What are Most Common TV Sizes One Should look out when you buy android TV in India?

The decision to buy a television is not simple. There are numerous brands with different characteristics that fall within the same price range. There are various TV sizes available, but some of these sizes are more prevalent than others. When buying, there are numerous TV sizes to pick from. There are TVs with sizes ranging from average to very huge. The size of your TV will depend on your preferences, your budget, and the size of your room. Choosing the ideal TV size for your bedroom or using the TV viewing distance method.

You can use this guide and the room calculator to determine which of the many different TV sizes for Android TVs in India is ideal for you.

Most prevalent sizes

These days, a variety of TV sizes, including small, medium, and even very large ones, are available. When you buy an Android TV in India, you’re looking for the ideal TV size for your space.

  1. One of the key benefits of small TV sizes is their incredibly low price. Normally, a cheap LED TV under 24 inches may be purchased for less than $150.
  2. A 28-inch TV screen will be available soon after 24-inch TVs. Stick with a 28-inch screen if you want to use a TV as the main TV in your living room. From a distance, it is easier to view, and the image quality is also improved. Likewise, compare Android TV vs. Smart TV.
  3. A 32-inch TV is a good size for a modest living room. Although many people prefer larger TVs, a 32-inch TV may be seen from a few steps away. If you intend on watching TV
  4. Between 32 and 43 inches, 42-inch TV screens are common. However, many living rooms might not have room for a 42-inch TV. When seated comfortably away from a 42-inch TV, you can easily view every detail.
  5. The most popular TV screen size is 48 inches. If you’re looking to buy a 48-inch television, there are several alternatives available to you. The 48-inch dimension is a popular size for high-quality LED TVs and even Smart TVs.
  6. Due to their size, this can fit in most single-family houses and apartments with open floor plans’ common living areas and bedrooms, many households used to purchase 55-inch televisions. An organization or producer
  7. 65-inch televisions are becoming more and more common. A surplus of TVs during the tariff war led to a considerable drop in the price of 65-inch TVs. Because 65-inch TVs offer a better viewing experience, they have become more accessible to the general public.
  8. From 70 inches and up, many TVs are produced that are the wrong size. More TV models and brands are available in the 70-inch and 75-inch sizes, with the latter being more popular because it costs more than the 65-inch size. However, the 77-inch TV is the only OLED TV available in this size range. Also look at: Online TV Store


We’re convinced that after reading the information above, you can get an excellent set when you buy Android TV in India. At INTEC, we offer a huge selection. Come see what we have to offer right away if you’re looking for high-quality merchandise.


The Crucial Difference between Smart TV and Android TV in India

Since a few years ago, there has been a discussion between Smart TV and Android TV. The compatibility of internet content on a larger screen is only made possible by the dazzling additions of an Android TV, according to others, who believe that the simplicity of smart TV trumps the complicated capabilities of Android TV.

Are you uncertain about whether to purchase an Android TV or a smart TV? We’ve made the decision to provide you with the most straightforward assistance in navigating this issue. The fundamental distinctions and parallels between the two are listed below to aid in your differentiation. With that said, let’s start the comparison.

What sets Android TV apart from Smart TV

Despite having features in common, Android TV and Smart TV differ greatly from one another in a number of ways. On this blog post comparing smart TVs to Android TV in India, learn about the key differences between the two.

Smart TV

The topic of whether a smart TV is worthwhile to purchase may have come up while you were browsing for where to buy Android TV in India in 2021. With internet access, the Smart TV, commonly referred to as the Internet TV, may offer much more than simply some visuals. A Smart TV can be thought of as your television with a computer incorporated into it. You may access Netflix, Facebook, or YouTube directly on the Smart TV, just like you would on a computer. These, however, are not upgradeable, so you might need to alter the entire TV to accommodate the current features and upgrades if you require faster and better updates.

With their basic design and user-friendly features, smart TVs may greatly simplify your user experience. The fact that a smart TV has all of its capabilities in one location eliminates the need for setup, which is another benefit of the smart TV over an Android TV. On the other side, the restrictions on hosting various apps can be a disadvantage. Additionally, the less frequent firmware updates may cause the systems to become outdated.

Android TV 

When it comes to Smart TV vs. Android TV, the majority of users believe that the Android TV is superior, and the main reason for this is that Android TVs offer all of the characteristics of a Smart TV, including internet access and app compatibility. Android TVs, in contrast to Smart TVs, allow you to connect to the Playstore and, similarly to using a smartphone, you can easily download and use any programme you like. Additionally, you can operate the TV hands-free and ask the Google Assistant to perform a task for you.

