How you can check if your air conditioner is failing

As we head into the summer season, there is no respite from the heat unless your house or workplace is equipped with an air-conditioner from reputed air conditioner manufacturer companies in India. Such can be the wrath of scorching heat that it can cause, irritation, discomfort which can make you unable to concentrate. Therefore, an air conditioner needs to be functional at all costs. It is a given that your ACs would be running for an extended period of time and this may lead to malfunction. To avoid a situation of complete breakdown, you are better off looking for these signs which signify that your ac might be failing.

  • Your ac is not cooling enough- The first sign of a possible malfunction is that your ac won’t be cooling enough. Period. Whether you put your ac on full blast or try and block all the ventilation of the room to make the area cooler, the ac simply won’t affect much of the temperature.
  • Weak airflow from your ac unit- It is time you got your ac repaired if the airflow from your ac is weak through the vents. This may also mean that the AC’s compressor should also be looked into for any damage which needs to be repaired. If you notice that some rooms are receiving cold air and others aren’t, the problem might be from the duct, which means your unit needs to be repaired.
  • Leakage or moisture around your air conditioner- At times even the leading air conditioner brands in India tend to fail to keep up with the heat. This leads to the accumulation of moisture in the ac. Two primary reasons for the formation could be that either the refrigerant is leaking, or this can cause severe problems. Or it could be that the drain tubes that dispose of the unit’s condensation are broken or blocked.
  • Odor coming out of your ac- The moment you get a whiff of odor or foul smell when your ac is turned on, it means your AC’s insulation wire has burnt out. The scent can also be caused due to the growth of molds inside your air conditioner. To prevent further damage, you must call a technician to remove these molds from your air conditioner.

Is there a best time for ac servicing?

Well, there is no such hard and fast rule to have your ac serviced. However, if you want to keep yourself calm and away from the immense summer heat, it is better to act in advance. Ideally, the spring season is the best time to get your ac servicing done. To ensure a great functioning result on hot as well as relatively cold days, you may need to get the services done twice a year. At the end of the day, it is all about how long your ac is in action.

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Intec Launches Powerful Split Air Conditioner for the Best Cooling

After the chilling weather, we always welcome the summer season as we are quite tired by bearing a low temperature. And, when the heat it at its best and we have to face the wrath of the sun then we really wish to see someone or something who can save us from this hellish environment. At that time, using the air conditioner at home will be the better choice to make as they are highly effective to fight with heat and humidity. Several kinds of air conditioners models are present in the market such as window, split, cassette, tower and many more. All of them are quite good but can be used to meet the various needs. Assuming that you yearn to install the machine at home then using the split air conditioner will be the smarter option for you. Without any doubt, the split air conditioners are getting huge popularity over the other models since it has many beneficial functions and is available at a reasonable price as well.

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A Wide Range of Tower Air Conditioners Offered by Intec Brand

When a high temperature is strive to burn you and the atmosphere seems not less than hellish then only one device comes to the rescue i.e. air conditioner. Fans and coolers prove to be useless at the 50 degree Celsius and that is why, people are ready to spend their huge amount on these machines. No doubt that the air conditioners are more expensive that the other sources for giving us comfort from the heat but the ac is much better than all of them as well. Plus, at the present times, the price of the coolers is also reaching to the high and they are completely useless for resolving the humidity related issues. To meet your demand, there is large number of companies in the market and all of them are doing quite good and one of them is Intec. The brand is known for offering a wide range of the best air conditioners that are made by using the latest technology. From split to window, cassette to tower, the entire range is present here and if you want to buy the Tower Air Conditioners then it will be the smartest thing to come to the Intec. Continue reading

Shop for Stand Air Conditioner via Virtual Malls

The temperature rises day by day and this makes us our life quite difficult in the summer time. No doubt, it happens only because of our mistakes. To make big malls, offices, hospitals etc. we have cut down several trees and forests. This affects the nature negatively and hence we are facing consequences. Even fans and coolers are useless and we have only one option to fight with the problem i.e. air conditioner.

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  • Online shopping sites give you an opportunity to compare the price. There are some particular websites that compare the cost of the home appliances offered by every portal. In this way, you can choose the one that is most lucrative. And, you are not going to regret your decision.
  • Use your laptop that has the Internet connection and place an order from wherever you want. The accessibility of the mode makes it so much popular among the buyers. You can use it from your office, home or even while traveling. It can be used via mobile phones as well.
  • Time is not a limit for you too. Unlike the conventional stores, you can utilize the store whenever you are free. If you buy air conditioner  you can several bucks. Due to the high level of competition, virtual malls offer big rebates and hence you will get the profit.
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