Do you Know All the Uses of your Smart TV in Delhi?

Do you Know All the Uses of your Smart TV in Delhi?

The vast majority of TVs currently sold by LED TV manufacturing companies in India are equipped with connected features; they are called Smart TVs (or connected TVs). But just because you own a connected TV doesn’t mean you know all the subtleties! Here’s what you need to know to make the most of it.

What is a smart TV for and how to take full advantage of it? A question that deserves attention!

Over the years, a majority of TV brands have switched to Smart TVs. Whether you bought your TV a few years ago or today you plan to buy smart LED TV in Delhi (Full HD or Ultra HD), you will have a connected TV at home. Follow the guide to know more…

  1. From complement to essential companion
  • A single remote control to access multiple services

With your Internet subscription, you probably have a box to connect to your TV, and you may be using it to access replay services, Netflix, or other such content.

Once the TV is connected via Wi-Fi to your Internet network, you will be able to enjoy most of the functions on your box directly from your Smart TV.

  • An interactive entertainment platform

The models sold in recent years offer access to different replay channels, VOD services (video on demand) to rent or buy films in dematerialized version, but also SVOD platforms (subscription video on demand) to watch streaming such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

All this can only be controlled with a single remote control in a fluid and intuitive interface, which is very easy to handle. Your screen is no longer satisfied with live: it has become a real interactive entertainment platform!

  • Easy and secure payment

Smart TVs even allow you to pay for your purchases directly through this same interface. You can subscribe to a new service or buy a movie and validate the payment with your Google account, or directly via your credit card.

  1. Dedicated applications, to download via the Smart TV
  • An operating system: Android TV or Web OS

Who says connected TV says personalized interface, dedicated to Internet access. Some famous brands have opted for Android TV. As the name suggests, it is an operating system derived from Android, which can also be found in smartphones and tablets.

What about other TV manufacturers? If they don’t opt for Android TV, they have their own system. All you need is to install the application from catalogue and enjoy the services.

  • Video games

Video games are also increasingly present on connected TVs, especially on Android TV models. Indeed, Android is a very popular platform for mobile games, and developers are offering more and more versions of their games that can be downloaded on Smart TVs.

  1. Functions you do not think about!
  • Control your smart TV by voice

Other useful features include the presence of a voice assistant to control the screen by voice. It is Android TV 9 that allows you to control almost its entire interface by voice, thanks to the remote control of the TV.

  1. Smart TV, in conclusion…

More than just a TV, a Smart TV is a real computer that can store files, access online content, pay for your purchases without getting up from your couch and respond to your voice.

Manufacturer updates are an additional asset that should not be overlooked, because they keep these many features at the forefront of technology: do not hesitate to inquire from time to time by browsing the menus of your screen, to know if there is not an upgrade planned soon.

Thus, you and your Smart TV will be able to go a long way together, taking full advantage of the potential of this beautiful technological friendship!

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