What Traits to Look When Picking Your Air Conditioner Brand in India?

These days, there are dozens of premium window air conditioner brands in Indiaand costs for remarkably similar models can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next. If you want to get a good window air conditioner that will endure for a long time, you need to be aware of the traits to look for.

Which attributes are more vital?

It can be difficult to select the top window air conditioner brand in India. You can find the ideal air conditioner for you, though, if you have the right information and do a little research. Pay great attention to the five points before making a purchase and consider all factors carefully before making an air conditioner purchase.

Capacity and efficiency

First and foremost, The size of your floor determines the capacity of the air conditioner’s capacity. One tone of capacity can be filled with up to 120 square feet of space. For spaces smaller than 200 square feet, 1.5 tones is excellent, and 2 tones is recommended. Secondly, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has rated every piece of electronic equipment with a star (BEE). The more stars there are, the more energy-efficient the machine becomes. An air conditioner with three stars or more is what you ought to buy. If it has a higher star rating, it will use less electricity.

Aluminum/Copper Coil

Air conditioners use coils made of both copper and aluminum. Although it costs a bit more upfront, the former is more durable than the latter.

Installing and Maintenance

Make sure you have the installation terms and conditions from your seller. The installation of the equipment in your home is almost always included in the price of the supplier. You may have to pay a little installation fee occasionally or not at all. Secondly, choose a brand that provides greater product after-sales and service support. To feel secure and save money, buy Intec household appliances.


INTEC’s vast lineup is comparable to air conditioners from other well-known manufacturers. The Intec window air conditioner brand from India is built with high-quality materials. We promise that even our most affordable models have top-notch features and can last for many years. If you’re looking for higher-quality window air conditioners in India, choose from our enormous selection of premium products right away.

Window air conditioner in India: Is It Effective In Cooling You Down?

Is the heat in your home hard to bear when outside temperatures are high in summer? Window air conditioner brands in India may have a solution for you! Quite popular and the best device for cooling, the window air conditioner is an economical one-piece device that is easy to install at window level. However, is it really effective?


How does a window air conditioner work?

The window air conditioner is a packaged device, that is, unlike a standard air conditioning system, it consists of only one indoor unit, but no outdoor package.

It comes with different elements to be able to work: an exhaust pipe, a drainpipe, and a caulking kit. It is installed at the level of a previously caulked window in order to prevent the heat from the outside from entering, but also, to ensure that the cooling generated by the device does not escape.

Simple and quick to set up, a little less for the heaviest models which require external reinforcement, it is also easy to remove, once the summer is over.

Does this device appeal to you? Get to know it a little better through its advantages!


  • Simple to install,
  • Easy to use,
  • Removable,
  • Economic,
  • No maintenance required by a pro.

A removable and economical system

First of all, the less bulky models of window air conditioners are hailed for their flexibility: easily transportable, they can be installed in any room, according to the needs of the home.

We must link this advantage with the ease of installation of this device. Thus, there is no need to have special technical skills to set it up. It is therefore quite possible to install it yourself. But it is suggested that you entrust this work to installation experts.

Finally, unlike a standard air conditioning system, it is also a product rather accessible to purchase and which has no additional costs (installation by professional and annual maintenance).

No maintenance by a pro” does not mean no maintenance at all!

Finally, the window air conditioner also requires regular maintenance on your part. A simple, but necessarily diligent gesture in order to maintain the good air quality in your home, consists of dusting it frequently.

In summary, the window air conditioner offers good prospects for those who wish to air-condition their interior thanks to a financially accessible device that is easy to install.

Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that this one-piece device is effective for cooling a single room at a time. It is therefore rather recommended for apartments, but can also be suitable for a house, provided you acquire as many air conditioners as there are rooms to be air-conditioned!

If you are in search of a reliable air conditioner brand in India, then let us introduce you to one of the best one- Intec. The reason why Intec is trusted by a large no. of customers is that it offers the most advanced air conditioner models that will serve you faithfully for many years, without burdening you with worries and additional troubles.