The Android TV supports the vast majority of Playstore apps, and the more frequent firmware and app upgrades will keep your user experience current. Huge advantages include Google Assistant integration and connectivity possibilities for Google Play, Music, and Movies. However, if you are unfamiliar with Android, you can have trouble navigating the user interface. You can make your area more active by buying TV online, including Smart TV and buy Android TV in India. Why are you holding out? Don’t you already know the differences between Smart TV and Android TV?

Choose Intec

The majority of us find it challenging to comprehend the fundamental distinctions between the many types of electronic devices, particularly television. When it comes buying televisions, there are many different brand and model possibilities. As a result, choosing the right TV to buy for your living room, bedroom, or even dining room can be very challenging. The challenge to discern and identify the distinctions between various types of televisions is what we find to be the most challenging when it comes to TVs.

At INTEC, we make every effort to ensure that each customer may buy Android TV in India that fulfils their needs, has a long lifespan, and produces a high-quality image. Consequently, if you’re searching for a knowledgeable television manufacturer,

What You Should Know Before Acquiring LED TV in India For Your Space?

Do you lack knowledge of how to use LED displays? As you examine your selections, there are several terms, components, and resolutions to take into account. Even though there are best practices for both indoor and outdoor displays, it’s critical to first grasp the fundamentals. So that you may buy an LED TV in India with confidence, let’s start with some fundamental knowledge about LED displays.

What is LED

It is a semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) that emits visible light when an electric current flows through it. It has a longer lifespan and uses less energy than other types of light.

What are some uses for LED displays?

  1. LED can be used for specialized indoor, outdoor, and signage display applications up to high-resolution video playback. At events, trade exhibitions, schools, airports, and concerts, LED displays may produce unique moments.
  2. The size of the screen will depend on your particular needs and objectives. In the end, the actual screen size and resolution will combine to produce the optimum display for your needs. Consider using a higher resolution for the best clarity if your audience will be seated near to the screen at an event or trade show. You can get away with using a lesser resolution if your audience will be watching the screen from a distance, such as on a billboard or in a stadium.
  3. Pixel pitch, which is measured in millimeters, is the separation between the centres of one LED pixel and the next LED pixel. The LED display will have a better resolution with a lower pixel pitch. Similar to this, a lesser resolution will appear on a screen with a bigger pixel pitch. Ask a specialist about the optimum resolution level for your project as there are times and places for each resolution!
  4. An NIT? NIT, which measures LED display brightness, is just as significant as resolution. It displays how much light a certain part of the display emits to your eyes. When choosing NIT, keep your use case in mind because the correct NIT will enable you to attain the brightness required for your audience to see your display flawlessly—especially important when choosing outdoor LED displays.
  5. This two-digit number indicates how well a display seals. Ingress protection against solid things like dust, dirt, and other elements is represented by the first digit. The second digit stands for resistance to liquids like rain. In order to endure the weather, outdoor LED displays have greater IP ratings. Especially if you are unfamiliar with these phrases, it can be challenging to find your way around the world of buy Led TV in India LED display terminology. There are countless options, and some direction can help you choose the best one for your job. Download our Buyer’s Guide to learn how to select the appropriate display type for your company. Do you have a query that is unique to your company? Please complete our contact form, and we will respond to you soon!
  6. Although resolution and screen size are two crucial aspects to take into account, you should first examine two other essential factors. You must take your audience’s typical viewing distance and the brightness of your environment into account (indoor, outdoor, etc.). A smaller pixel pitch might be a good fit if the screen will be farther from the audience—generally more than 50 feet—so that you can have your display as bright as you like. If your audience will be within 50 feet of the screen, you should think about using a higher pitch or resolution to provide the best clarity while keeping the brightness down.


Choose Intec

At INTEC, we make sure that every customer may get an LED TV in India that meets their needs and that has a long lifespan and high-quality picture. So look no further than INTEC if you’re looking for a capable television manufacturer.

What to Take into Consideration When Choosing a Window AC?

A new air conditioner can be complex and challenging to purchase because there are so many different brands and types available, especially for people who live in hot or humid areas. Furthermore, it is challenging to compare and decide which brand of AC is ideal because each manufacturer markets its unique qualities differently. Make sure to seek for these air conditioner qualities, which range from energy efficiency to smart capabilities, if you’re looking to buy a window air conditioner brand online or for the best air conditioner in India in 2021.

