Split system – Queen of Domestic Air Conditioners

Analyzing the market demand of previous years, experts concluded that among the variety of models of air conditioners, as well as many of air conditioner manufacturer in India, the most popular for the house were and still are air conditioners known as the “split-system.” The most primary reason for the demand for this type of equipment is its design. The device consists of two units.

External- condensing unit- installed on the facades and roofs of buildings, on a balcony or an open loggia, less often in common corridors, staircases or subways of the underground.

Internal- evaporation unit- depending on the model of the air conditioner, can be installed on the wall, ceiling, floor, if necessary, it is even built into the suspended ceiling.

How to choose, buy and install?

When choosing best split air conditioner brand in India, it is necessary to focus not only on the area of the premises but also on the number of people, working equipment, windows, their size, how much space is solar and insulated, the need for specific additional functions. Often, some of them are never used once after a trial run, and this is a decent additional cost. It is best to buy such equipment from a brand that can also carry out the installation of equipment.

Advantages of modern split-systems:

– Cools well, little noise- This type of air conditioning is attractive because the part that creates the most sound- the compressor- is outside the room. Therefore, the work of the indoor unit, not burdened with any elements that could produce at least some loud noises, in good models of air conditioners can work with a noise level below the average permissible in residential premises;

– Cleans ionizes, dry- Unlike air conditioners of other types, this type is not designed to merely cool indoor air but also is intended to make a person’s life more comfortable thanks to different operating modes, remote control panel, cleaning, drying, and air ionization modes. With the help of special filters you can clean the air not only from dust and tobacco smoke but also from allergens and harmful microorganisms;

– Saves and pleases with design- The dimensions of the split system are compact, and all possible variations of colors and textures of the cases allow you to choose a model that will fit perfectly into your interior. Some manufacturers even suggest deciding a case of the interior of the air conditioner in the form of a reproduction of paintings by famous artists;

– Do not spoil the appearance of buildings- Only air conditioners such as “split-system” make it possible to create a comfortable microclimate in a room without noise because the compressor is located outdoors, and, at the same time, the facades of buildings are not cluttered with equipment. This effect was achieved thanks to the emergence in due time of multi-split systems, where the two (rarely three) internal units connected to an external one.

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