How To Recognize Fake Home Appliances From Real Ones?

Washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, multicookers, curling irons and so on… Household appliances are firmly established in almost all areas of human activity. These devices have simplified our lives so much that we can no longer imagine how we can cope without them. That is why the discovery of fakes in this industry is a very painful fact for each of us.

Today, most of the fakes appear on the shelves due to the “gray” technology – those household appliances that are imported into bypassing customs. Such products do not pass checks for compliance, authenticity, declared characteristics, and therefore their quality can be forgotten. Today, there are several ways to determine the authenticity of household intec home appliances:

First of all, you need to pay attention to the nameplate indicating the manufacturer’s name, product number, as well as the presence of warranty card, which means the product has passed certification. Products that have not received a certificate are like a cat in a bag. It costs less, because no fees were paid for it, but the buyer will not receive a guarantee of quality either.

Secondly, in cases when there are doubts about the legality of the origin of the product, you can always contact the intec home appliances manufacturer and clarify information on the product. All large companies are very pleased to meet customers, specifying information. Identifying counterfeit goods is very important for them, as it allows you to detect intruders and transfer cases to specialized bodies in order to stop illegal activities.

Thirdly, if you still purchased fake products, which you later learned about, request a return to the store. If you have been refused, you can safely go to court. Already, the practice is such that buyers are reimbursed the full cost of the goods, as well as compensate for legal costs and, in the case of objectivity, pay moral compensation.

Unfortunately, today there is no well-defined system for combating manufacturers of fake household appliances. All confrontation is based solely on the attentiveness and awareness of the buyer, who will discover the fake and report it to the store or to the manufacturer. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask questions about the availability of certificates, quality marks, feedback forms, and so on, before purchasing equipment. If something is in doubt, it is better not to rush and clarify the information so as not to pay for the rush in the future.

The seller is obliged to provide the buyer with full information about the product, the warranty period, the service life of the goods and the compliance of the goods with the requirements in the field of mandatory certification. If the equipment breaks down, you should immediately contact the seller. In case of refusal to repair, the buyer can write him an official claim. The store must respond to it within nine days. If this does not work, you can file a lawsuit in court.

How To Connect A TV To The Internet?

The latest generation of TVs is very different from their predecessors. This is noticeable in the improved image quality, and the screens of TV receivers have become even thinner. But with the development of Internet communications, a worldwide network has become available to every user. Television faded into the background because people were more attracted by the variety of content on the World Wide Web.

TV manufacturers had to respond to this fact. As a result, all modern models of TV receivers have the Smart TV function and are adapted for using Internet resources. But no matter how advanced technologies are used in them, each TV is not able to autonomously connect to the network. To do this, you need to make certain settings and use additional equipment.


Interactive television provides users with great opportunities. Now you can plan to watch TV shows, create your own program, record your favourite sports events and films, and also remotely monitor their release. In addition, smart TVs by top LED TV brands in India have a basic set of popular Internet sites and social networks that can be viewed on a large screen.

There are two ways to connect the TV to the Internet:

  • Wireless connection of the TV receiver;
  • Connecting the TV with a cable.

If you already have a configured wireless network, then connecting the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi is not difficult. It doesn’t matter if the receiver has an integrated or external Wi-Fi adapter. To be able to view the content of the World Wide Web, you need to go to the settings menu, where to select the network item. In its settings, two options will be offered for selection:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Cable connection.

You need to choose the first option and then start the scanning process. The high definition LED TV will open a list of all available connections on the screen. Among them, you need to go to your access point. The network name can be indicated by the name of the router used or specified in the settings of the computer or laptop. If network sharing is closed, you will need to enter a password.


If your Smart TV does not have a built-in or external Wi-Fi adapter, then you can connect to it with the Internet using a wired connection. There are two ways to do this:

  • Direct cable connection;
  • Cable connection from the router.

If you have cable internet in your apartment or house, you can connect it directly to the TV. But for this, your provider must use the technology of dynamic IP addresses. It should be borne in mind that by connecting a single cable to the TV, you will not be able to use the Internet on other devices.

In addition, most Internet service providers bind the user to a specific MAC address. In this case, the connection is possible through a router or router in which the network is already configured. To do this, you need to connect a TV to it using a cable.

On many models, an information window immediately appears, which says that the cable connection is active. If this does not happen, then you need to activate it in the network settings.

What Home Appliances To Gift A Woman

People talk about celebrations and food to be prepared, recommended places to visit and many similar topics, but there is really little talk about the best gifts to give mom.

The most classic speak of flowers and chocolates, they know that they are fixed in almost all cases but they are not always the preferred or expected gifts by their mother that is why home appliances brands in India recommend another type of gift.

