Choosing a Home appliances with workhouse capabilities

Choosing a Home appliances with workhouse capabilities

Washing machines are a boon to families which are joint in nature i.e. having multiple family members under the same roof. It can also be a huge time saver for those working professionals who run a race against time. But there is confusion in everyone’s mind as to what is the suitable type of washing machine. So here we are with all the information on the different types of washing machines that are manufactured by the reputed home appliances brands in India.

  • Front-load washing machine- This type of washing machine has been the choice of many households mainly due to its energy efficiency. They also use relatively less water and detergents for washing. Compared to the standard top load, these machines have typically a 50% larger capacity. Washing machines of home appliances brands in India are adding real innovation in their offerings such as steam settings, auto dispensers, and even WiFi connectivity. In terms of saving time, they are known to have faster spinners for drying meaning your total time for both cleaning and drying clothes. Of the very few flaws which a front load washing machine has will is its initial purchase cost. Also, these washing machines are susceptible to mold formation and mildew issues caused by standing water.
  • Top load- This is the most basic type of washing machine manufactured by almost every major home appliances brand in India. Besides being very basic in their design, they are also less costly. For this bare minimum design, the cost of repair and small fixes are also negligible. The design factor also adds to the convenience of people who use these washing machines as one does not have to bend down to put items in or out of the drum. However, you need to brace yourself for some extra costs which are involved in energy and water consumption.
  • Hybrid- The name is pretty self-explanatory. They have the best of both worlds i.e. they have the size and efficiency similar to the front-load washing machines and the convenience of use that a top-load machine has. That means you can get clean clothes at a faster pace without breaking your back! Though the earlier versions did not meet much success, it has now become a choice for many households. The reason is that¬†Intec¬†home appliances brands in India have incorporated many features such as adding an agitator, improving RPM for a better spin, and including a larger drum.

As you are now well aware of the type of washing machines, you also need to consider a few factors before making a purchase. Firstly, you need to examine the area where you want to install your washing machine. Since the front load washing machines are deeper than other types of washing machines, you need to measure the area carefully before installation. This also means that you need to check the doorways and other passages to the area of the washing machine installation. Similarly, the top loaders need some space which may not allow you to have some shelves or storage above them. The washing cycle is another factor that you need to consider. Top loaders are rather basic and the front loaders have more programs, speeds, and cycles.

In conclusion, we can say that present-day technology has eased the task of washing machines. When you buy Intec home appliances, the same advanced technology is delivered to your electrical appliances with an assurance to last for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is time you freed yourself from the stress of washing clothes with archaic machines.

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