Cool your house this summer with top Air Conditioner brands in India

Cool your house this summer with top Air Conditioner brands in India

The hot weather is coming. To avoid melting on the spot and having bad nights, take the help of the air conditioner best brands in India which will help you keep your house refreshed and chilled the whole summer.

Thinking of approaching the best air conditioners brand in India and buying an air conditioner so you don’t suffocate inside your house or apartment? Here is everything you need to know to choose it well.

To sleep in a cool environment, the air conditioner remains the best option. Whether you choose a mobile or fixed, you are guaranteed to be refreshed over time. It renews the air in the room by sucking in hot air to release cooler air.

Depending on the climate, the degree of insulation, the exposure of your home, and your health, air conditioning can quickly become essential so as not to suffocate and cool your house in summer.

The window air conditioner brands in India make it much easier for you to withstand high temperatures and periods of the heatwave.

The feeling of suffocating and heavy heat is removedand the ventilation allows you to feel the air circulating. Air conditioning also acts as a dehumidifier and thus protects your health and the finishes of your home.

In addition, the most recent models of air conditioning are equipped with a photocatalytic purifying filter to purify and sanitize the air that you breathe.

To avoid suffering from the summer heat, air conditioning seems to be an excellent way to cool the house. Here are some tips for choosing the right air conditioner.

Define your needs

Before embarking on the installation of one or more air conditioners, you will have to define with an expert your needs and the parts to be equipped.

The installation is assessed according to several criteria:

  • The level of ventilation in the house (the more the house is airtight and insulated, the less it is necessary to have powerful air conditioning).
  • The volume to be refreshed
  • Facade exposure
  • Energy consumption of household appliances (television, oven, computer, refrigerator)

All of these features help determine which air conditioner is most suitable for your home.

Install air conditioning for comfort

Installing an air conditioning system allows you to gain comfort, especially in the hottest regions.

In the middle of a heatwave, these devices allow the most sensitive people not to suffer because of high temperatures.

Thanks to the multi-split air conditioning system (with several indoor units), the refrigerant circulates between the different units, and you can then cool several rooms at the same time.

Air conditioning to save energy

An air conditioner is very useful in the summer, but it can be just as useful in the winter. Indeed, if you choose reversible air conditioning, you can use it to heat your interior. You no longer need to use a heating appliance (suitable in regions with mild winters), which saves you a lot of energy. And this is also felt on your annual bill for heating expenses.

The reversible air conditioning allows you to adjust the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree. In addition, recent models combine energy performance, comfort, energy, and money savings.

Qualities to Check When Picking a Window Air Conditioner Brand in India

Qualities to Check When Picking a Window Air Conditioner Brand in India

There are dozens of top window air conditioner brand in India nowadays, and the prices for very comparable models can vary significantly from one manufacturer to the next. When it comes to window air conditioners, you need to know what qualities to look for if you want to get a decent one that will last a long time.

What should you be on the lookout for?

Before we start classifying all window air conditioner brand in India into “okay” and “excellent” categories, we need to figure out what criteria will be used. Most buyers and sellers judge an air conditioner’s “class” based on its reliability, though there has recently been a movement in focus toward air conditioner functionality and efficiency as a result of active advertising.

You can see why the top split air conditioner brands in India are easy to come by, because adding “innovation” to an air conditioner is easier and less expensive than achieving its high reliability. Aside from that, “innovations” are a great informational cause for a marketing campaign.

On the other hand, the true benefits of super filters, oxygen generators, and other alternatives that are crucial to marketers, on the one hand, are still being debated. We are confident that the importance of reliability is self-evident since any air conditioner is purchased to work, not to be repaired. We’ll define dependability as the percentage of air conditioners with manufactured problems discovered within the warranty term.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing an Air Conditioner?

Choosing the best window air conditioner brand in India is challenging. However, with the appropriate information and a little study, you can choose the perfect air conditioner for you. When making a purchase, pay close attention to the five points.