However, there is a second side to the question – how not to miscalculate and buy the item that will be in place and the hostess will like it? We will postpone large household appliances – giving an expensive gift is definitely not worth it, the only acceptable option, in this case, is a purchase certificate, according to which you can choose your favorite equipment yourself.

What if you give away appliances in a different way?

Plan 1: Change the kitchen appliances.

It may sound a bit weird, but the idea is very interesting: it’s about going to check what are the appliances that are already in poor condition or are needed in your mother’s kitchen? Come to Intec Appliances to buy new ones.

And that’s it? Give him more of the same to continue cooking? No

The idea is, to make it a truly meaningful gift, to organize a special celebration with your mom at home this Sunday, May 14, invite family and friends and surprise them with a delicious dinner or a fabulous lunch, preparing what you know that your mom loves it and leaving everyone happy for the dishes and surprised by your dedication; But the surprise will not be just that, because in the end, when you finish putting everything in order, you can invite your mom to the kitchen and show her new appliances, with which you cooked her favourite dish.

Plan 2: Change your TV.

Regardless if your mom is a fan of novels, just watch the news or on the contrary, she is a fan of everything that is released, giving her one of the many and varied Smart TVs that we have at Intec Appliances are an excellent option, since we give you brands and features that your mom will love, they can also connect to platforms on the internet that will give her the chance to repeat what she likes, so you can surprise her when she gets home, we also sell you the support that you need.

Of course, choosing a gift for a woman, especially for a loved one, is not an easy task. We hope that our offers will allow you to make the right choice. And remember: no matter what and to whom you give, fantasy and ingenuity are your main assistants.

Spare Parts Air Conditioning: Know How to Avoid Breakdowns

Problems with your air conditioning system? Do you think you have to resort to spare parts air conditioning? In our air conditioning online store you can find a suitable alternative for your home, but you can also find tools that will help you work on the breakdowns that occur in your equipment, such as the copper air conditioning rolls, which will allow you to prolong the useful life of it.

Today we will discuss about the most common faults that an air conditioner can present and how you can solve them.

Main breakdowns of an air conditioner

We believe that when it comes to Less Power Consumption Air Conditioners, with the complexity they represent, the ideal is to have accurate information about its operation and maintenance to avoid having to resort to air conditioning as the only possible solution.

In this case, we will know what faults a split type air conditioner can have:

Less Power Consumption Air Conditioners

Bad smells

This is possibly one of the most common faults or defects that usually occurs in air conditioning equipment. Not necessarily, for this reason, you should think about air conditioning spare parts, but you should pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment.

The solution for this fault is to clean the aluminum battery that is inside the split. To do so, it will be important to remove the filters, which must also be cleaned to avoid any type of dirt on the equipment. There are those who can do it without major problems, with the right tools to solve it and those who need the service of a professional in the area. The truth is that, if you have no knowledge and do not have the necessary elements, this last option is the right one, given that to clean the aluminum battery the whole device must be disassembled and, in addition, the piece in question is very delicate.

Lack of cold

If your air conditioner is on and running, but still does not cool sufficiently or directly, it does not produce cold air, it may be due to a breakdown, but still, have chances of avoiding air conditioning replacements. This is also the most common problem and can be due to multiple causes. Another reason may be due to a leak in the circuit, both gas, and coolant. And, finally, the lack of cold can be due to a fault in the fan motor that makes the compressor does not start.

Lack of gas

If you detect that your air conditioner cools or warms up a little, a refrigerant gas charge should be made. In this case, you should contact a specialized and certified air conditioner manufacturer company in India to perform this type of task and thus be able to solve the problem.

Excessive noise

Another indicator that something is not going well is when there are changes in the sound level of your team. If before the air conditioning unit that you have in your home did not interrupt with its sound the level of comfort of the place and now you feel that the noise has risen becoming annoying, it is because something may be malfunctioning.

How to choose the best air cooler for your home

The air cooler is one of the best cooling solutions for hot and dry places. They are famous as they are economical to use and do not harm the environment. However, choosing the right air cooler can be a bit confusing. There are many options in the market and many more features to consider. In this article, we give a brief look at all the essential features that one should consider when buying the best air cooler for your home:

Portable air conditioner

The advantage of portable climate control is its portability; most of them have wheels that allow them to be located throughout your home or business so you can strategically cool any area, as required.

Window cooler

If your cooling problems are located in a particular room or area, a window cooler is a great energy efficient alternative to window air conditioners. These window-mounted air coolers are often ready to install and include the necessary installation hardware. Meanwhile, the window air cooler can be easily installed in vertical or horizontal windows.