What to Consider

Window air conditioners demand less room than split air conditioners, and the installation process is comparatively simpler. A window air conditioner’s installation and removal are significantly simpler and less expensive because all of its parts are contained in a single unit. Window air conditioner brands may make life easier for those who frequently move out of rental properties and into their own houses. You must consider several things when buying a new air conditioner to ensure that it is perfect for your room. Some of the best air conditioner features are provided by leading brands like LG, Samsung air conditioners, Whirlpool, Blue Star, Voltas, Lloyd, Carrier, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi.

The most popular and important characteristics that you should think about before purchasing a new air conditioner are listed below.

  •  HIGH EFFICIENCY: Today’s air conditioners consume a great deal less energy than their predecessors. Over the past ten years, cooling technology has evolved dramatically. To stay cool without wasting electricity, invest in an air conditioner with the highest seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings.
  • VARIABLE-SPEED COMPRESSOR:-Instead of the full-speed and complete-stop options seen in earlier air conditioners, newer models incorporate variable-speed compressors. You will be comfortable all year long with a flexible air conditioner.
  • Smart Connection: Is the air conditioner capable of automatically adjusting and calibrating? You may be confident that this function will give you improved comfort and air conditioner effectiveness.
  • DEHUMIDIFICATION: While cooling a room, some air conditioners offer a dehumidifying capability that brings down the humidity levels in the space. If you reside in a location with an uncomfortable level of humidity, you require this function.
  • FOUR-WAY SWING:-Most air conditioning systems have two-way swings that distribute air throughout the space. It makes a considerable difference in the effectiveness of the AC in cooling the space as the air goes by you every few seconds.


These window air conditioner brands are constructed with high-quality materials. The best models from INTEC’s large lineup are comparable to air conditioners from other well-known manufacturers. If you’re looking for higher-quality window air conditioners, choose from our enormous selection of premium products right away.


Two Crucial Factors That Makes Intec the Best Split Air Conditioner Brand In India

There are numerous companies that manufacture air conditioners, some of which are well-known and vintage and others which are more recent and obscure. Even while brand preference is a factor in this choice, there are times when you must compare several brands objectively. One of these brands is Intec. The top best split air conditioner brand in India is Intec, which provides a fantastic alternative to meet the demand. In this article, we’ll go over two key characteristics that set us apart as a company. Our emphasis is on design and noise tolerance. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Our Focus on Design

Because an air conditioner is a home accessory intended to complement your decor, great thought should go into its design. Since most air conditioners are white, they can be placed in the majority of rooms. The available best split air conditioner brand in India may be beneficial for cramped and darkly coloured environments. For rooms with light colour schemes, a white one should do. Consider additional functions that come with the air conditioner as well to determine whether they meet your demands. The majority of air conditioners on the market come with a remote control. Certain people employ home automation. These air conditioners have Wi-Fi connectivity. They are now able to host more features as a result.

At Intec, we provide every form of design for ac, both standard and unique.

Our Focus on Noise tolerance

The level of noise isn’t always a deciding issue when considering where to place your air conditioner at home. However, you should give it some thought before placing it in your bedroom or study. Compared to window air conditioners, split air conditioners are much quieter. The exterior unit contains both the fan and the compressor. If the external unit is placed away from the room’s exterior wall, noise levels can be reduced. However, this can increase the price of installing ductwork and wiring. For the majority of small and medium-sized rooms, the window air conditioner is ideal.

At Intec, we appreciate the importance of noise tolerance. Because of this, we guarantee a standard for low noise in every product we produce.


With the knowledge provided above, we hope you can see how crucial it is to get the available best air conditioner brand in India. Choose the high-quality air conditioners from Intec today if you’re prepared to improve the level of comfort in your home.

Why Opt For Intec LED – The Best LED TV Brand in India

With the advent of Smart LED televisions, anyone with an internet connection can now enjoy a richer, more feature-rich viewing experience as long as they select one of the best LED TV brand in India. There are still a number of other factors to take into account, such as audio quality, contrast ratio, HDMI connectivity, USB support, HDR, and other intelligent features. The three fundamental types of LED technology will be discussed in this article, followed by a discussion of the essential features to consider when buying an LED TV.

Why Opt for LED!!!

To start, any manufacturer claiming to be one of the best led TV brands in India must offer these features.

Sincerity: Compared to plasma televisions, LED televisions are far more trustworthy. This has a very straightforward explanation. It is regarded as the greatest in terms of longevity and has superb qualities. Today, it’s easy to buy trustworthy, affordable LED televisions with top-notch after-sales support.