Capacity: The capacity of the air conditioner is determined by the size of your floor. One ton of capacity is enough for up to 120 square feet of space. 1.5 tons is excellent for areas up to 200 sq. ft., and 2 tons is ideal for areas larger than 200 sq. ft.

Efficiency: All electronic equipment has been given a star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The machine’s energy efficiency increases as the number of stars increases. You should purchase an air conditioner with a three-star rating or higher. It will use less electricity if it has a better star rating.

Copper/Aluminum Coil: Both copper and aluminum coils are used in air conditioners. The former is a little more expensive, but it lasts longer than the latter.

Installation and Charges: Make sure you acquire your vendor’s installation terms and conditions. Almost every provider will install the equipment on your property as part of the purchase. Sometimes it costs nothing, and other times you have to pay a small fee for installation.

After-Sale and Service: Look for a brand that offers more after-sales and service assistance for the product. Purchase Intec home appliances for peace of mind and value for money.

When purchasing an air conditioner, make a thorough examination of all criteria. The ideal time to get a good deal on an air conditioner is during the winter.


High-quality components are employed in the construction of these air conditioners. INTEC has a wide selection of models, and the best of them are not inferior to air conditioners from more well-known brands. We guarantee that even our most cost-effective models have exceptional qualities and can survive for many years. Select from our vast variety of premium products today if you’re seeking higher-quality window air conditioners.

Why There Is A Great Demand Of Inverter Air Conditioners?

It is not surprising that now there is a great demand for household appliances for air cooling, since nature is radically changing. Manufacturers of Intec home appliances offer a huge selection and assortment.

But many buyers orient their choice on the price of the product, and only then on its capabilities. This attitude can be explained either by ignorance or unwillingness to even delve into the possibilities of technology.

Anyone who wants not only to add comfort to their home, but also to save a little by reading this article, will be able to realize their intentions.

We are sure that this article will clarify many nuances in all the details- not only in the choice, but also in the purchase of good household appliances to improve comfort in home.

Only 15-20 years ago, an air conditioner installed in a house or apartment was a real rarity. In the best case, the happy owners of such a technique most often could boast. Now, when buying climatic equipment, people are interested not only in air conditioning, but in inverter-type air conditioners.

You have probably heard that inverter air conditioning can save you a lot of money when the electricity bill arrives, but do we really know why?

Inverter air conditioners are capable of smoothly regulating performance. A conventional air conditioner is often turned on and off, and a split system with an inverter works continuously, changing the power depending on the conditions.

The owner is not only free from noise, but also saves up to 40% of electricity.

Benefits of inverter air conditioner

  • Comfort: the desired temperature is quickly reached and precisely maintained.
  • Energy savings thanks to precise digital power control and efficient compressor.
  • Reliability and quieter operation due to elimination of compressor on/off cycles.

If you, purchasing a split-system, want not only to survive the next surge of heat, but expect a long and efficient operation of equipment at any time of the year, you want to get maximum comfort with a minimum of energy consumption, then the installation of an inverter air conditioner provided by air conditioner manufacturer companies in India will be for you optimal solution.

In the case of inverter equipment, once the ambient temperature is close to the desired one, the compressor slows down, lowering its performance by up to 10% of its capacity, in this way we achieve great energy savings since multiple starts and stops of the compressor are avoided.

In this way, the compressor saves many starts and stops in one day of operation, saving between 30 and 60% in electrical energy in a year.


Before buying an inverter air conditioner produced by air conditioner manufacturers in India, find out well about the characteristics of the equipment and take into account how big or small is the space where you are going to place it, so you can know if you need one or more equipment, or something with less power.

Recommendations For Saving Energy When Using Air Conditioning

Saving energy is not only good for the fight against climate change, it is also good for our pockets. Thus, seeking energy efficiency becomes a necessity for a more sustainable development.

Air conditioners have become commonplace in many homes. Therefore, sustainable use and energy efficiency are essential to save emissions to the atmosphere and money. A less power consumption air conditioner can save up to 60% more than a conventional one.

