LED Television by Top LED TV Brand in India or OLED TV: The Match!

LED Television by Top LED TV Brand in India or OLED TV: The Match!

Do you want to buy a new TV? The question then arises of the display technology: LED or OLED? Or even QLED (Quantum Dot)? In order to help you in this choice, LED TV Manufacturers in India professionals will arbitrate the match LED TV Vs OLED TV. On your marks!

Is the price difference between an LED TV and an OLED TV justified? Should we prefer an OLED TV absolutely? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies?

  • Small Aside: Display Technology vs Screen Resolution:

OLED and LED TVs are both available in UHD/4K. In the same way, there are models of OLED TV and LED TV by top LED Brand in Indiathat benefit from HDR technology.

  • What is an LED TV?

LED TVs have completely replaced LCD TVs. However, the technology of the LED TV is not so far from the LCD TV… It is even an abuse of language because the LED TV remains an LCD TV.

LED TV, like LCD TV, uses an LCD screen that works with liquid crystals. The only difference is in the backlight system that is placed behind the screen.

The backlight represents the light source that illuminates the liquid crystals so that they are visible. On an LED TV, the liquid crystals are illuminated by LEDs (light-emitting diodes); while on an LCD TV, the crystals are illuminated by fluorescent tubes.

  • What is an OLED TV?

An OLED TV is equipped with a completely new technology to make the image: the organic light-emitting diode display.

An LED television produces colours by shining the light generated by the LEDs through colour filters; whereas an OLED screen uses LEDs that produce both colours and light.

  • What to choose: LED or OLED?
  • Screen thinness: Advantage for OLED TV 

Thanks to its technology (removal of the backlight); OLED makes it possible to considerably reduce the thickness of the TV.

  • Contrast and Black Level: Advantage for OLED TV 

Not incorporating a backlight allows the OLED TV to avoid “light leaks”. LCD-LED TV cannot avoid this.

  • Brightness: Advantage for LED 

LEDs are very good at getting very bright (especially with the addition of quantum dots). In a dark room, an OLED TV will perform better, while in a room with a lot of ambient light, an LED TV will perform better.

  • Richness of colours: Equality OLED / LED 

The colours are also richer with OLED. However, Quantum Dot TVs counteract this advantage. This new technology has enabled LED TVs to significantly increase colour accuracy and richness. OLED TV and LED TV (QLED) are therefore tied on this point.

  • Price: Advantage for LED TV 

Undeniable advantage for LED TV because OLED costs much more as a rule. NB: The price of high-end LED TVs is almost at the same level as the price of OLED TVs

So what do we buy: LED TV or OLED TV?

LED TV dominates the market because its price is accessible, its range is wide and it offers sufficient image quality for the public.

So yes, when faced with a basic LED TV, the difference in quality of an OLED TV is obvious. For those who have a TV that dates a little, put yourself in front of an OLED TV, the Wow effect is guaranteed!

In terms of image quality, OLED TV is still the big winner. The best HDR LED TVs can produce high-quality images but the overall contrast will always be better on an OLED TV.

Nevertheless, the technology of LED screens continues to improve and manufacturers compete with innovations to increase the quality of the image by erasing its defects (contrast, colours, and sharpness) to get closer to the undeniable performance of the OLED TV. However, in order to benefit from these advantages, it will be necessary to put the price.

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