Industrial Evaporative Climate Control

Whether you have a hot store or need to keep the shop cool, Industrial Evaporative Air Conditioners are economical and energy efficient solutions to keep your workplace more comfortable. Industrial swamp coolers take the help of circulation and evaporation to keep spaces cool. The dry and moving air increases the rate of evaporation of the deposit and distributes the cold vapor evenly throughout the space.

How to choose a better air cooler?

Many people choose to use evaporative coolers that could offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective AC for conventional AC. However, there are some facts you should know before going to buy Intec home appliances.

Thickness and quantity of the evaporative filters

The evaporative filters have a direct effect on the cooling capacity of an air cooler. They absorb water and let air flow through them to cool it. Thicker the filter, the better the cooling. Evaporative filters are generally made of chip or cellulose material. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The energy consumption

With many evaporative air coolers comes a variable energy efficiency. It is best to ask your dealer which brand of an evaporative air cooler is the most energy efficient so that it will have a minor negative impact on the environment.

Variable speeds and air mode

Variable speed coolers are used to control fan speed. It is good if the cooler has options to regulate the speed. In addition, some air coolers by AC manufacturers in India offer 3 different air modes, such as natural mode, normal mode, and sleep mode.

Water tank capacity

The air cooler fan uses the evaporative cooling method. In this method, water is transformed into water vapor, which reduces the temperature of the air blown by the fan or blower. It is essential to have air coolers that have large water tanks. The larger the water tank, the longer the air cooler will work. You must select an air cooler that has a water tank of the right size for your daily use. A big room would also need an air cooler with a larger tank. Residential and commercial portable air coolers have a great range of water tank sizes. Residential air coolers acquire tanks of 20 to 30 liters capacity,

The Reasons For The Popularity Of Split Systems

The market for HVAC equipment is constantly evolving, so there are reasons for the popularity of split systems compared to other types of air conditioners. Over the past few years, manufacturers have made a real revolution in split systems, making them more accessible and convenient to use. Constantly there are new items that are complemented by new features. At the same time, mobile devices and window-type devices are standing still, receiving almost nothing new. Thus, most buyers make a choice in favor of split systems.

Operating conditions and comfort level

This type of climate technology consists of two blocks, namely:

External, which is responsible for taking air from the outside.

Internal, which cools this air and runs into the room. This unit also has a number of additional functions. The most important is the possibility of filtering air from harmful impurities and particulate matter. The appearance of both units is stylish and ergonomic. A wide range provided by split air conditioner manufacturers in India allows you to easily select a particular model, based on the style of the interior.

Based on individual requirements, the client chooses a model with the additional functions he needs. The main ones are:

  • Air cleaning;
  • A timer that allows you to turn on and off the device on a schedule;
  • Sensor recognition of people in the room (in their absence, the technician automatically turns off);
  • Power saving mode;
  • The possibility of self-diagnosis.

These are only essential functions. Their full list is much larger and depends on the specific model and manufacturer. It should be understood: the more additional features, the more expensive the air conditioner.

Using the air conditioner is easy and safe when following the instructions. It is enough to configure the desired mode and turn it on using the remote control.

Features care climate equipment

Like any technique, air conditioners require proper care. It comes down to cleaning the filters. It must be done every two weeks and full cleaning equipment using special cleaning products. It must be performed every three months.

However, even with the strict fulfillment of these requirements, the unit may break. It is strongly recommended to enter into a maintenance contract with the installer. Experts will periodically come to check the device for performance. If any abnormalities are detected, repairs will be made free of charge. This service is included in the monthly service fee.

Rules for choosing the air conditioner

Several simple rules must be followed when choosing climatic equipment:

  • This is the most important parameter. Experts can suggest what kind of power to choose, based on the area of the room and the number of devices in it that increase the temperature level. It is also possible to use free online calculators to find the optimal power yourself.
  • Additional functions. It is necessary to choose, based on the need to use them.
  • A large number of models allows you to choose the option that fits perfectly into your interior.

It is worth noting that modern split-systems by best split air conditioner brands in India have inverter compressors. Such systems are more expensive, but they save up to 30% on electricity. Thus, in the long run, they are cheaper. Such conditioners are the most modern and completely safe with proper care for them. Another distinctive feature is to maintain a constant temperature in the room. Non-inverter models cannot provide such, resulting in a person more often. A sharp change in temperature by 2-4 degrees provokes the development of colds.

Air Conditioning With Children And Seniors: What You Should Know

Summers in India are usually very hot, with temperatures that can exceed 40º during the day. Children below three years old and people over 70 are the ones who suffer the most with heat waves, especially when they last for days.