Electricity-efficient: LED TVs are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but they also consume a tremendous amount of less energy. They only absorb a minimal amount of energy, in contrast to LCD TVs. Electricity usage is decreased by more than half when using LED TVs. There won’t be a problem with rising electricity costs.

Image quality: This is one of the distinguishing characteristics that will enable the transition from LCD to LED. A superb watching experience is now possible with LED TV sets’ increased picture quality. The dark levels have been improved over the previous edition. The LED TV’s brilliance and crispness are unrivaled when compared to conventional LCD TVs.

Order Today With INTEC

You should also take into account other factors like audio quality, contrast ratio, HDMI and USB capability, HDR, and smart features. However, if you choose a reputable brand like INTEC, you may simplify the decision-making process and ensure that you get a reliable product. With a variety of products, including LED, OLED, and QLED TV sets, INTEC is one of the best LED TV brands in India. Right now, look at what we have available.

Best Reasons to Switch Old AC with New & Top Air Conditioner Brands In India

Your air conditioner experiences cumulative wear and tear over the course of its life beginning with the first time it is turned on. The wear and tear that your air conditioner endures can cause a progressive loss in cooling capacity as various AC components deteriorate from frequent use and ageing. If your air conditioner is getting older, you could discover that it takes longer to adequately chill your home on days when it’s only moderately hot outside and that it even struggles to do so when the summer sun is at its hottest. You should think about replacing your system as soon as you can if this is occurring to it.

Check out these five reasons why it’s best to get rid of your old air conditioner if you’re one of the many families who are still using their outdated models and are looking for a good cause to switch to a Top air conditioner brand in India.

Breakdowns Suddenly

Your air conditioner may experience other issues as it becomes older in addition to sluggish performance. Additionally, if you haven’t been keeping up with your air conditioning maintenance, sudden, unexpected breakdowns may start to happen more frequently. The likelihood of a sudden breakdown rises as more and more of the aged parts in your air conditioner approach the point of failure. When it comes down to it, hanging onto an outdated air conditioner is a gamble. It might function well for the next year or two with few, if any, issues, or it might suddenly fail in the middle of an extremely hot summer day. If you don’t want to take a chance, a complete AC replacement might be your only choice.

The Repairs expense

In addition, keeping an ageing air conditioner might occasionally come with sticker shock. Your final repair price might easily increase by hundreds of dollars if you decide to patch up an ageing AC system that is much past its expected service life.

There are many things that could cause your first repair bill to skyrocket. To begin with, your AC unit can require parts that are either difficult to locate or are no longer manufactured, necessitating custom-built parts or parts that are as identical to the originals as possible. Additionally, it may take longer to diagnose and fix older AC systems than modern ones. Several components may malfunction simultaneously, requiring more effort and replacements.

You’ll know it’s time to replace your AC system when the cost of keeping it on life support is greater than the cost of a newer, more durable model.

What Traits to Look When Picking Your Air Conditioner Brand in India?

These days, there are dozens of premium window air conditioner brands in Indiaand costs for remarkably similar models can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next. If you want to get a good window air conditioner that will endure for a long time, you need to be aware of the traits to look for.

Which attributes are more vital?

It can be difficult to select the top window air conditioner brand in India. You can find the ideal air conditioner for you, though, if you have the right information and do a little research. Pay great attention to the five points before making a purchase and consider all factors carefully before making an air conditioner purchase.

Capacity and efficiency

First and foremost, The size of your floor determines the capacity of the air conditioner’s capacity. One tone of capacity can be filled with up to 120 square feet of space. For spaces smaller than 200 square feet, 1.5 tones is excellent, and 2 tones is recommended. Secondly, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has rated every piece of electronic equipment with a star (BEE). The more stars there are, the more energy-efficient the machine becomes. An air conditioner with three stars or more is what you ought to buy. If it has a higher star rating, it will use less electricity.

Aluminum/Copper Coil

Air conditioners use coils made of both copper and aluminum. Although it costs a bit more upfront, the former is more durable than the latter.

Installing and Maintenance

Make sure you have the installation terms and conditions from your seller. The installation of the equipment in your home is almost always included in the price of the supplier. You may have to pay a little installation fee occasionally or not at all. Secondly, choose a brand that provides greater product after-sales and service support. To feel secure and save money, buy Intec household appliances.


INTEC’s vast lineup is comparable to air conditioners from other well-known manufacturers. The Intec window air conditioner brand from India is built with high-quality materials. We promise that even our most affordable models have top-notch features and can last for many years. If you’re looking for higher-quality window air conditioners in India, choose from our enormous selection of premium products right away.

