Check the TV before buying:Suggestions by LED TV Manufacturing Companies in India

Planning to buy smart LED TV in Delhi is a very responsible matter, because the whole family will look at it every day for several years, and even minor flaws in the image will greatly affect the nerves. And, if a serious defect is found on the screen that is not considered a marriage – for example, a strong “light”, then there will be no joy from the purchase at all. Therefore, to check the TV in the store you need to prepare very carefully.

It is advisable by LED TV manufacturing companies in India to prepare for the purchase of a TV in advance by choosing a model suitable for the parameters and price on the Internet, and reading about it a maximum of information and user reviews.

Checking the packaging and appearance

Evaluate the packaging. There should be no damage, bumps or wetness on the box. Crumpled corners and glued tape are good reasons to refuse to buy this copy. Next, check the completeness of the TV and make sure that the remotes, cables, fastener parts and documentation are in the bags without traces of opening.

Next, proceed to inspect the TV itself, paying maximum attention to this; because without noticing a crack or chip later it will be very difficult to prove that, it appeared through no fault of your own. Using a smartphone flashlight, “enlighten” the TV from all sides, making sure that there are no scratches on the screen or body, chipping decorative elements, traces of unscrewing bolts.

Check remote, HDMI, antenna and audio inputs

If your TV looks okay, connect it to a signal source in the store. This is usually an antenna cable and AN HDMI. When turning on, you need to give the device time to load the Smart TV operating system, if any.

  1. Click the remote control – the buttons should not stick and fail, and the TV itself should respond to signals without delay.
  2. Increase the sound and make sure that there is no wheezing and rattling of the case at high volume. Slow down and listen to whether the acoustics are able to reproduce high frequencies, whether speech is legible.
  3. Connect the headphones, thus checking the operability of the 3.5 mm
    audio jack and the sound quality.
  4. Connect the antenna and check the quality of TV channels.
  5. When rearranging the HDMI cable, make sure all HDMI ports are working.

Checking the uniformity of the backlight

But the unevenness of the backlight began to occur more often, and even among eminent manufacturers. The saddest thing is that the exposed areas are not a warranty case for most manufacturers.

You can determine the unevenness of the backlight on the screen fill in black, having previously turned off the dynamic backlight technology in the TV. Best of all, the “lights” are visible in a dark room and this is just a problem, since in most stores a bright light is turned on, which does not allow you to see this defect “in all its glory”.

Inspect the screen carefully. If you see noticeable bright spots, then refuse to buy this copy.

Check for “banding”

“Banding” are prominent bars on gradient colours or on grey-purple fills. Banding in the form of stripes often occurs due to pressure on the matrix inside the case. And in the form of gradient defects – due to the peculiarities of the work of inexpensive matrices. To check, display a grey background or gradient picture on the screen.

Check Wi-Fi

The minimum wi-Fi connection quality check is to compare how many sources your TV and your smartphone see. Full check – connect to the store’s network and go online with a smart TV test. You can distribute Wi-Fi from your device.

Spending half an hour checking the TV will save your nerves, and later pay off with pleasant emotions when watching a clean – without lights and spots – picture. Moreover, the verification methodology is quite simple and accessible even to a technically unsophisticated buyer. Take at least a flash drive with images and ask to turn on.

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