Heat stroke can have severe consequences for the elderly and children, who may suffer from insomnia, skin irritation and discomfort when sleeping, which makes the nights seem endless.

“When there is a baby or an elderly person at home we often question whether the use of air conditioning is good or not”

To not affect your health, but do not give up the comfort of an air conditioner, monitor how you use it and follow these simple recommendations:

Opt for an air conditioner that also purifies the air

Heat and humidity are not the only foes. In spring, plants release pollen, affecting a quarter of the population with allergies and rhinitis. The bacteria and organisms that are in the air are another of the things that worry us when there are children at home.

“The bacteria and organisms that are in the air is another thing that worries us when there are children at home.”

We know that it is difficult not to lower it 20º at a time, but Intec air conditioners allow you to maintain a constant temperature and give you the comfort you need without the sensation of extreme cold when entering the room.

Air conditioner brands in India recommend that the temperature of the room oscillate between 21º and 25º C and try, as much as possible, to install other air conditioning systems in the rest of the house. In this way, when for example you pass the baby from one room to another, you will avoid having a thermal shock.

“It is important to avoid thermal shock.”

Remember, a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperature or even between rooms is not recommended for these people. It is good to have a uniform temperature in the house of 25º than to have two rooms at 21 degrees and the rest of the house at 30º.

Avoid a direct air flow

If you look at the control of your air conditioner, you will find a button that gives you the option Air swing.  This function helps you regulate the direction of the air flow so that it does not go directly to the face. With this mode, you ventilate the entire room evenly.

Monitor the humidity of the air

They say that air conditioning tends to dry the environment a lot, but what you may not know is that many air conditioning systems have an option that “humidifies the air.” This option is essential for these people at risk to have greater comfort when using the air conditioning.

Make proper maintenance of the air conditioning

When you have an air conditioner, it is essential that you clean the filters of the indoor unit before the arrival of summer, especially if there are newborns at home, or older people suffering from allergies or asthma. If your air is used only in cold mode, you should pay more attention to cleaning since it spends all winter off, so dust particles and mites accumulate

Install an air conditioner in all rooms

As we have mentioned before, having a newborn baby, children or seniors at home requires extraordinary measures. Buying Intec air conditioner for a single room in your house while the rest are at a higher temperature, can cause the individual to suffer from thermal shock

Maintenance Of Office Air Conditioning Systems

Fortunately, in most cases, an air conditioning system will work correctly, since modern ones are durable and provide a high quality of air. However, like any device, so that its performance does not decline, it must be provided with adequate maintenance.

It is essential that office air conditioning systems work without problems since a comfortable work environment is vital for all companies. If the staff does not feel comfortable, they will not be able to work correctly, which hurts the company. Then MOTOREX will present you with five tips to keep your air conditioning in perfect condition.

Make sure you clean the office air conditioner

Dirty air conditioners cause problems and failures within the system. An easy way to prolong its life is by cleaning the ventilation ducts regularly. Also, remove the filters and wash them with warm water, as these are an essential component of the unit. Subsequently, use an antibacterial spray to protect them.

Clean or change the filter

As stated earlier, screens play an essential role in Lowest Power Consumption Air Conditioner In India. This help protects other components and purifies the air since they do not allow the entry of allergens, dust or other harmful particles. Also, if these are not cleaned on a regular basis, they will cause the air conditioning system to work more, shortening its useful life.

If you have “split” intec air conditioner without ducts, there must be a removable panel in the unit that allows you to clean the filter with a rag; it is not necessary to replace it.

Obstructions in the condensing units

Because the condensing unit is located outside, it usually accumulates waste, such as branches or leaves, making the group not work as it should. Regularly reviewing the area where the condenser is located will help your system function properly.

Check the air flow

If you do not find problems in the condenser, verify that the air flow is sufficiently robust and constant. If this is intermittent or weak, it means that there is a problem that only a professional technician can solve. Remember that manipulating any component that you do not know can lead to more significant issues.

Look for rust or corrosion

Rust and corrosion are signs that the air conditioning system has not been adequately maintained. If you notice the presence of any of these two, do not hesitate to call an expert to solve this problem. Generally, they use special steel paint and weather resistant.

Finally, remember that you should not wait for your unit to present serious problems to request a technician to take a look. Preventive preservation is the key to ensuring that all appliances last much longer, especially air conditioning systems since they are a significant investment.

