 years, if your equipment is about to meet it, you must think that change will be inevitable.

Humidity level in your home: if your home begins to accumulate humidity in windows or feels that the house in general is bad, it is possible that your equipment is no longer working correctly.

If on the hottest days the air conditioner does not create the necessary coolness, despite the fact that it works constantly, its capacity does not cover all heat gains.

In this case, you should check whether the filters are clogged, whether the windows and doors are closed, whether additional heating devices, such as boilers or toasters, are working in the room.

It is advisable to hang thick white blinds on the windows that reflect heat and light well, thus reducing the heat input through the windows by almost half. If this does not help, the model must be replaced with a more powerful one.

You can save money by buying solid models of past years provided by air conditioner brands in India on sale at discounts. Their reliability is not inferior to new modifications, only additional functions can be simpler.

5 Ideas To Hide Your AC

The “handyman” at home are in luck, because what it takes, according to experts in interior decoration, is to decorate nothing more and nothing less than the air conditioning equipment.

Whether or not due to these times of imagination in which we live, the truth is that even some air conditioning stores already begin to offer a service of these characteristics and, as if that were not enough, aesthetically à la carte.


  1. Vinyl in the Air Conditioning: With images of our favorite artists and diverse colors.
  2. Protective covers: even other establishments begin to opt for the various protective covers that disguise the air conditioner, but it is not only about concealing its presence because it can even be highlighted by giving it a different connotation since it is a device which relieves us when we need it most.
  3. Cabinets to hide the Air Conditioning: It is suggested to recycle: furniture, drawers, and even clothes, the idea is to do something more or less similar with the air conditioning equipment and without investing too much.

It all depends on the enthusiasm and, of course, the degree of imagination we put. First of all we have to get an idea of ​​what we want, have at hand the various materials and colours with which we are going to work, at this point it may not take much advice, if not, as we have mentioned, let our imagination fly, without preventing the passage of air logically.


Now that if in the air conditioner store they offer us the possibility of selling us a Split with additional features, we have to think well if it is what we want for our house or in any case take the idea:

  1. If the Split AC is white, we can paint a wall of the same tone to hide its presence, for example. When it comes to acquiring air conditioning equipment, we are so used to seeing the only aspect that the split air conditioner manufacturers in India offer us that we do not even repair the possibilities that exist to take advantage of a large device that we have in different places of the home. We can also paint on the wall, elements that add value to the decoration, and integrate the device in a more subtle way.

5 Get custom made furniture

All the solutions that we are going to see, or at least almost all, go through covering it with some furniture or cover. The only significant difference is how that cover or furniture is. Depending on where the split of the air conditioner is located, we can make a custom piece of furniture to hide it, but perhaps also adding something more valuable.

The most effective and definitive solution to hide the air is to make a work drawer and close it on the ceiling, causing it to become, at least aesthetically, a centralized Intec air conditioner .

How to choose a split air conditioner for your home or business?

The split air conditioning market is vast. Therefore, we recommend studying the offers of different manufacturers and analyzing the technical characteristics of each device before choosing. To make the right decision and choose the correct air conditioning equipment correctly it is important to be clear about our cooling needs according to different factors.

First of all, we recommend asking the split air conditioner manufacturers in India for advice, which in any case will help us make the decision that best suits us.

Equipment power

In the case of split air conditioning, we must calculate the cooling capacity needed to absorb the heat of an enclosure. Numerous factors are involved in this calculation: the surface of the walls, roof, outside temperature, glazed surface, the orientation of the room, external shadows, geographical location, time of year, construction materials, etc.

Energy consumption

Air conditioning equipment, as energy consuming devices, must bring to light an energy label that indicates its level of energy efficiency, with an assessment of colors and letters of the A ++ for the most efficient G for those who more energy they consume. When choosing an air conditioner, it is important to take into account energy consumption, which will result in the energy bill at the end of the month but also in reducing emissions to the environment.

System features

Most split air conditioning systems now work with inverter technology. The technology or Inverter system regulates the mechanism of air conditioning by changing the frequency of the electric cycle. Instead of starting and stopping quickly, the compressor rotates continuously, which helps to keep the room temperature constant. It ensures an energy expenditure directly proportional to the required cooling capacity, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption and prolonging the life of the compressor.

However, split air conditioning units are increasingly presented with more complementary features to the only function “only air,” as is the case of air purifying filters or new ionizing systems, which purify the air of bacteria and dust, ideal for cases of allergies. These latter systems may be somewhat more expensive than traditional systems, but undoubtedly you gain in health and comfort.

Split function cold or heat?

Do we want cold or do we want heat too? In this case, the installation of split air conditioning should be done with a reversible heat pump. This system allows us to program the device to be cold in summer and to give warmth in winter. It is a really useful system if we need to heat a room that is not too big or as a complement to traditional heating for the hardest moments of winter.

Choose split air conditioning equipment

Once the location for the installation of the split air conditioning has been studied, it is time to choose the air conditioner best brand in India and the equipment model that suits our price, size, design and performance preferences.