One must be aware that installing an air conditioner expensive, not only because of the cost of the device and the work, but also because of the energy consumption that it implies.

If you want to continue using your air conditioning but at the same time you want to save energy and lower consumption a little, follow these little tips and we assure you that you will see the difference in a short time.

  • The air conditioner must be located in the part of the house in which the sun reaches less.
  • The more humidity there is, the more you have to lower the temperature. In equipment with humidity control, it should be kept between 40% and 60% with respect to air.
  • An average home with air conditioning consumes more than 2,000 kW each year to be cooled. According to air conditioner manufacturer companies in India, high-efficiency air conditioners can reduce energy consumption by 20 to 50 percent, and remember that the best units on the market are up to 70 percent more efficient than older air conditioners.
  • To get maximum efficiency from your air conditioner, turn it off when no one is in the house. If you want the interior of the house to be cool, program the air conditioner to turn on half an hour before your return.
  • Keep the air conditioner filter clean.
  • If only the room where the system is located is being used, close the doors and keep the interior temperature at 24 ºC, at least (it is a comfortable and efficient temperature, since a lower temperature consumes more energy and costs more). For example, specialists point out that at 23 ºC it costs 18 percent more and at 20 ºC it costs 39 percent more.
  • Once the room has cooled down, turn off the air conditioner and use fans to keep you comfortable. When the room warms up again, cool it with air conditioning again and then use the fans once more. By using this method, you can reduce the conditioner’s on-time by 20 to 40 percent.
  • Every degree you lower the temperature supposes an 8% more in the electricity bill
  • It is important that the air conditioning system is clean, especially the filters. If they don’t filter well, you will consume more electricity. Clean the filters at least once a month
  • Setting a temperature lower than what you want will not make the room cool faster, but it will consume more electricity. Always set the correct temperature
  • When the air conditioner is on, close the doors and windows of the room so that it provides better climate in the room.

Myths And Truths About Air Conditioning Energy Consumption

Do you think air conditioning is the biggest villain on your electricity bill? Do you know that a well-installed, good-sized and correctly used appliance consumes less energy than an electric shower, for example.

And thinking about the various doubts of consumers about the energy consumption of air conditioning, we have decided to unveil the main myths and truths on this subject.


1 – The installation does not interfere with energy consumption

The correct installation indicated by the manufacturer facilitates the operation of the device. An installation carried out in a way other than that recommended by the window air conditioner brand in India interferes with its operation, causing it to work incorrectly, consuming more energy.

2 – Temperature does not interfere with energy consumption

Keeping the air conditioning temperature at minimum (cooling) and at maximum (heating) consumes more energy. Keeping the environment at a temperature between 22ºC and 24ºC avoids unnecessary energy costs and is more suitable for the human body.

3 – The condenser in the closed area does not influence the consumption of the device

The outdoor unit should be in a place where there is air circulation, to avoid the return of the inflated air.

4- To consume less energy, the ideal is to turn off if the environment is left for a short time and turn it on again when you return

Turning it on and off too often leads to higher power consumption. If you leave the room for a short time, up to 20 minutes or half an hour, leave it on to avoid maximum power consumption and turn it off.

If when leaving the room for a short time we turn off the air conditioning, we will be causing consumption peaks at each new start


1 – There is a type of equipment suitable for each type of environment

That’s right. There are suitable devices for every size of environment, intensity and flow of people. For medium and large environments, for example, experts indicate the ceiling floor.

2- Air conditioning is cheaper

It is true. The inverters work like frequency converters, since they control the compression rate of the equipment. The compressor never turns off, avoiding voltage spikes and temperature fluctuations.

3 – The more powerful the device, the more it consumes energy

Using a device with less power than is indicated for the environment, greatly increases your energy consumption. That is why the correct size is very important.

8 – Leaving the window open with the air conditioning on increases energy consumption

In addition to consuming more energy, this carelessness can compromise the operation of the appliance. Ideally, all doors and windows should be kept tightly closed.

