LED Is Dead, It’s Time For Smart Tvs

Year after year, best LED TV brand in India have incorporated technological advances into their panels. Since they are flat, we have evolved from HD ready to Full HD and now 4K. From tube lighting to side LED or LED with local dimming. From plasma panels, LCDs, and OLEDs, or the failed 3D, or the stylishly curved panels. Now it is the turn of the HDR (High Dynamic Range).

It is a treatment of the image from the world of photography capable of improving the details and textures in the brightest and darkest areas of the scene, showing nuances where it was not possible before, and that generates a much more impressive image thanks to digital technology. This requires a fast and powerful processor and a panel with high brightness and high level of contrast control. It may not be appreciated on a newscast, but in a movie the results are apparent.

This new technology is just the icing on the set of features already offered by the new screens, known as smartTV. Paradoxically the same smart televisions that go hand in hand to promote the HDR have in their interior very different brains. Unfortunately, apps are not compatible with each device, just like mobile phones, so knowing the offer of apps in each system is another critical point before deciding on one Continue reading

Plasma, LCD, LED … Which One to Choose?

LCD, LED or Plasma TVs; with or without an internet connection, ability to play 3D content or Smart TV system. These are some of the topics that the user considers more when deciding which television to buy.

The truth is that not all TVs are ideal for each type of user. And here “purchase the latest and most complete” is not the solution either. Knowing what each technology offers, each model of the market is vital to make a successful purchase. The purpose is to enjoy without worrying about anything else and especially knowing that the investment was the right one for your needs.


The Plasmas (also called PDP) have enough time to market, being one of the first types of the flat TV with LCD. They are self-luminescent televisions; their operation consists of many “capsules” surrounded by a mixture of gases, said “capsules” are between two panels of glasses. When current flows through the gas, it becomes a plasma, reacting the phosphorous that is inside each of these “capsules,” which finally generates the image (a “capsule” is a pixel).

Some important points to consider in the Plasmas:

  • Given their operation and control of each pixel independently, tend to have much more natural colors, in addition to reaching much darker blacks compared to LED and LCD.
  • They have a very high frame rate per second (on average 600Hz), this means that you can have much more fluid images without the ” ghost effect “suffered by some screens.

This type of TV is recommended to those who watch many sports (given their high pictures per seconds) or for people who want a big TV but do not want to spend so much money.


This type of screen is not self-illuminated. They are Continue reading

How to Choose a Good Television? Cost vs. Benefit

If you are planning to buy high definition LED TV (and you do not know how to select a TV), either because you changed your home or because your current TV has its time, you will ask yourself a series of questions to see what to choose: “How choose a television? “What resolution? “What size will be better in my house? “Which one suits me more? “

Try to unleash your doubts a bit and review what you should look for when choosing best LED TV at lowest price:

Deepening a little more in that reflection in which there is no absolute truth, let’s start first to know what is the comfortable distance at which you normally watch television. Once you have this calculated distance (approximately), you will have the ideal size for the place.

Although to finish choosing the right size of television, it is also essential to know what resolution you have to opt for the screen that influences the angle in which you are going to put it.

The angle is something you never ask, but it is relevant when choosing. That’s why you leave with a piece of information: as a rule, people stop having 100% of the chromatic perception starting at 60º, and after 124º your eyes stop seeing well.

Does the resolution of the LED TV at lowest price matter?

The resolution is a significant factor when it comes to learning how to choose LED TV at lowest price in Delhi, although not the final one. Resolution Continue reading

What Size and Type of Screen is Ideal For Your Room?

Nowadays, the consumer, spoiled by the abundance of models of TV sets with some incredible amount of possibilities, is rushing about in an attempt to find “LED TV at lowest price in Delhi”. It’s easier when you do not know about technical intricacies and marketing tricks – then you think “pennies” in your wallet and choose what is bigger or “which neighbor bought and is happy with.” Harder, when you start to think about the country of origin, the history of the brand, to study the manufacturers of components etc.

So, the first question is where the TV will be installed and what size it will be

This device is part of the interior, so it is worth keeping the harmony of the dwelling (if it is) and not spoiling it by an alien object. So, we decide: it will be a kitchen, living room, children’s room or other room. Depending on where the TV will be, the criteria for its selection will differ.

The primary condition – the size of the room, from which you can calculate the appropriate screen size. The classical formula is a coefficient of 2.5-3, multiplied by the diagonal size in centimeters. After the calculations, we get the distance from the viewer to the TV screen. For example, when buying a TV receiver with a diagonal of 50 inches (127 cm), the sofa should be about 3.8 meters away from it to be comfortable. It is believed that for large rooms are suitable TVs with a diagonal of 40-46 inches and for the kitchen, and children’s room – with a diagonal of 24-32 inches.