Premium Range options from Intec – The Best Air Conditioners Brands in India

A new air conditioner is a long-term investment. The brand is another crucial aspect we take into account before purchasing any significant appliances. Here are the top air conditioner brands in India you need to be aware of if you’re looking to get a new AC this summer. Intec!

In a country like India, it’s difficult to get by during the heat. The concept of sunny summer days may have seemed tempting a couple of months ago. However, with the summer months rapidly approaching, even the slightest prospect of sweltering hot days makes us feel horrible. Air conditioners are our only hope during these oppressively hot months. We can tolerate hot days and cope with the muggy, sweltering atmosphere thanks to air conditioners.

In this blog post, we’ll go over all that Intec has to offer for your comfort and advantage.

I-Series:– which are appropriate for both large and small rooms and come in 1-ton and 1.5-ton capacities, make sure that the buyer does not go away empty-handed. It complements the surroundings beautifully and is sleek and fashionable. It is created using Vedic air technology, which helps to maintain the air clean and microbial-free.

The Premium Series: One of the most well-liked series from one of the best air conditioner brands in India is the Premium Series. You won’t have to give up convenience to conserve energy because the Premium series has three stars. You can boast about your sense of style to your friends since the cute LED gives the environment a refined air. Your ability to get a good night’s sleep will be facilitated by a silent operation.

IP-series: The metal split air conditioner will make your surroundings a more attractive place to live, and you can now anticipate many congratulations from your visitors for your stylish decision. If you want to live a happy life and display your style, the IP Series split ac is a perfect choice. You will be informed of the set temperature by the large numbers on its stunning LED display. To guarantee that the machine operates as efficiently as possible, the filter mesh can be simply separated and cleaned. The extremely effective 8 mm copper coil technology turns the household appliance into a beautiful one.

Go with Intec

Split air conditioners have a sizable market. It is essential to review a device’s technical parameters before choosing it. The top split air conditioner manufacturer in India, INTEC, offers a range of models to suit the requirements of all customers, and each one is strong enough to bring relief from the heat in the shortest amount of time.

For the top split air conditioner brand in India, check out Intec’s high-quality offerings and wide selection right away.


Considerations to Make When Finding the Best High-Definition Led TV

There are hundreds of models to choose from, each with its own unique set of capabilities, so buying a smart high-definition led TV is not as straightforward as buying a phone. Make an informed decision. The following is a thorough guide to buying a smart television that includes crucial factors to take into account when choosing the best smart television for your home at a reasonable price.

The Principal Considerations to makes

  1. high-definition LED TV‘s refresh rate is essential. It refers to how many times a second the content of a display is refreshed. It is described in Hertz as (Hz). The typical refresh rate for television displays is 60Hz. However, you should search for a higher number if you’re purchasing a high-end television set. A higher refresh rate, such as 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, or more, results in smoother action. As opposed to regular panels, you won’t notice any blurriness in fast-moving objects. Although it’s not a necessity, this feature is required if you want to play games or use your TV as a computer monitor.
  2. One aspect that is occasionally disregarded when buying a smart TV is audio. A good rule of thumb is to check the audio watts (mentioned in Watts). The television is louder the higher the number. This, however, does not indicate whether the audio might stutter at higher volumes; you will need to check the reviews or inquire with a store employee.
  3. Consider the number of ports on the television as well. In order to avoid having to switch out cords each time you wish to connect a device, look for a TV with at least four HDMI ports. Only the most recent models of 4K TVs support HDCP 2.2, even if the majority of them enable HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). Look it up in the
  4. The most important factor to think about when purchasing a smart TV is the screen size. It heavily depends on where you want to put it, how big the area is, and how many people will be watching at once. If the viewing distance is shorter than 5 feet, get a 32-inch TV. If the distance is between 5 and 6 feet, pick 43 inches. For viewing distances of 6-7 feet, a 46- or 50-inch TV would also be fantastic. For lengths longer than 8 feet, 50- and 55-inch panels can be used.
  5. The number of pixels on the screen determines the screen resolution, or how clear and crisp the image appears. A higher resolution results in more pixels and a crisper image. In comparison to Ultra-HD (4K) panels, Full-HD panels have four times as many pixels. The effect is that the objects on the screen will look richer and more detailed.


In your hunt for the best high-definition LED TV for your house, we hope that this article has been helpful. Before making a purchase, always think about all the qualities and features, contrast them with the alternatives, and search for any special offers. Check out what we have to offer at INTEC if you’re looking for a high-quality LED TV for your house.