Why Sound quality is Important When You Buy Android TV In India

Sound is the most important aspect of enjoying your immersive viewing experience. For good quality audio from your TV, remember that the higher the wattage there is, the louder the sound output will be.

You can’t get sound from just a buy android TV in India buying guide. You have to experience it yourself.

If your home is large, go for a TV that can emit a sound that can be heard farther away. Playing a few loud action movies will help you decide if the TV is the right fit for your home or not.

And then paying attention to the customers to judge whether the sound is thin or distorted at higher volumes. Also, test how the bass is in those action scenes, and check the voice in movie dialogues. Make sure to check if the sound is realistic and see the amount of detail in the sound.

Consider investing in a quality sound system by selecting a solid soundbar if you want the finest audio output from your TV. In addition, when you buy android TV in India, pay attention to the cabinet rattle, directional distortion, and overall sound under pressure. These s found system add-ons can help you enhance the audio experience. But having strong built-in speakers on your TV is always preferable.

Now that you have understood the importance of connecting a soundbar for a surround sound system to your TV, it is also important to know what ports your TV includes. HDMI ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. It is a sophisticated protocol that works in conjunction with the HDMI standard and aids in improving the audio output of your TV and soundbar combo.

With ARC support, you may use a single wire to connect your TV to a soundbar directly. The advantage is that it allows you to boost both the bandwidth and speed. It allows your soundbar to receive higher-quality sound from your TV. But for the eARC, you need support for newer HDMI 2.1.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that eARC and ARC are not backward compatible. This means if your new TV supports eARC and your soundbar supports just ARC. And due to the limited ability to transfer data of the ARC, you may lose out on all the eARC benefits.

At the moment, eARC is still very new, and few devices have support. But as the need for greater sound quality grows, eARC may soon become as common as HDMI ARC.

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Why is BEE Star Rating important for Less Power Consumption Air Conditioners

Every home needs air conditioning because summer temperatures are rising every year. Details on the many types of air conditioners available are provided here. Each type offers less power-consumption air conditioners and is created for a certain use. You can look through them to decide what kind of AC you need.

While the methodology used to calculate BEE ratings varies from device to appliance. A NABL-accredited lab must conduct testing on each new appliance before it is introduced to the Indian market (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). It takes a few days to test a product and determine its power usage and efficiency.

The BEE declared in 2016 that it would replace SEER with ISEER to determine air conditioner star ratings. As a result, ratings of energy consumption may be more accurate.

While testing every appliance to assign a Star Rating is not practicable for BEE, it is up to the brands to uphold the rating standards for the products. And BEE can still check a few goods at random intervals to ensure that compliances are observed.

Why is BEE Star Rating important?

  1. Reduced Electricity Bills

The appliance’s energy usage is based on its BEE Star rating. A consumer should be aware of this crucial factor when buying any item, especially air conditioners and refrigerators. And because families may have many appliances, doing this is crucial to achieving the greatest possible savings on your monthly electricity cost.

Compared to comparable 1-ton air conditioners rated fewer than five stars, a 5-Star rated air conditioner is the most power-efficient. And if you make this comparison between a 1-ton 5-star rated air conditioner and a 2-ton 5-star rated air conditioner—or between the BEE Star Rating of a split air conditioner with the same capacity and a window air conditioner—it is no longer acceptable.

  1. Good For the Environment

Reduced energy use per family and protection of the environment are two additional benefits of lower power consumption. And as is already known, India produces its electricity using fossil fuels. And switching to more energy-efficient equipment lowers our electricity bill and even contributes to environmental preservation and the fight against global warming.

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What Kind Of Screen Resolution Is Best In A Ultra High Definition Led Tv

Without talking about the resolution, every TV buying guide would be lacking. Resolution refers to the number of horizontal rows and vertical columns of pixels that make up the image. Now, you should purchase an ultra-high-definition led tv with a greater resolution and more pixels if you want a clearer image and finer details.

The international standard for some time has been full HD resolution, also known as 1920×1080. It is still a resolution regularly utilized on every TV on the planet. However, manufacturers are fast embracing Ultra HD TVs as the new trend. These TVs offer four times as many pixels as contemporary HD displays. They are called “4K TVs” because of their 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

You can see more detail in on-screen objects thanks to 4K TVs’ higher resolution, and text appears even more sharply. Compared to Full HD TV screens, the visuals all look richer in color and more realistic. Additionally, a sharper image offers you the advantage of

Ultra HD videos on your screen look fantastic, and more TVs than ever support this resolution. Many streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, have begun to offer 4K video. If you have a smart TV that can stream directly from Netflix, it is now simpler to enjoy your favorite TV series and movies in 4K. Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs are also more widely available but still lag behind 1080p.

