How you can keep low power consumption for your air conditioner

How you can keep low power consumption for your air conditioner

Summers cannot be thought without an AC. The sheer heat and humidity can be testing and hence you need an AC almost all the time. That said, it is likely to shoot up your electricity bills. Much as you need the ACs of the best air conditioner brands in India, you also need to apply these hacks to keep them up and running. This will ensure that there is no breakdown in the AC which shall keep the electricity bills in check.

Keep ducts clean and airflow clear

Dirty vents will block your fresh airflow and shall also put pressure on the AC’s compressor thereby making the AC consume more power than usual. With clean vents and ducts, the air conditioner would run efficiently. Also, you must ensure that there are no blockades in the form of furniture that might block the vents.

 Change air filters

Clogged filters are as big of a culprit for more power consumption as blocked AC vents are. Imagine this, your AC’s clogged filter is the same as a clogged sink. Therefore, you need to keep your AC filters clean for your split or window air conditioner to work smoothly. Usually, the filters get clogged due to the accumulation of dust around the fan, a motor which spikes the electricity consumption. People are actually unassuming to the fact that an air conditioner with a clogged filter can spike power consumption. Filters can become blocked up with dust, and such dirt accumulation needs frequent checks by technicians.

Proper insulation of space to keep cool air intact

Of course, the top air conditioner brands in India are energy efficient but you cannot get the best out of them if the cool air gets away. Therefore, insulation of the area which is to be supplied with cool air is important. Moreover, it can also check the cooling time thereby reducing your electricity bills. The leaky spots and those small vents around the doors need to be covered too. So do the high-priority spots that have pipes, ducts, and outlets.

Retrofit your AC unit

Now then! You already have an AC from a reputed air conditioner brand in India which has started to show signs of falling apart anytime soon. But you are not in a position to get a new one either. So how about upgrading your AC with a retrofit? Contrary to the belief that retrofit is a contentious move; it actually helps in boosting the energy efficiency of a frail AC. In the process of retrofitting, you may consider adding more ventilation, condenser fan controls, or replacing the compressor. Retrofitting is also a good option to upgrade your AC with modern components that are compatible with the relatively old AC that is present in your house or office space.

If you are looking for the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India, Intec Appliances is the brand you need to choose for all your electrical appliances. With our expertise and knowledge to cater to the Indian markets, we manufacture top-notch air conditioners that can combat the harsh summer months of the season. With robust hardware, supreme engineering, and great value for money, we always strive to deliver the best electronic appliances.

Top Offering of Intec in 2023 – The Best Air Conditioners Brands in India

Top Offering of Intec in 2023 – The Best Air Conditioners Brands in IndiaAn expensive long-term expenditure is a replacement air conditioner. An important factor we consider before buying any sizeable appliances is the quality of the air conditioner brands in India. If you want a new air conditioner for the upcoming summer of 2023, here are the top offerings available at Intec that you should be aware of.

The thought of sunny summer days may have appeared attractive a couple of months ago. However, even the tiniest hint of searing heat makes us feel awful when the summer months get closer. In a country like India, surviving in the heat is difficult. Our only hope during these oppressively hot months is air conditioning. We can tolerate hot days and deal with oppressive, humid environments thanks to air conditioners.

The Intec Best Offering in 2023

The Premium Series is one of the best-selling series from one of the most prominent air conditioner brands in India. Given that the environment has a posh feel thanks to the cute LED, you can brag to your friends about your sense of style. You’ll be better able to sleep at night if the operation is quiet. Because the Premium Series has three stars, convenience won’t have to be sacrificed to save energy.

I-Series: Available in 1-ton and 1.5-ton capacities, these are suitable for large and small rooms and ensure that the buyer remains upright. It utilizes Vedic air technology, which keeps the air sterile and free of microorganisms. It is stylish and complements the surroundings wonderfully.

IP-series: The metal split air conditioner will enhance the appeal of your neighborhood, and you can now look forward to many compliments from your guests for your wise choice. The IP Series split ac is ideal if you want to live a joyful life and show off your style. The huge numbers will tell you the set temperature on its magnificent LED display. The filter mesh can be disassembled and cleaned to ensure the machine functions as effectively as possible. The home appliance is stunning, thanks to the 8 mm copper coil technology, which is incredibly effective.

Go with Intec

The market for split air conditioners is large. The leading split air conditioner brand in India, INTEC, offers various models to meet every customer’s needs, and each one is powerful enough to relieve the heat quickly. Before selecting a device, it is critical to evaluate its technical specifications.