Screen resolution

Before buying with best LED TV manufacturer in India, it’s worth taking into account the source of the signal. If it is a question of telecasts, it is necessary to specify in what format and by what channels they are supplied by your operator. “Digital” in standard resolution looks good on a large screen with Full HD, “ether” or “cable” TV almost certainly will not look so hot.

Given all trends, the minimum for a TV with a diagonal of more than 40 inches is the Full HD resolution. Optimum – 4K (if the financial issue is not too acute, or we are talking about a TV set with a very large diagonal). For small diagonals – up to 32 inches – the resolution can be anything.

Screen Technology

Now, if we talk about the long term, it’s the choice for OLED. But also it is necessary to evaluate the possibilities of color rendering of the matrix: in particular, color, brightness, and contrast. Manufacturers recently succeeded in the development of technologies, which guarantee almost ideal indicators for these parameters.

Smart Features

When choosing the “home” TV, you must pay attention to the presence of SMART TV. Firstly, an “intelligent” TV set can demonstrate virtually any video content from a wide range of devices. Secondly, it is an opportunity to use streaming services – online cinemas, IPTV. Also, SMART TV means the ability to use additional applications – from weather forecasting to e-mail and access to the Internet via a web browser.

Full HD Gives Excess Clarity- Then Why Are 4K TVs So Popular?

Why then have 4K advertised so actively? In fact, this technology is needed, but only for designers and other professionals who are essential to correctly see the smallest details from a close distance on the monitor, but everything else is a marketing necessity that exists and works exclusively due to the lack of education of consumers.

Think about it, what else do the manufacturer of TVs, when around dozens of the same companies with the same products? The main thing is the very fact of having something unique, and the PR people will come up with everything right.

Competitors, in order not to lag behind in the eyes of consumers, have to repeat such essentially useless innovations, but as bonus manufacturers can substantially raise prices. New technology is the same!

The difference in quality is noticeable.

Almost the same thing happens on the screen of the 4K-TV when you launch on it the content of Full HD and even lower quality. In a real situation, the difference will be less noticeable due to the so-called upscaling – image stretching, in which particular algorithms try to neutralize the accompanying defects. It turns out better, but with the quality of this 4K-content still cannot be compared.

Even in 2018,55 Inch UHD LED TV is very small. The vast majority of films and programs are available in Full HD or HD format. The second factor, caused by the limitations of the human eye, is even easier to demonstrate.

Resolution is the number of pixels that make up the screen.

Now the standard in the industry is de facto Full HD displays, in which the image consists of 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 pixels vertically, but advertising actively promotes 4K-TVs, beautifully telling about the charms and advantages of this technology before the “outdated yet beneficial” high definition LED TV.

The 4K screen consists Continue reading

Where To Put The LED TV For Best Positioning

Despite having spacious apartments that boast of large living rooms, we still look for a place that complements our led tv android. The debate on the type of TV and its ideal size is a never-0ending one. TV’s are getting futuristic and they offer the best quality pictures. Therefore, it is rather important to place the TV in that corner of the room which multiplies the viewing experience. Though, the best led tv manufacturers in India mass produce LED TVs that can be fixed on the wall, we provide you few more tips as to where to put your television that add to your room’s aesthetic value as well.

  • Determine the height- First and foremost, the height at which you are placing your LED TV. One thing that must be noted is that you need to place the TV in the position similar to the center seats of movie theatres. Therefore, place the TV at eye-level, it means that you should be able to look straight without having your neck raised or bowed too much. Whether you mount the TV on the wall or put it on a stand, the rule stays the same.
  • Measure the distance- This is another major factor that must be considered while positioning your LED TV. The ideal distance that works for most of the best led tv brands in India is 8-9 feet. This distance is a standard since many of us stay hooked to television for long hours. Constant watching of television is harmful to the eyes and thus sitting close to the television is likely to have adverse effects. However, if you feel that your purpose of watching television for entertainment is compromised, you can but large ultra high definition led tv.
  • Get the placement right- The placement of your TV has always been the key factor to make your entertainment worthwhile. The placement of your led tv should be such that there is enough natural light supply during the day so you can view the TV without causing strain to the eyes. Avoid dark and dingy rooms that can negatively affect viewing. Although, led tvs of the best led tv brand in delhi possess the adaptive technology that can counter both excessive light and reflection on the screen, having your room abundant in natural light can be an advantage at hand. Lastly, the TV should be placed at the safe distance as to keep the children out of reach to avoid any untoward situations like television falling over them.