9 – Keeping the filters clean avoids unnecessary energy costs

It is true. Dirty filters prevent the free circulation of air, force the device to work harder and consequently consume more energy.

Air conditioning doesn’t have to be the worst villain in pearls of light, just use it properly, keep filters clean, and perform preventative maintenance and contact air conditioner manufacturer in India.

How An Air Conditioner Can Help You Improve Your Health?

Air conditioners are used both for heating in winter. It is also preferred for cooling in summer. The most preferred reason for air conditioners is cooling in summer.

Air conditioners, like all other technological devices, need maintenance. In this way, they never lose their performance. If you always want to use your air conditioners with the same performance; it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of air conditioning cleaning.

Air conditioners work by taking in the air inside. Therefore, dust in the air inside adheres to the filter section of the air conditioner. By cleaning this, it becomes possible to make air conditioners more efficient.

Air conditioners are very useful at the point of use. First of all, seasons have started to show their effects more with global warming. Now the winter months are colder than expected and the summer months are warmer than expected. To prevent this, alternative devices have been produced by window air conditioner brand in India.

Air conditioners come into play to get rid of the heat of summer, for this reason, it is beneficial to use lowest power consumption air conditioner in India in summer.

Temperature triggers many diseases, people who struggle with the disease can never stand the hot weather. The best for them are air conditioners. In this way, getting rid of the negative effects of hot weather is a less power consumption air conditioner.

Excessive moisture harms the human body. According to split air conditioner manufacturers in India, air conditioning also helps in eliminating the effects of this.

Scientific authorities explain that air conditioners have great health benefits. The use of air conditioning is recommended, especially for the elderly, people with heart, blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma disorders, as it provides sufficient comfort.

With various filtering systems in air conditioners, many harmful factors such as dust, pollen, microbes, mold, cigarette smoke, bad odor are separated from the air and healthy living environments are created. In places such as offices and residences we live in, the best way to achieve this is to use air conditioners.

Benefiting from the healthy advantages of air conditioning; it is easily possible to do filter cleaning, periodic seasonal maintenance, and pay attention to the recommended values ​​for temperature and humidity levels in air conditioning. When these are done, the life of the device is also extended.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Operating expenses are reduced with the cleaning performed during periodic maintenance.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced due to periodic cleaning and eliminating possible causes of malfunctions.
  • With periodic maintenance, efficiency losses caused by pollution in heat exchangers are prevented, so the heating and cooling loads can be met with shorter runs. This extends the life of the devices.
  • You can benefit from the system uninterruptedly because parts that expire during periodic maintenance are replaced without causing any malfunction.
  • Regular maintenance will extend the life of your system.

Thanks to the installation of air conditioning in the home, each room will renew the air it contains, thus you will breathe cleaner and better air the whole time.

Window Air Conditioner: When Is It Worth Adding?

When you begin to investigate the options available to buy air conditioning,always bear in mind that the objective behind the acquisition of this class of product is comfort.In this sense, window air conditioning is an ideal bet for certain homes.

Today,experts of air conditioner manufacturer companies in India tell you precisely, when it is worth incorporating a window air conditioner in a home.

Window air conditioner

Located within the category of compact equipment, the window air conditioner is a completely autonomous system. This means that, in the same unit, it performs all the air treatment in order to provide cooling to a home.window air conditioner manufacturers in India

The peculiarity of this type of equipment and hence its name “window”, is that they are usually placed embedded in the wall, under a window, obtaining as a final result that half of the equipment remains within the environment and the other half in the outside. This, in addition, is of vital importance for the cooling tasks of the equipment, since it will use the outside air to operate.

The window air conditioner operates in two directions or through two air cycles: the indoor air cycle and the outdoor air cycle. Both cycles are essential for the system to produce cold air through a fan, compressor, and cooling coil.

Indoor cycle: the equipment takes the air from the room to be refrigerated by means of a grid that it has and cools it. Then it propels it down a smaller grid into the environment.

