My Air Conditioner Is Dripping


Having a quality air conditioner, like the different ranges that Intec air conditioner offers supposes a great tranquility and comfort to the homes. But this device requires proper care and maintenance to prevent it from breaking or clogging. For this, a regular cleaning of the internal filters and the battery of the outdoor unit should be carried out, as well as checking the refrigerant gas charge.

Why does the air conditioner leak water?

One of the most frequent questions that users usually ask is why the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India drains water. In the first place, it must be said that the amount of water that flows through the drain is a function of the percentage of humidity in the environment. This stream is generated by the same air as a result of condensation.


By putting the air in cold mode, the exchanger of the indoor unit is flooded with gas at low temperature and pressure, so that it cools and all the humidity of the air adheres to the exchanger. It liquefies and falls down the drain to the tube. Something that is accentuated much more in summer and especially in the coastal areas, due to the higher humidity of the environment, where you can, in a single day, get to generate several liters of water.

The drain of my air conditioner is clogged

Among the different reasons the most “normal” or usual is that the drain is clogged, usually the domestic air conditioning units have a drain pipe of a not very large diameter, in part, because it leaves the factory with that size and also because it is not unusual for a drain to like the rest of the installation have to juggle, bending corners, going up, down, turning 90 °. In short, it is much easier to handle a small tube than a large one.

I have dirty air conditioning filters

Another possible cause of why water falls from the air conditioning is because of the screens; the filters are of vital importance for the proper functioning of our equipment. Apart from filtering the air, are responsible for many “faults” that do not exist, dripping, and falling water is one of those non-existent faults that are produced by a maintenance of deficient air filters.

The drain pipe has broken

It can also be the fact that a union in which glue was used, is detached or a tube is broken or cracked. It is something scarce that occurs when the unit has been installed for some time, but sometimes it happens, primarily if you have used the poor quality flexible pipe to perform the drain.

Other reasons why the air conditioner loses water

Another reason for the air conditioner to drip is due to lack of gas. Since this together with the unit having dirty filters, exchanger or fan is the biggest cause of the air conditioning freezing and can get to throw water inside. If all these components are clean, the indoor unit of the air conditioner freezes, you should think that you have a lack of gas and therefore also a gas leak.

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