Compact Cost Effective Solutions for Microclimatic Conditions: Window Air Conditioner

The central air conditioning system is not preferred by all as the maximum population live in apartments, condos and bungalow. Window air conditioners first developed in the late 19th century. The first developed systems were known as window bangers as they created a lot of noise. However, with advancement in technology these systems have been largely modified. The present systems are not at all noisy and more efficient. Moreover, the large demand for these systems is due to the fact that these systems are rather cheap as compared to split systems. Partial ventilation, compact size, no installation procedure, easy transportation and long durability are some of the many reasons which have made these systems much in demand.

In the beginning these systems had brown box like structure which appeared ugly looking structures in the box. However, these days these systems have been modified to have a pretty conventional shape. The sharp edges have been rounded up and the newer models come with temperature control and remotes. Further, some systems have an internal heating mechanism which allows heating during winter months.

Maintenance and Market Trends

These cooling systems require maintenance like any other system which increases its durability. Getting air filters cleaned after every year is advised. The main reason for this is the fact that during the air purification process bacteria and dust particles get trapped in the filters. Further, before the purchase it should be seen that the AC should be selected as per the size of the room. The AC sizes are available in 0.5 ton to 2 ton. Hence, depending upon the dimension and need AC should be selected. A 1.5 ton window AC would cost between 25,000 to 30,000 INR. There are number of brands which are known to have best air conditioner. Intec, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Carrier are some of the leading names which have top air conditioner in India.

Various Models in the Air Cooling Range

Apart from basic window system there are several other models available. Split air system is beneficial if you have large sized rooms and prefer a complete cooling system for the whole house. Double split and triple split systems are available in these systems. Portable systems are beneficial if you do not wish to go through the installation process. Further, these systems can be placed anywhere according to the need. Only requirement would be a vent system which could be window, wall or top roof piping. Inverted and metallic systems add classic touch to the interiors while kids systems have been made keeping in mind the needs of children. These systems have upper wall printed with cartoon prints which can be changed according to requirement.

Most of the leading companies of home appliance in India have online purchase system. The benefit of purchasing appliance online is the fact that one is able to get a discount which is not possible in physical stores. Secondly, a lot of time is saved in getting the appliance home via free shipping service. At the end, it can be said that home conditioning systems are a boon in the present times.

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