While 4K has not yet been widely adopted by Live TV, numerous channels provide 4K material for some on-demand platforms. The results don’t look as sharp as 4K programming, even though ultra high definition led tv offers an enhancement over the currently available HD content.

There are also 8K TVs on the market, but they are not very cost-effective. Additionally, finding content that can fully utilize the increased quality is very difficult. This provides an 8K set with four times the resolution of a 4K monitor. And it represents a significant advance in picture technology. But in our opinion, purchasing a 4K TV will suffice to prepare you for the coming years.


In every living area, an ultra-high-definition LED TV is ideal. However, the best television on the market isn’t accessible to everyone because of financial constraints. As a result of the significant demand in India, numerous businesses have gotten on the LED TV bandwagon to offer affordable choices. Purchase Yours Now!

Understanding HDR And Why It Is Important For Great Picture Quality In Led Tv?

A feature to take into account in addition to display type is HDR technology. High dynamic range (HDR), a new 4K Ultra HD TVs feature, is an acronym. In contrast to 4K, which offers good quality from a close-up perspective, it refers to the display’s capacity to produce more colors, contrast levels, and increased brightness. The difference in video quality caused by the large dynamic range is readily apparent at any distance.

It offers:

  • A more satisfying viewing experience overall.
  • Making dark dots darker and brilliant spots brighter.
  • Adding much more complexity in ambiguous regions.

A new feature for 4K high-definition led televisions is HDR. High Dynamic Range is what it stands for, and it promises to give more colors, a higher level of contrast, and more brightness. HDR 10 is the abbreviation for the fundamental standard for high dynamic range content. Since many manufacturers embrace this fundamental standard, HDR 10 will be mentioned on many compatible TVs. The bare minimum that any HDR TV on the market supports is HDR 10.

A more demanding kind of HDR is Dolby Vision. Dynamic metadata is included in it, which modifies the HDR effect frame-by-frame to produce a far more precise and outstanding image quality. Additionally, Samsung has unveiled HDR 10+, their premium HDR format. Additionally, it is somewhat comparable to Dolby Vision but is only available on Samsung TVs and is far less widespread than Dolby Vision.

There is a lot more stuff available when it comes to Dolby Vision support. Dolby Vision is available on many Netflix TV episodes, while HDR 10+ is available on Amazon Prime Video and is supported by Samsung.

Refresh rate

The refresh rate is the frequency at which a picture is updated on the screen per second. The typical refresh rate is 60 Hz, expressed in Hertz or Hz. However, 120 Hz TVs are also growing in popularity these days and will give you a more fluid viewing experience when watching those fast-paced action scenes. Currently, not much video can be viewed at high frame rates, but movies and sporting events will soon be able to. If you enjoy playing video games, you might be persuaded to buy a high-refresh-rate, high-definition led tv. But remember that the maximum frame rate for many gaming consoles is usually 60, so it makes sense to stick to those.


Compared to a non-HDR TV, an HDR-capable high-definition LED TV can create material with a wider range of brightness and colors. In comparison to your present conventional LCD television, it can be a tremendous improvement. Brighter highlights, richer colors, and a more brilliant picture quality are all benefits of HDR technology.


Some Extra features You Should look for: AC Buying Guide?

Looking for the best feature to look out we got you covered, here are some of the most recommended you can get with a proper purchase. At Intec air conditioner we offer all of the them with our different units.