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TV as an Exclusive Gift to Your Loved Ones

Television is a favorite technological tool in modern homes, used at different times of the day for many various functions. With the TV you can watch entertaining programs, movies and TV series, watch the news for information and play and listen to music through the use of additional technologies.

Also, this tool is also functional for the office and work, since it is possible to use the screen to view movies, data, and documents. The 32-inch format is the one that adapts too many rooms in the home, from the living room in the corner sofa, the kitchen or bedroom, and the office. Because the dimensions are the right ones for a good view, but they are not demanding either regarding space for both placement and purchase.

The best LED TV is always recommended as an exclusive gift.

Choosing a 32-inch LED TV for a gift is, without a doubt, an essential and original thought. This tool is an efficient and pleasant thought for furnishing a new home or office, for relatives or friends, and for any occasion. The TV can be a fun and useful thought to give to the grandmother, to put aside the old and faded cathodic television, to enjoy the optimal view of television programs.

Thanks to the versatility, technology, shape and functional size of this instrument, a 32-inch LED TV meets every need of use.


Useful for watching programs, films and TV series, it can be an essential tool for the job, since thanks to the addition of efficient and functional options, it can be used for online research, for conferences or the production of data and documents.

The high definition LED TV is a gift for friends, students, Continue reading

Android Television- Know the Benefits


Android TVs are small devices that connect to the television via the HDMI port and offer us the full potential of Android on the TV screen. One of the advantages of LED TV Android against smart TV is that they are much cheaper, can connect to any device that has an HDMI port and also allow the user to install all the Android applications, not like the smart TV that give us. Let’s see some of the major advantages of an Android TV:

Infinity of applications for your television

Best Android TV in India has Android operating system that allows you to install a myriad of applications. A huge range of applications are available to those who want to watch movies online or offline. You can easily install games, sound editing applications, send emails, scroll Facebook, and use Whatsapp, etc. in LED TV Android.

Compatibility with televisions


Today, there are many brands and models of TVs in the market and, depending on the brand and model, the user can have compatibility problems when connecting them with other devices in the home, either with our computer, smartphone, etc. In this sense, an Android TV, apart from being able to connect it to any TV that has an HDMI input, which nowadays almost all models have already, will allow you to connect the television not only to the Internet. But, with virtually any device you have at home, thanks to technologies and thousands of different applications that we can find for best Android TV in India.

The user can connect and share Continue reading

5 Tips That Will Help You Find the Best LED Television

In the present age entertainment has become an integral part of our lives. Life will become such boredom if you do not get entertained timely. Today television has become the biggest source of entertainment for us. We can watch anything we want be it sports, music, movies, spiritual programmes and everything else. With the passage of time televisions have also seen a phase of big evolution, from black and white TVs to Color Televisions to LCD TVs and now to LEDs. Today LED Tvs are the most famous kinds of electrical appliances and there are many reasons for it. They are sleek, slim, high on picture quality, energy efficient and what not. Technology is advancing day by day and so is the television industry. Today there are various led tv brands in India each with various models and specialties. Some have brought the concept of Smart Tvs whereas some have invented 3D TVs, there is no end to innovation. With so many models and brands in the market it becomes quite difficult for customers to find the right kind of television for themselves. Here are 5 important tips that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to buy a new LED television.

Decide your budget


Normal LED Tvs start from a minimal range of 15,000-20,000 INR and go on to lacs. So you need to first decide your budget and then move on to other factors such as picture quality and sizes. Today there is a cut to cut competition between TV brands which implies that the customer gets the best value for their money. It is up to you know how much you can spend on buying your LED Television. Your budget effects the selection of your TV in many ways. You can’t expect to have all the feature in a low priced television so you need to shell out more money if you want other excellent features such as touch screen or Internet connectable Tvs.

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How to Find a Perfect High Definition LED TV

Purchasing a high definition television can be a difficult process. Nevertheless, if researched in the proper manner, it can be a fast and easy process without any trouble.

High definition LED TV are the newest form of display technology and are viewed as the highest quality. These TVs are ultra thin, mostly no more than a few inches thick, and really bright, with terrific color reproduction. LED televisions feature local dimming and very customizable backlighting capabilities. The term local dimming means that the lights situated at the side or backside of the LED screen itself can be individually attuned to allow for even greater contrast and deeper dark tones. If you want to purchase an LED television, here are some of the tips for you.


1. Carefully consider the type of LED backlighting used on the TV

LED TVs employ two kinds of backlighting, first one is edge lighting and other is full LED lighting. Edge lighting uses LED lights along the screens outside edges and full LED lighting involves the use of LED lights placed at the back of the whole screen. Continue reading