Outdoor Cycle: In this case, the unit takes the air from the outside (hot air) through a grille system and heats it up even more. This is how it expels the energy it has absorbed from the interior to cool.

When to incorporate window air conditioning in a home?

It is about identifying when is the best time to incorporate it into a home or, rather, in which cases its installation is recommended.

The window air conditioner is a very useful alternative for those homes in which it is not possible to carry out a more complex installation such as the split or duct air conditioning. In both cases, larger works must be carried out, since the installation of pipes is necessary, as well as the placement of two units (interior and exterior in the case of the split) that must be connected in some way. The service of a specialized technician will be essential, since a user without knowledge or experience cannot perform this task.

However, in the case of best window air conditioner brand in India, this procedure is much more limited, since the main activity is to make a hole in the area to install the equipment.

4 Benefits of window air conditioning

Cost: The first benefit is,window air conditioner price is quiet low. Generally speaking, this type of equipment usually represents a much smaller investment than other alternatives on the market.

Installation: when buying air conditioning you should always consider the cost of the equipment and the cost of installation as the total value of the system you purchase. In the case of window air conditioning, the installation cost is minimal and you can even do it yourself. In addition, because its installation is very simple, you should not do large works, which is always a very positive point to consider.

Space: The installation of this equipment requires the creation of a hole in which the unit is half outside the environment and the other half inside. Therefore, it takes up very little space in the room and being so compact, it can be located at any end of the place where it does not have any discomfort.

Eco-friendly: Window air conditioner manufacturers in India are designing innovative AC models with powerful refrigerant technology, which are much more environmentally friendly and efficient. You will have equipment that does not pollute or damage the ozone layer and whose influence on the greenhouse effect is minimal.

When To Buy The Air Conditioner?

The first quarter of the year is the best time to acquire air conditioning equipment because it is the season with less demand for equipment and the installation companies offer special offers and discounts

In this sense, one of the first things we should keep in mind is knowing what the best time to buy an air conditioner is. Most people who install air conditioning equipment do so just before summer. For the months of May and June. Something that is a mistake, since this purchase decision coincides with that of most people, which makes the air conditioning companies “go to top” and have the right time to meet all orders.

Therefore, the first advice is to acquire and install air conditioning equipment in winter or at least in the first quarter of the year. This season is low for companies in the sector, so it is possible to find commercial offers for the equipment and special prices for installing at home.window air conditioner manufacturers in India

In addition, it is also common for some companies to have air conditioning equipment from the previous summer and to offer them departures they offer really advantageous conditions. Therefore, if you are already clear that you are going to install an air conditioning system, such as Intec Electric air conditioners, do not hesitate to start asking and asking for quotes.

On the types of equipment made available by the window air conditioner manufacturers in India, there is a great offer. The Split Air Conditioning is one of the models Systems Air Conditioning most used domestically thanks to their tight and easy installation performed by professionals. In addition and in recent years, technology has made them even more attractive to reduce their energy expenditure and reduce their noise, making many times the sound they generate when they are in operation is practically imperceptible to the inhabitants of the house. However, there are other equipment that can also be very efficient, depending on the needs we have.

Less polluting gas

Fruit of the commitment to the sustainability of air conditioning companies, one of the trends that is currently being imposed, is the insertion into the equipment of the new R-32 gas. This refrigerant gas is characterized by having a zero impact on the ozone layer, reducing the impact it generates on global warming compared to other refrigerant gases used so far.

Among them, we have the so-called window equipment, a typology cheaper than the split but which, however, are noisier and aesthetically less colorful. Another type of air conditioning is ducts. These require complex installation since one of the units is hidden in the ceiling because the equipment has different exits throughout the house. Another type is cassette air, a variety that is recommended for wide spaces.

The above is a sample of some of the recommendations by top window air conditioner brand in India to follow when buying an air conditioner. A few simple steps that begin by starting to search and ask right now, when it is cold since the prices are more affordable and the offers are broader. In addition, as professionals have less workload, they can spend more time installing equipment compared to summer dates, times of heavy workload..