  1. When there is a power outage, and the energy is restored, certain air conditioners might not restart independently. An air conditioner with the Auto Start option can resume when the power comes back on and adjust the temperature to what it was before the outage. If you are in an area where power outages are often, you must have this function.
  2. While cooling a room, all air conditioners control the humidity in that space. However, some also offer a dehumidification mode that reduces the humidity. This feature is essential if you live in an area with an uncomfortably high degree of humidity.
  3. Most air conditioners incorporate a two-way swing to circulate air across the room. Having airflow by you every few seconds increases how cool you feel. However, it doesn’t significantly affect the AC’s ability to cool the room efficiently. It is easier to adjust the airflow when an air conditioner has a four-way swing that allows it to disperse air horizontally and vertically. This is an essential feature to have if you prioritize airflow in a particular section of the space.
  4. To save money on electricity, the AC can be shut off after a certain amount of time using the sleep timer option. When you wake up in the middle of the night, turning off the AC is obviously less of a hassle.
  5. Wi-Fi access, Smart features, and app management: High-end air conditioners now frequently include smart features like Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) connectivity. These features enable ACs to connect to your smartphone or Voice Assistant service, allowing you to control the room’s temperature even while you are not present or out of the house.
  6. You can even control the AC using the speech assistant on your smartphone (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri) or smart speaker. Additionally, you can set up the AC to automatically switch on when certain conditions are met. For example, you might set the air conditioner to turn on automatically when you leave for home so that the room is already at the appropriate temperature when you arrive.
  7. If you want your new AC to include these smart features, choose Alexa, Google Assistant, or Home Kit-compatible models and have a companion smartphone app for Android and iOS.
  8. After-sales service is the most crucial element that must be mentioned in an AC buying guide. This is due to the possibility that service quality varies between states. First, it’s crucial to choose trusted, time-tested manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Voltas, etc. Make sensible brand selections, and if necessary, seek out the opinions of friends and family members who have used a certain brand.
  9. The next item to consider is checking the cost of an extended warranty. Given the high cost of air conditioner spare parts and out-of-warranty repairs, this might assist you in deciding whether purchasing an extended warranty is beneficial and generally a smart decision.
  10. Most companies refer to this feature as Turbo Mode under a different marketing name. You can turn on this option to hasten cooling while consuming more energy overall. On really hot days, you might occasionally need to use it.


We hope the information above has clarified how crucial it is to choose the top air conditioner brands available in India. If you want to increase the comfort in your home, purchase an Intec air conditioner immediately.

Picking The Capacity Depending On The Size Of Your Room For Air Conditioner Brands In India

Tonnes are used in India to measure AC capacity. You must select the appropriate tonnage capacity for the AC, based on the size of your room, to get the most out of the best air conditioner brands in India. However, the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating is more accurate in estimating how rapidly an air conditioner can cool a space. Another way to determine an air conditioner’s energy efficiency is to look at its BTU rating.

To cool the room, you must first choose a suitable AC capacity based on the size of the area that has to be cooled. A 1-ton air conditioner should be adequate for a small bedroom, and a 1.5-ton air conditioner is an option for slightly larger spaces. However, you must choose a 2 Ton Air conditioner if you want to install the best air conditioner brands in India in your living room, seating at least ten people. An air conditioner’s BTU rating is another technique to assess its energy efficiency. The British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating is a more accurate method to evaluate how rapidly an AC can cool a space.

To precisely estimate the electricity consumption of your air conditioning system, you need the information below.

  • AC Power Rating in kW (Can be seen on the label with the Bee Star Rating)
  • Average daily hours that an air conditioner runs
  • electricity price per unit
  • kW of AC times the daily operating hours equals units per month (Number of Days in Month)

The type of air conditioner you should choose depends on your needs. The benefits of 3-star and 5-star ACs are somewhat different. Therefore, everything boils down to personal considerations like initial cost, consumption, etc. A 3-star unit will suffice if you seldom plan to use the AC. Choose a 5-star air conditioner if you live in an area with harsh temperatures where you might need to keep the AC running for several hours.

The Answer

Check the AC’s star rating.

More Stars: Better Cooling Capacity: A 5-star air conditioner uses less energy while operating at peak efficiency and providing considerably superior performance to a 3-star air conditioner. It cools the area faster than a 3-star AC and is energy-efficient, using the least amount of power.

Higher Star Ratings Mean More Savings: As you climb the star rankings, you’ll save more energy. In many cases, a 5-star air conditioner uses up to 28% less energy than a 3-star one. It is significant to remember that only the same sorts of ACs can be compared when comparing star ratings. For instance, a 3-star split air conditioner might be more energy-efficient than a 5-star window air conditioner. So, choose your comparison carefully.

The more stars a product has, the more energy-efficient it will be. However, be cautious that the additional cost difference between a 3-star and a 5-star air conditioner is not considerable. A 5-star air conditioner should cost about 10% to 15% more than a 3- or 4-star air conditioner. Air conditioners use up to 28% less energy with 5-star ratings. Thus, the extra expense is quickly recovered. A 5-star rated air conditioner also uses fewer watts and produces less heat than 3-star models while simultaneously offering the same level of cooling.

