Why led TVs from top led TV brand in India is your best bet

Why led TVs from top led TV brand in India is your best betThere was a time when plasmas ruled the roster and home appliances brands in India had a host of such products. Then it was the arrival of LCD TVs which had their fair share of success in the market.  Now we have LED TVs. But there is a question as to why you should buy an LED TV. So here we are citing the major reason why you should buy an LED TV from top led tv brand in India

The key difference between an LED and LCD TV is the backlight which is crucial for providing the brightness of the TV.

While the backlighting in LCD TV is provided by cold cathode fluorescent lamps, LED TVs from top-led TV brand in India get the backlighting from white LED panels.

Since the market is inundated with LED, LCD, and even plasma TV, there is always confusion in the consumer’s mind regarding which one to choose. By and large, the consumer’s focus stays on buying an electronic appliance that is cost-effective and loaded with the latest features. If you have specifically zeroed in on buying an LED TV, here is a list of major advantages for you to consider:

  • Two major reasons to choose LED TV are its high light power and longevity. LED TVs are known for using best-in-class technology which generates better brightness with less energy consumption. They have a sleek factor to them due to their thinner appearance.
  • LED TV backlights edge the LCD TVs because the power consumption is lesser than the LCDs. The LED cells produce more light per watt. As a result, you can save power up to 40 percent. LED TVs are designed with adaptive technology dies to which the light source can be controlled according to the image and can be turned on and off. This saves a lot of electricity and keeps your power consumption down.
  • LED-lit televisions have a much better contrast in color and picture quality as they are capable of controlling and generating contrast through the use of partial dimming. When the TV operates in partial dimming mode, the image generated is stable.
  • Due to image stability, LED TV backlights provide much richer colors than LCD panels. LED TVs have better white balance as because of the light emitted by the panels. This feature is absent from LCD TVs. If you want to get an advanced version of the same, a high-definition LED TV will be a better alternative to opt for.
  • Perhaps the biggest feature which attracts buyers is the design profile of LED TVs. These TVs from top led TV brands in India are smaller in size, thinner in terms of bulk, and can be easily mounted on walls. In addition to the sleek features, there are side-lit LED TV models are also thinner than traditional LCDs, as their backlights are located on the sides.

Therefore, if you are planning on an upgrade of TV in your living room and also do not want the electronic appliance to take up much space, LED TV is the right choice for you. Moreover, the LED TVs are up to 2 cm thinner than LCD panels which makes the entire installation process fuss-free.

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