New World Of Possibilities With Android TV

If you have not yet heard of Android TV, it’s time to discover a new world of possibilities from your living room. It is a device that, connected to your television, allows you to surf via Wi-Fi, check your email, enjoy social networks, play with the highest quality, play Full HD video, connect your pen drive and enjoy your favorite videos and music. Choose what to see as a family thanks to TV on demand, chat with your friends or even talk on Skype.

With this device you can also control your Smartphone or Tablet on your television screen, so everything you have on your device, you can enjoy on television. For example, see the latest photos, without having to pass them to a CD or another format. In short, you will get a multimedia center on your screen. And best of all, it is not incompatible with the SmartTV and works with anyone who has HDMI input. Add possibilities to your television and buy android TV in India.

Everything you imagine on your television

In addition to all this, you can download multiple free applications from the Google Play store and other Internet sites as mentioned, TV on demand, various applications, games, etc. However, we must be careful and look at the apps that we want to download, since some are paid as in the mobile or tablet.

How does Android TV work?

It is straightforward to use. The only thing that your television needs ais HDMI connector, where you will connect the Android TV and Internet with Wifi Router, although with an optional accessory, you can compare it with a network cable directly to the Router. However, if you want to play files from your pen drive, it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet, although in Red, you will gain 80% more possibilities.


For easy handling, you can install a keyboard or USB mouse with cable. If you decide to connect a keyboard in Spanish, you will need to download an application in a simple way that recognizes the keyboard in Spanish. In the support section, there is direct access to the app. The same will happen if you choose to install these peripherals, but wireless.

Another option is the mini keyboard + mouse + control function (2.4 GHz), such as the Mini Wireless Fly Mouse keyboard model. With it, you can control all the gadgets in your home in one device: TV, DVD, HIFI, VCR, video consoles etc. It also incorporates a microphone and a speaker with which you can make calls and video calls, with programs such as Skype.

Also, if you have an android LED TV price in India, you can manage your television with remote control, synchronizing both devices.

When choosing an Android TV, it is advisable, that at least have:

  • Bluetooth The version 4.0 is very advanced and will give us fewer problems when connecting keyboards via Bluetooth.
  • Internal memory. To have an excellent reproduction of High Definition video. The recommended is 8GB: 5GB in the SD memory partition and 3GB in the system.
  • It is essential to have proper cooling because if it is of poor quality, the device will overheat and restart. The more full the Android TV, the better, since the heat will dissipate better.
  • It is essential that our Android TV has an optimal rate.
  • Support by the manufacturer. In the case of Android TV, it’s two years.

What Is An Inverter Split System, Its Features And Types?

It is no longer a secret that global warming is occurring around the globe and the temperature is changing. And then the summer comes! Today we do not imagine living in the summer in our own homes or apartments without air conditioners that cool the air in the premises. But with each year the technologies are being improved, and new devices and different devices are appearing, and the climate technology market is no exception.

In the latter demand is used split-system. There are various types of these devices with their characteristics. We will try to tell you about the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India.

Types of split systems

Depending on the localization of the indoor unit, the following types of this climate technology are distinguished:

  1. Columnar- This type is used in public places, for example, in supermarkets, banquet or exhibition halls. The structure resembles a column equipped with blinds, thanks to which it is possible to control and adjust the air flow. The power of such devices ranges from 5 kW to 14.5;
  2. Wall- The best option for homes and apartments. When installing a split system on the wall, electrical wires and pipes are mounted under the ceiling. Power of the device up to 5 kW;
  3. Outdoor- ceiling type. It is possible to vary the installation of the system, either on the floor or the ceiling. This kind can regulate a massive flow of air, and most importantly this air conditioner evenly distributes the airflow throughout the entire area of the room;
  4. Cassette or channel. It is installed in vast halls, including shopping, play, and entertainment rooms. Their advantage lies in the possible additional connection of the duct system, which allows such a climatic device to cope with powerful air currents easily. The column type is similar in power to a cassette or channel system since they are analog.


Many people, when buying a less power consumption air conditioner, do not fully understand the difference between a conventional device and an inverter. For continuous operation of the invention, the developers came up with fascinating detail, the so-called inverter, which can convert an alternating electric current- into a direct current, respectively, and vice versa. Thanks to the inverter, it is possible to adjust the operation of the climate technology smoothly. It is the inverter system, correctly interacting with the compressor, which can affect the change in its rotation frequency.

In the inverter split system, a specialized microprocessor is mounted, as well as several additional sensors, which is not in the technique of a non-inventor type.

Advantages of inverter split systems

It’s safe to say that an inverter split system has many more benefits than a conventional air conditioner. They include the following:

  • Strict maintenance of the selected temperature;
  • Constant provision of comfortable microclimate;
  • Reduction of electricity consumption. The studies have proved that the savings are about 30%;