Visit Intec immediately to see their high-quality assortment and top split air conditioner brand in India

Picking the Right Air Conditioner Brands In India – Energy & Capacity

Picking the Right Air Conditioner Brands In India – Energy & Capacity

You must select the appropriate tonnage capacity for the AC based on the size of your room if you want to get the most out of the best air conditioner brands in India. One method to evaluate an air conditioner’s energy efficiency is to look at its BTU rating. The British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating is a more accurate way to gauge how quickly an air conditioner can cool a space.

Capacity For Air Conditioner Brands In India

When working at its highest efficiency, a 5-star air conditioner consumes less energy than a 3-star air conditioner. Additionally, it performs vastly better. It uses less energy than a 3-star AC and quickly cools the space.

Moving Up the Star Rankings Will Increase Your Savings: As you climb the star rankings, your energy savings will increase. Typically, a 5-star air conditioner uses up to 28% less energy than a 3-star air conditioner. It’s crucial to keep in mind that only identical types of air conditioners can be compared when comparing star ratings. Consider the possibility that a 3-star split air conditioner uses less energy than a 5-star window unit. Therefore, be cautious while choosing your comparison.

The more stars a product has, the more energy-efficient it will be. However, there is little price difference between a 3-star and a 5-star rated air conditioner. A 5-star rated air conditioner should cost 10% to 15% more than a 3- or 4-star rated unit. Air conditioners can use up to 28% less energy with a five-star rating. The extra expense is recovered very rapidly. A 5-star air conditioner consumes fewer watts and produces less heat while offering the same level of cooling as a 3-star unit.

Choose Intec

The benefits of air conditioners with three and five stars differ somewhat. Thus, everything ultimately boils down to personal considerations like initial investment, spending, etc. Choose a 5-star air conditioner if you reside in an area with harsh temperatures and need to operate the AC for long hours. A 3-star unit will do if you sometimes plan to use the air conditioning.

Visit Intec immediately to look over their assortment of premium goods from the best air conditioner brands in India.

Why Choose a Split AC When Purchasing the Best Air Conditioner Brand in India

Regarding the best air conditioner brand in India, a split AC comprises an outdoor compressor and an air outlet unit for sensible cooling inside the room. For homes without enough space for window AC, these units, which are connected via pipes, are particularly effective.

Why is Split AC a Popular Choice?

Practical dimensions, silent functioning, and effective cooling make Split AC popular among the masses. These are stylish, consume less power, and are available in a vast price bracket for air conditioner brands in India. A budgeted split AC is an ideal choice.

  1. Design: Any window in the space is ideal for a window. However, a split air conditioner can be put on any wall, with the other unit outside the room, and no window is required.
  2. Installation: Window AC requires proper wirework, window placement, and labour. Split AC has no ductwork, which is why it’s easiest to install and requires little labor.
  3. Noise: Window ACs generally makes more noise than split ACs. If you want soundless AC cooling, go for a Split AC.

Certain Benefits

  1. Cost-Effective: Split air conditioners come in a range of prices. In several methods, they use solar energy to subsidize the cost of electricity. You’ll need to research to find a specific solution that flawlessly cools your home while saving you money.
  2. Easy maintenance and repair:In today’s world, who wouldn’t want an AC that is simple to fix? It is simple to remove and clean split ac filters. Compared to a window AC, the outdoor unit is also simple to repair and maintain.
  3. Quiet: A split air conditioner is the best option if you want an air conditioner that quietly cools the surroundings. There is hardly any noise as the condensers are outside. You can choose these for your bedroom, study room, and other rooms because they run quietly.
  4. Adjust: While seated on the couch or in bed, you can use a remote to control split ac cooling. A split air conditioner’s “C” stands for convenience. Working with a split AC is significantly simpler.
  5. Ease of Installation: Setting up a split air conditioner is simple. There is no intricate wirework necessary. You may significantly reduce the cost of labour and installation because there is no ducting.


We hope the information above has helped you understand how important it is to get the best air conditioner brands in India. Get one of Intec’s top-of-the-line air conditioners today if you’re prepared to boost your comfort level in your home.

Should You Purchase A Split AC Or A Window Air Conditioner Brands In India

If you are majorly torn between buying these two air conditioner brands in India and wondering which AC is best window or split, let’s find out.

The Price Difference

Regarding the price point, there is a considerable difference between split ac and window ac, two air conditioner brands in India. A window ac is cheaper. A window AC’s maintenance is also much cheaper than a split AC. But cost disparity is for a reason. While a split AC costs almost double a window AC, with the same cargo, a split AC can cool a bigger room. It would help if you also considered various other factors apart from the price points.