If the characteristics of your stay make it very difficult to install split air conditioning or you opt for a device with mobility between rooms, the portable air conditioning equipment does not require installation and brings together the advantages of comfort at the highest level for residential air conditioning or of offices and shops.

Which Intec Air Conditioner should I buy? A detailed comparison between Windows AC and Split AC.

As most of the people in India can afford luxury due to rise in income due to which sales of air conditioner unit are increasing day by day. At one point often people confuse, and that is which intec air conditioner one should buy the window AC or split AC. Undoubtedly both ACs provide cooling and work efficiently. But still, there is a huge difference in the cost and functioning of both air condition units.

Let’s have a detailed comparison between Windows AC and Split Ac and know which is best for you:

Window ac and Split ac are two different types of units. Both are different in pricing and functioning. That’s why it is necessary to familiar with the pros and cons of both the units before making your purchase.

The split air condition unit comprises of two units. One is external, and another is installed inside the room. The external unit consists of compressor and condenser and also known as ODU (outdoor unit) whereas the internal unit consists of the evaporative part and known as IDU (indoor unit).

On the other hand window, ac is a cuboids shape unit that contains all the parts inside it such as condenser, compressor, expansion valve and other related components.

Many split air conditioner manufacturers in india make a quality product. Split air conditioner takes more space as compared to the window ac. Most people residing in flats don’t have large space to accommodate widow ac that’s why they prefer to buy split ac as window ac require a large opening for efficient working.

For your information, the outer end of all kinds of ACs require proper ventilation, and if you install split ac in a less ventilated area, your air condition unit starts troubling soon.

Most people have less space for split ac, but they purchase it and install the external unit in balconies because split ac looks attractive and creates almost zero noise. On other side window ac needs proper ventilation at its back, and you have to put it on the wall which may ruin your interior. Also, it creates noise which may disturb your sleep.

Every window air conditioner brand in india suggest to install it at the place where it gets large opening as the whole unit confined in a single piece of box and should be installed properly to avoid accidents. Whereas split ac requires three holes that connect IDU to ODU through a pipe and that hole is hidden behind the internal unit (IDU) that’s why split ac looks attractive and is easy in installation.

As all heating components of split ac are installed outside, there is no question of entering extra heat inside your room resulting the room gets cool in minimum time. Whereas windows ac provide less cooling in comparison to split ac as there are chances that a few percents of heat emitted can re-enter into the room.

The split air conditioner price is quite higher than the window air conditioner price due to several factors such as units, ease of installment, electricity consumption, looks, etc. Intec is considering the best air conditioner brand in india that provides efficient servicing with its network of service providers and engineers.

Causes Of Air Conditioning Breakdowns

Air conditioners are mechanisms, and all mechanisms periodically break. To reduce the frequency of breakdowns, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work. And if the device does not work, then you need to understand what the matter is in order to perform the required work independently or with the help of a specialist.

The main causes of breakdowns of air conditioners

There are various causes of breakdowns in air conditioners. Depending on the cause of the malfunction, the cost of repair may vary. You need to know a few things to make an analysis of the problem. Below are a few typical problems as told by best air conditioner brand in India that may arise when using the device.

Dirty filters in the indoor unit

They are very fine mesh and are under the front panel, through which air flows. These filters are able to trap dust and other small and large particles contained in the air. Thus, the air conditioner is protected from the negative effects of howling and dirt. Note that the device works on the principle of a vacuum cleaner: the air is drawn in, driven through filters for cleaning, cools and enters the room.

If the filters are clogged up, clogging of the drainage system may occur. Then the flow of water from the device will be much more. In rare cases, the removal of dirt and dust from the filters is possible only with the use of strong cleaning agents. However, they can corrode the surface, which will reduce the aesthetic properties of the device during further operation.

Freon leak

This is also a fairly common problem in modern air conditioners. It cannot be prevented, so it is important to conclude a device maintenance contract with the installation company. Then the experts in the early stages will be able to solve the problem. Usually, the problem is solved by refueling every 1.5-2 years. In the absence of refueling in the device, there will be a lack of Freon, as a result of which sad events can occur. The fact is that the compressor is cooled by Freon. With a lack of a cooling element, a short circuit or overheating is possible. The repair will cost about half the cost of the air conditioner.

The air conditioner in winter

All air conditioners of non-industrial use made in China have a common problem: they are not designed to work in the winter. They can be operated up to -5 degrees. To find a model that can work at -25 degrees, you need to contact the experts for advice. Their cost is slightly higher, but the quality is also much better.

Basic rules for the use of air conditioners

To avoid problems with cooling devices, you must perform the following steps:

  • Fully follow the instructions;
  • Timely clean the filters;
  • Contact the best split air conditioner brand in India at the first signs of malfunction, which may be water, unpleasant smell from the unit and much more;
  • To exclude the operation of the device unadapted for winter.

These tips will allow you to use the device for a long time without problems. And if you want to save on possible repairs, then sign a maintenance contract with the installation organization. Then experts will periodically come and perform the required tests to identify faults. The cost of such servicing is very democratic, but it is an excellent compensation for costly repairs that may be required without due attention to technology.