Everything You Wanted to Know About Inverter Air Conditioner

The present sunny season in the late times have turned out to be totally insufferable for the general population. In these searing temperatures there is need of a few gadgets that can give peeps some sort of relief. Inverter aeration and cooling systems are among the most recent development in the home appliance segment. These gadgets have accomplished monstrous popularity inside of a little compass of time. Home appliances brands in India have made them a significant part in the lives of masses. Here are some of the major upsides and downsides of Inverter air conditioning systems –

Highly Energy Efficient – The foremost lead and the major dissimilarity between Inverter air-con systems and conventional acs is that Inverter air conditioners are energy efficient . Sooner or later these appliances outweigh the initial cost you paid upon them . The compressor motor of the air cooling appliance automatically switches off when ever the expected temperature is reached , thereby saving a lot of energy .

Excellent Comfort Level – Another positive point of purchasing Inverter acs is that they are very comfy to the customers . The minute you turn on the air conditioner, it will start performing at its optimum speed and will offer you chilled environment within a fraction of few minutes . Inverter air conditioning units are best known for their immediate chilling and comfort level they provide to their consumers .

Noiseless in Operation – Inverter ac systems produce incredibly minimal noise or zero din during this process of cooling . The outdoor unit of these appliances is much quieter in operation compared to other cooling appliances.

Unaffected by Voltage Fluctuations – Another great thing about inverter air conditioners is that they remain unaffected by the voltage fluctuations and all thanks to the new inverter technology. Unaffected by voltage fluctuations means less risks of damage to the motor and hence less maintenance charges. The change in voltage also does not affects the temperature of the room and now you can sleep with no disruptions.The ability of an Inverter Air Conditioner to control the speed of the compressor motor eliminates stop-start cycles. This in turn makes the Air Conditioners less prone to breakdowns and cheaper to run.


Costly – The first thing about Inverter aeration and cooling systems is that they are bit expensive contrasted with other cooling apparatuses. They don’t fall under the affordability capacity of everybody. They have a proficient cooling framework and thus they have a high financial value compared to other cooling devices.

Complex Installation – Another con of Inverter Acs is that their outside unit is entirely separated from the inner unit and there is just a duct that joins them. There are two units one indoor and outdoor and it requires for skilled professionals for the installation and maintenance. It makes it very difficult to transport them from one place to another. Additionally the outer unit of these air conditioning systems is very heavy, making its installation more complex.

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