Electricity Consumption

To begin with, energy consumption depends upon the appliance’s star rating. You cannot compare a 3-star split to a 5-star window air conditioner. Irrespective of the cooling system, 5-star air conditioning is more energy-efficient than a 3-star one. However, a split air conditioner is more effective than a window air conditioner when rated cooling is concerned. Furthermore, non-inverter models don’t seem to be as forgiving as inverter models. Additionally, when a cooling system ages, its efficiency decreases. A lack of upkeep causes it to deteriorate as well.

Maintenance Cost

To begin with, window ACs is much easier to install than split ACs, and the former is easily portable. Split AC requires wall mounting and external space for the outdoor unit. Window ACs is simple machines. They require a window space to be installed, have no external units, and can be moved easily. Due to their simple machines, they also do not need very expensive maintenance. Whereas split ACs need regular maintenance, and the maintenance also costs more.

Noise emitted

One major difference is the noise. A split AC does not make that much noise as the compressor is in the outside unit, not causing any noise disturbance inside the room. The window AC makes much more noise because of the noise caused by the compressor, which is housed inside a single unit. Whenever the compressor is on, it makes a loud noise, which can be quite inconvenient for long use.

Cooling Capacity of the Air Conditioner

Even though both split and window air conditioners have effective cooling capabilities, cargo and other factors also have a significant role. Because they are installed high on the wall, split air conditioners are intended to cool larger spaces. They are made to move air in smaller, enclosed places effectively. Additionally, compared to window air conditioners, they come in higher tonnage. With window ACs, however, such is not the case.


Intec provides a range of products to help you maintain your home’s temperature. Unsure which one to buy, the simple fix is to swap out an old air conditioner for a model from one of the leading air conditioner brands in India. Purchase yours right away.

Which Air Conditioner in India is better to install in an apartment?

Which Air Conditioner in India is better to install in an apartment

In order to ensure that the temperature in your home is comfortable all summer, the nights are cool, and sleep is sound, turning to air conditioner brands in India is the best idea.

Apartments in the sun warm up so much that neither dark curtains, nor home fans, nor cool showers several times a day can save. A really working option is to buy and install a top air conditioner at home that will maintain a pleasant temperature in the room.

There are many models of air conditioners, but only two types are suitable for home use- wall-mounted and mobile. The rest are considered semi-industrial – too powerful, noisy, and often difficult to install.

Which is better – wall-mounted or portable air conditioner?

For the price, wall-mounted and mobile are about the same. Models from top air conditioner brands in India such as Intec have a reasonable cost.

The final price for a wall-mounted split system and a mobile version will be different since the cost of installation is added to the cost of wall-mounted equipment.

Portable systems are convenient because they do not need installation, they can be transferred from one room to another. However, some inconvenience is also associated with this – it is necessary to provide a system for removing the heat generated by the air conditioner, usually this is done through a window. Another disadvantage is that mobile systems are very noisy.

Comparing a wall-mounted air conditioner to a mobile air conditioner is like comparing a supersonic aircraft to an airship. In terms of comfort, performance, and functionality, this is an incomparable technique. However, sometimes you have to make a choice in favor of the “airship”.

Our recommendation- if you are looking for an ideal option for an apartment or a cottage, split and window air conditioners are the ones.

The main functions of all wall-mounted air conditioners are now the same – this is cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation mode. There may be additional features, such as night mode. Human physiology is such that it is easier for most people to fall asleep at a cooler temperature, and wake up at a temperature a couple of degrees higher.

Night mode allows you to program the split system so that the temperature rises by the time you wake up. For example, you will fall asleep at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, and wake up at 26.

The features of work differ for different types of wall-mounted air conditioners. Inverter ones are quieter and are optimal for children’s rooms and bedrooms.

Can an air conditioner be small?

Maybe, but such equipment has a higher noise level, it is less powerful and, as a rule, does its job worse. Therefore, if the result is important to you, take the standard one.

What room in the apartment is best to install air conditioning?

Ideally, each room should have its own split system, but if this is not possible, put it in the room where you spend the most time.

The best time to install an air conditioner is April-May, and in the summer, at the peak of the heat, the queue for air conditioners stretches for two to three weeks. Therefore, take care of your comfort in advance.

Signs That You Need A New Air Conditioner

The air conditioners are part of our daily lives, but as we know “Everything just serve” then how we identify that the life of our team is about to end?

For many of us, air conditioning is a convenience that we have long been accustomed to. However, like other household appliances, it loses its effectiveness over time.