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OLED Vs QLED: Which High Definition Led Tv Is Better?

It can be challenging to choose a good TV because there are so many options and various innovations. The quantum dot TV market already has a slew of good products, so the QLED high-definition led tv market has some competition. The market for QLED TVs is competitive because the quantum dot TV industry already has many excellent models.

For the best visual brightness, QLED TVs are strongly advised. It’s a great option for routinely watching TV shows and playing games compared to LCD screens. OLED TVs are the best option for a premium experience, but they have the problem of screen burn-in, which isn’t an issue with QLED televisions.

What does QLED stand for?

You should do your homework before purchasing a QLED high definition led tv and be familiar with its technologies. In what ways are QLED televisions different from earlier models of televisions? I’ll go over a few fundamental concepts regarding QLED televisions in the parts that follow. Take a peek at the same before you decide.

In 2017, Samsung released their QLED televisions. Those who have acquired QLED televisions have been astonished by the picture quality they provide. The acronym is Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode (QLED). In this setup, quantum dots produce light as their name suggests.

These minute dots are securely attached to the LCD surface of the television. A stunning backdrop for the panel is created by LED lights. Before it reaches your eyes, the light from these LEDs passes through the panels. As a result, when light passes through the quantum dots in this screen, its quality is improved.

These dots have a diameter between 2 and 10 nanometers. Their colors range from red to blue to green. As a result of the presence of colored LEDs in this technology, the colors produced by QLED televisions have a high level of fidelity, saturation, and precision.

Organic Light Emitting Diode is the full name of OLED. The technology of this television is very different from LCD/LED or QLED models that you might be more accustomed to. This display has no backlights because each pixel can produce light and color.


In terms of performance and picture quality, OLED televisions are the hands-down champs. They are expensive, but they are definitely worth the money. For those who don’t want to spend too much money but still want a high-definition screen, QLED high-definition led a tv is an option.

Finding The Perfect Screen Size for Android LED Television?

Whether you want to buy an Android LED Television that can stream your favorite Netflix shows. Or a traditional dumb TV through which you can use your cable connection. The size of the screen should be taken into account. You must take into account the amount of people in your home, how many will watch television at once, and where the TV will be located when doing this..

Then pick a screen size that will comfortably fit your space and entertain all your family members at once.

You should also consider how close you will sit to the TV. You won’t be able to view any details of any content being played on the TV if you are too far away and it is too small.

A good basic rule that works is you should sit at a distance three times more than the height of your screen if it is an HD 720p TV. And sit at 1.5 times the distance if the screen is 4K ultra HD.

No matter how detailed a TV buying guide is, you cannot make the right choice sitting at home. If you have time and it is possible, you should visit the store and look at the Android LED Television.

If possible, you should also bring your family to get the idea of which TV will be right for you even though the 4K content is less accessible than the 1080p resolution.

OTT services such as Netflix have now offered more high-quality 4K content. Therefore, if you have limited room and intend to sit close to the screen, you might wish to invest in high-resolution technology. Additionally, since 4K is the format of the future for content, it’s preferable to prepare now.

Avoid buying extended warranties.

Extended warranties are a major source of revenue for many large electronics retailers. The key justification is their dire need, particularly for a flat LCD panel. Most of the components in today’s TVs are remarkably resilient and long-lasting. So instead, just stick with the basic warranty manufacturers provide when you buy a new TV. Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on new Android LED Televisions, which may be sufficient for all buyers. And if needed, you can anyways extend the warranty from the manufacturer. You will receive reputable service and certified professionals, however it can be a little pricey.


Factors Responsible Why Your Window Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Off?

A big problem has an air conditioner that is not blasting, especially in the summer. Several reasons your air conditioner might not be cooling include a clogged filter, a malfunctioning thermostat, or worn-out components that need to be replaced. These issues indicate that your AC system needs servicing. Therefore, regular AC repair is necessary to keep it tidy and functional.

