Ever wondered why your air-conditioner has low airflow?

Ever wondered why your air-conditioner has low air flow?

For every air conditioner owner, the problem of low airflow is almost inevitable. After spending all your hard-earned money to buy an ac, if you are left to spend time in the sultry summer noon, it will only add to your frustration. As one of the major markers, you must purchase the ac only from the top air conditioner manufacturer companies in India. This is because poor ventilation in a home decreases your unit’s efficiency, escalates your electricity bills, and can be hazardous to your health as well. Hence, you need to check out the early signs of a possible low airflow in your air conditioners.

Signs of Low Airflow

The potential signs of airflow issues are quite a lot. In this article, we are discussing the major causes of low airflow.

  • Due to inconsistent airflow, your house may have a lot of hot and cold spots.
  • The vents get deteriorated because of poor airflow
  • You can be getting a lot of whistling noises due to pressure imbalances.
  • Constant warm air blows from your AC unit and vents.

Another reason could be the debris that gets accumulated in the outside unit. Debris can be anything from dried leaves to sand dust. The shrubs or small plants too might get stuck in the air conditioner’s outer vent. This makes it difficult for the air conditioner to keep the airflow consistent, disperse the heat, and keep the indoors cool. Such weak airflow may also lead to overheating.

Causes of Low Airflow

Most of the airflow problems in the AC caused by low airflow can be fixed without any pricey service charges. That being said, you must keep an eye on the blocked vents of the ac which is typically located outside your home. People with ACs also face the issue of clogged filters or dirty condenser coils. This impacts the unit’s feature to keep the air clean and dust free. This makes the entire air supply indoors moist and susceptible to causing allergies.

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Intec home appliances are an example of a fusion that combines robust hardware and excellent technology. Hence the customers get the best of both worlds. The sweltering heat is unfolding itself. So you are better off bracing yourself with Intec air conditioners.

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