If you purchased your air conditioner 14 years or more ago, then it is time to consider replacing the appliance with a new one so you can enjoy the maximum comfort at home and at the same time reduce your energy costs.

air conditioner

When it comes to repairing your old air conditioner, consider if it’s really worth it. The older your air conditioner is, the more likely something else will be damaged. Finally, the decision to buy a new air conditioner offered by the split air conditioner manufacturers in India may be a better option instead of doing a few repairs to the old one.

Here are some signs before facing an embarrassing situation:

Home expansion: when the installation team gives a model that fits your needs; regarding energy and cooling measures, it is because it makes a preliminary study of the infrastructure, if at any time you decide to expand the establishment, the equipment you have may no longer be ideal. This creates the need to change equipment.

Increase in energy payment: if the bills are increasing, but the use that you are giving your air conditioning does not change, it may not work in the correct way, in the face of this problem you must act at the moment, since if We do not give proper maintenance, your system will lose efficiency.

Frequent calls to technical service: If your air conditioner starts to have continuous failures, you should consider the possible change. You may think the drastic change is expensive, but in the long run it will save your pocket.

The life time is about to expire: air conditioning units have an average life of 15 years, if your equipment is about to meet it, you must think that change will be inevitable.

Humidity level in your home: if your home begins to accumulate humidity in windows or feels that the house in general is bad, it is possible that your equipment is no longer working correctly.

If on the hottest days the air conditioner does not create the necessary coolness, despite the fact that it works constantly, its capacity does not cover all heat gains.

In this case, you should check whether the filters are clogged, whether the windows and doors are closed, whether additional heating devices, such as boilers or toasters, are working in the room.

It is advisable to hang thick white blinds on the windows that reflect heat and light well, thus reducing the heat input through the windows by almost half. If this does not help, the model must be replaced with a more powerful one.

You can save money by buying solid models of past years provided by air conditioner brands in India on sale at discounts. Their reliability is not inferior to new modifications, only additional functions can be simpler.

Air Conditioning Equipment For Homes And Businesses Where Energy Saving Represents A Determining Factor

When summer and heat arrive, we want to be cool and comfortable in our homes or in any public place. And for that, we have the air conditioning on practically all day, with the consequent energy expenditure that this entails. Well, today we are going to see what advantages an inverter air conditioning unit has compared to conventional equipment.

Surely you have heard more than once that an inverter machine consumes less energy than a normal machine, although the truth is that most sellers do not really know what the advantages are compared to normal air conditioning.

Well, the main reason is in the component that consumes the most electricity of all the equipment, and this is the motor or compressor.

In a conventional air conditioning machine the compressor is always working at 100% of its capacity, that is:

Let’s imagine that we get home and it is horribly hot, for example, 30º C, and we set our air conditioning to 25º C, because until the temperature drops to 25º the compressor will be operating at maximum performance, that is, at 100% his capacity.

Once the device has managed to lower the temperature to 25º, what happens is that the compressor stops, and the moment the temperature rises again, it will start working again.

Why does an inverter unit save more than a conventional one?

The inverter compressor reaches less decibels than that of a conventional machine, especially when the compressor begins to decrease its performance.

Air conditioners made by air conditioner best brands in India achieve greater stability of the set temperature. This means that if we select a temperature of 22 ºC, for example, the equipment will maintain the ambient temperature much better.

This is because the compressor undergoes fewer stops and starts, regulating its speed and making the temperature more stable.

As you can see, an all or nothing (conventional) air conditioning suffers more stops and starts, which is equivalent to the selected temperature having more variations, however an inverter system by regulating its operating speed achieves a more stable temperature.

The electricity consumption of our homes is today one of the most important points of our day today. As much as the electrical appliances we have at home consume less and less the price of electricity does not stop rising.

There are many people who think that in order for our air conditioner to cool faster and make it cooler, we have to set it to the minimum temperature, but that is a profound mistake!

The air conditioning always sets the same temperature, it does not matter whether you set it to 16º or 30º, what happens is that when the room reaches the temperature we are asking for, the machine stops and stops getting cold.

So do not put your device at full speed because the only thing you will do is use more electricity.

When buying an air conditioning unit, one of the most important points that we have to look at is the electrical consumption, and the best for these cases is the inverter system.

It must also be said that to save on electricity consumption, the ideal is to install an air conditioning unit provided by air conditioner brands in India with the necessary cooling power to meet the needs of your premises.

An air conditioner with an inverter system has several advantages that conventional equipment does not have. Less noise from the outdoor unit, higher compressor performance, and of course lower power consumption.

Sleeping With Air Conditioner ON- Is It Safe?

Are you one of those who believe that air conditioning is bad for your health and that’s why you don’t use it? Surely on more than one occasion, the room temperature has not let you sleep: either because it is too cold or too hot. You have bought a beautiful air conditioner but sometimes you also find it annoying.