All window air conditioner brands eventually stop delivering cool air for the reasons listed below:

  1. Before contacting an AC service technician, ensure the cord and the outlet are in perfect condition, even though this may seem quite fundamental. Due to how much power the air conditioner unit uses, it may have blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker. Don’t forget to check it.
  2. A dirty air filter is one of the most frequent reasons for an AC that isn’t cooling efficiently. Cold air cannot leave the outlet because of dust and dirt in the air filters. When the air does not flow properly, the air conditioner’s ability to cool down declines.
  3. Verify the thermostat position of your air conditioner. The likelihood of the temperature not being set properly is high. Ensure that it is on Auto so that only the fan operates.
  4. Like a storage heater, the condenser removes heat from the air conditioner. For the condenser coil to adequately take heat from the outside, it must be clean. If the air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air, it can be clogged with dust and debris in the condenser coil. The AC loses effectiveness and stops cooling the space if the coil is covered in dirt and debris. An expert in AC repair will take care of small concerns in advance with routine AC maintenance.
  5. Your home is kept cool by a compressor. A compressor, a motor, is a crucial part of the AC. It controls the flow of refrigerants between the evaporator and condenser. When the compressor has issues, the cooling process cannot start, and the air conditioner cannot produce cold air.
  6. Any brand window air conditioner brands may develop a fan motor issue. The outside unit’s incapacity diminishes your air conditioner’s capacity to cool a space to remove heat.
  7. A defective control board, capillary, thermostat, etc., is the second potential factor.
  8. A refrigerant leak is another common reason why an air conditioner won’t chill. The cooling procedure requires the use of a substance known as a refrigerant. It discharges heat and moisture from the interior air outside as it goes through the inner and outer coils of the air conditioner, turning from liquid to gas. Therefore, an air conditioner that has a refrigerant leak cannot produce cold air. Furthermore, this can damage your compressor. A slow but consistent leak could decrease your air conditioner’s refrigerant level over time. A professional in AC repair will also examine the lines and take care of any refrigerant-level problems.


If you’re looking for higher-quality window air conditioner brands, make your selection from our extensive selection of high-quality products right away. The top models of INTEC’s comprehensive array of air conditioners are comparable to those made by other prominent manufacturers.


Best Air Conditioner Brand In India – Window Vs Portable Air Conditioner

Finding the AC that best suits you should be your ultimate objective since purchasing a new one consumes a sizable portion of your budget. You may find several air conditioners in India through a fast Google search. Let’s delve deeper into the list of several best air conditioner brand in India that are on the market, along with their benefits and drawbacks that will help you make wise choices.

  1. Window Ac

A common air conditioner that comes in various sizes in terms of tonnage and dimensions is the window air conditioner (AC).

It is a self-contained item that needs to be installed through a hole in the wall or an already-existing window.

Once installed, this single unit is economical and energy-efficient, dispersing heat from its exterior while bringing cool air indoors.

It contains a filter that must be cleaned occasionally to increase efficiency, much like a split air conditioner.

Depending on the cargo, a window air conditioner may chill a tiny space or a small room. However, cooling a full home with a window AC won’t be possible unless the area is far smaller than typical.

A frame is available to hold the unit on a window or a wall, making it simple to install and portable from one location to another. A fan can be turned ON to move the air inside space and bring cool air to a greater region. However, because of its static placement and limited capacity, the unit is not employed in offices or other large buildings, where you normally need to install many units.


  • Installation is rather simple.
  • Low initial and installation costs
  • Energy-efficient and more affordable than alternative approaches
  • Available in various sizes and suitable for a range of windows 
  1. Portable Air Conditioner

When determining which appliances they can acquire, folks who live in India must always overcome a significant obstacle: space availability. If not, you can be compelled to forgo installing a window air conditioner due to architectural flaws or challenges with housing society. It appears that there is a far better solution to these problems. The best solution is a portable air conditioner (PAC), which allows for hours of cool air enjoyment.

Nevertheless, these portable air conditioners chill less quickly and are noisy compared to window AC. However, the fact that these are mobile is the largest benefit. This implies that you can shift it from one location to another, making it versatile.

PACs are hassle-free to install, transport, store, reuse, and location. The only things required are a window and an electrical outlet. A single-hose PAC is an option that is less expensive and great for smaller rooms. Although these are more expensive than standard ones, certain PAC manufacturers offer alternatives like dust and air filters, anti-bacterial coating, etc. On the other hand, dual hose PACs are more expensive but more efficient with faster cooling rates.


  • Mobile and simple to assemble
  • Less expensive
  • Provides a variety of extra features

INTEC, one of the best air conditioner brands in India. We are the best place to find top-notch information. Contact us immediately.