Basic rules that the air conditioning is not harmful

So that the air conditioning is not harmful there are three basic rules that you must follow yes or yes: change the filter from time to time, always take care of the cleaning of your device and respect the temperatures both day and night.

It is advisable to carry out a complete review of your air conditioning system by professionals in the installation and maintenance of this equipment in order to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that can cause some discomfort or diseases in the respiratory tract.

Check the temperature you select

According to the best air conditioner brands in India, the temperature is a key factor when operating your air conditioner at night. Thus, the first thing you should consider before launching to enter the degrees you want is that the daytime temperature is not the same as the night-time temperature.

This is because when we are asleep our body decreases in temperature, so if you sleep with the same temperature you maintained during the day it is very likely that you catch a cold. Are you lucky to have an air conditioner with Sleep mode? Well, activate it and sleep.

Noisy air conditioners?

Of course, maybe your problem with the air conditioning is not the temperature, but the noise. It is true that many people find it difficult to fall asleep due to the continuous noise emitted by these devices or even the noise may not consciously bother you but that it does interfere with the quality of sleep.

To avoid the problem of noise, when purchasing a device, the best option is to opt for the installation of ducted air conditioning because the machine is not usually placed in rooms and bedrooms, but in bathrooms. And if you’re worried about the electricity bill, there’s a trick out there! Get an energy-efficient device, cataloged either as A ++ or as A +++, and save!

The purchase of air conditioning equipment is an important decision in the family budget since labor costs must be added to the cost of the equipment. Although a priori the cost of the installation by a qualified professional installer of AC manufacturers in India can be seen as an added expense, the reality is that it is a guarantee of success in the operation and energy saving of the unit and Intec recommends that the installation of the equipment is always performed by a qualified professional.

According to a study by a top brand, 18% of homes that have air conditioning did not have the advice of a professional installer. Among the most frequent failures that occur in air conditioning equipment as a result of an unqualified installation are refrigerant leaks, electrical failures, and poor drainage work.

The first two affect the components of the equipment to cause, in some cases, the complete failure of the unit and the third can cause accidents in the places where the bad installation is located.

Overview Of New Air Conditioners In 2019

Little by little, the winter recedes, and although at night there are still significant drops in temperature, in the daytime you can already meet people in T-shirts on the street. And although we live in latitude with a temperate climate, this same “temperate climate”, in the summer, can easily reach 36 degrees in the shade, or even more. And this means that it becomes almost impossible to be at home without air cooling systems.

Of course, you can “hold out” the whole summer only on one or two fans, a damp sheet on a window or foil, but this does not significantly change the situation. If the street is 36 degree or more, then the apartment will have 36 degrees and even more, since all our household appliances, such as a refrigerator, TV, hob, boiler or column, radiate heat. Even our computer or laptop, especially powerful, is able to act as a small heating device. And just in such a situation, no “folk” ways of saving from the heat are already working.

Whatever it was, but it all boils down to the fact that the installation of an air conditioner is something necessary, not a luxury. And whether it is the installation of your first air conditioning system or the replacement of an old air conditioner, but you will certainly come across a choice of a new model in which it is easy enough to get confused. Moreover, there are various types of air conditioners that can be misleading – split systems, multi-split systems, and mobile air conditioning.

split air conditioner manufacturers in India

And even the buyer who has decided on the type of air conditioner, the number, and choice of models that are presented on the market today are simply scary. That is why we decided to write to you about all the interesting options for air conditioning systems. And so that this is not just a repetition of what has already been repeatedly written by others, we will talk about all the interesting new items that became available in 2019.

We told you about the latest models of split air conditioner manufacturers in India– from the most famous and prestigious to the less well-known, but at the same time, no less significant in their field. All of them have modern and reliable inverters, guaranteeing their durability and quiet operation, and even a picky customer may be interested in many branded functions in each model.

As for the choice of a more specific model, it all comes down to power (the area of ​​the room to be cooled) and the necessary functionality that is required from the air conditioner. Based on this, the range of devices suitable for you will significantly narrow. Well, the final factor may be the warranty period, noise level, and, of course, price.

However, we recommend that you consider that all air conditioners have the ability to dry the air in the room where they are used. To avoid excessively dried air (which will negatively affect not only some interior items but also your health), do not forget to purchase such an important accessory as a humidifier.

This household appliance is difficult to overestimate, especially if the house has small children or people with chronic “ENT” diseases. Together with air conditioning, they will complement each other, and your apartment or house will always have the best and healthy atmosphere with the help of AC manufacturers in India.