The main key features you should know before you buy android TV in India

Thinking about whether or not you should buy Android TV in India? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll go through the essential features of Android TV to help you solve this problem and decide whether buying one would be a worthwhile investment for you.

Key Features of Android TV

  • Search: To find what you’re looking for, use the search bar at the top of the Android TV screen or the voice search button on your remote. Android TV searches a variety of providers, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Google Play Movies and TV, for what you’re looking for, and prioritizes the cheapest option.


  • Games store:Between seasons of Breaking Bad, how about a game of Pong? When you buy Android TV in India, you also receive access to a dedicated gaming shop. Its game shop now contains more games than any other TV operating system. Some games are free and some are paid, similar to Android phones.


  • Cast support:Google Cast compatibility is built-in for all Android TV players and televisions. When you see the Google Cast icon on your device, you can stream entertainment from it to your TV.


  • Personalized content:Android TV analyzes the kinds of TV shows and movies that you usually watch, play, and listen to, and serves up similar things you’re likely to be interested in.


  • Voice search:Instead of going all the way to the top of the UI and typing out the name of the show, movie, or star you’re looking for, simply voice the name into the Android TV remote.


  • Virtual Assistant: smart assistant found its way into Android TV near the end of 2017. The Google Assistant for Android TV is identical to the one seen in Google Home and some higher-end Android phones. To get started, simply say “OK Google.” Google Assistant works similarly to Siri or Cortana in that it can schedule appointments, check your to-do list, and answer questions about popular topics. Its distinctive feature is that it can also operate smart home devices such as thermometers, light bulbs, and smart locks.

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What feature to look out when you buy android TV in India

What feature to look out when you buy android TV in India

Debating whether or not to buy Android TV in India? Since you’re unaware of what it entails and, more significantly, whether it’s even worthwhile. At Intec, we understand your demands and worries. As a result, in this blog, we go thru some of the most important aspects of Android TV in depth. Brands, in particular, are distinct and distinct from other sorts and some of the characteristics and attribute that aid in the selection of an appropriate brand for your home are distinct as well.

What is an Android TV, and how does it work?

Let’s go over what it is and how it differs from other TVs before you buy Android TV in India.

Simply described, an Android TV is a television that runs on the Android operating system. Unless you’re deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem, the operating system has been optimized for the large screen, and it’s your best option for a smart TV. This operating system includes apps such as the Google Play Store, which allows you to download apps and games as well as use Google Assistant. One of the operating system’s key purposes is to make streaming services available to you and to help you organize all of your local media files.

What differentiates an Android TV from a typical smart TV? You’re still limited to only a smart TV. On the other hand, Some manufacturers have decided that it is preferable to use their operating systems, like Apple. Which are rarely supported by developers?But you may not have been able to obtain newer programs for your device or a new update. This would be a pain in the neck; therefore Android TV is the way to go if you want something smart.

Initially, the operating system was only available on devices like the Nexus Player, a TV box (more on that later).


If you’re in the market for a new television, there are a few things to look for.

The resolution and panel quality of the TV are the first things to consider.  Even tho Full HD (1080p) has been the standard for a few years now, things are moving toward 4K rather quickly. Because a lot of the media is viewable in 4K, why not make use of it? This resolution will be much sharper than Full HD, especially if you plan to buy a TV with a width of more than 40 inches.

A QLED panel with Mini-LED technology is the finest option in terms of panel quality. We’re talking about vivid, lifelike colors that look stunning from excellent viewing angles. Quantum dot technology is used in QLED panels to improve color accuracy and brightness, as well as provide deeper blacks and an exceptional HDR experience. The Mini-LED reduces the size of the LEDs themselves, to allow for more dimming zones. The result is better brightness and better black colors too.

The refresh rate is next – 60Hz is considered the old standard, but 120Hz will give you a significantly smoother experience. This is something you will immediately notice with any type of content, but it will arguably make the biggest difference with sports and gaming.

Last but not least, eventhough the operating system is almost the same, some manufacturers might choose to expand the feature set by adding their apps or modifications. You should make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck because this will have a big impact on your user experience.


With the information provided above, we are confident that you will be able to acquire a high-quality set when you buy Android TV in India. We have a wide selection at INTEC. If you’re seeking high-quality products, come check out what we have to offer now.

4K TV: Recommendations For The Best Choice

Thinking of buying a 4K UHD TV? If you want to renew your TV, pay attention to this guide to choose and buy the best model.

The huge number of televisions available in the market makes choosing and buying a 4K UHD TV, not an easy task. Along with the new television technology, new terms have emerged that complicate the understanding of the characteristics of the television, for example, the HDR, the extended gamut or the 10-bit or 12-bit panels, which make things more difficult for us to when choosing a TV.

If you’re immersed in the task of choosing an ultra-high definition LED TV right now and don’t know where to start, don’t panic. In this guide, we will explain what you have to take into account to get it right, such as screen size, viewing distance, or panel technology that brings the image to life.

ultra-high definition LED TV

Follow the recommendations we offer below to make sure that you are right in your choice and that you do not waste money on technology that you will not use.

How to choose the best 4K UHD TV

Screen size

We tend to think that a screen with higher resolution or larger, will look better. And it is not like that. One of the aspects that most influences the image quality is the viewing distance. If you watch a 3,000 € TV from a close distance, you will find flaws in the image, and on the contrary, a cheap TV hides its faults if you move away (but you see everything small, of course).

One of the aspects that most influences the enjoyment of a series or movie is immersion, that is, the ability of the TV to cover our entire viewing angle, to feel that we are within that movie or series. And that gives us the viewing distance. You have to choose the screen size according to the distance at which we are going to sit.

We must bear in mind that with a 4K UHD TV, which has 4 times more pixels than a 1080p TV, we can get closer to the TV because having so much resolution the defects are not noticeable (if we see 4K video). Therefore to increase the immersion, it is advisable by the top LED TV brand in India to buy a TV a little larger than that minimum value, if our budget allows. In the example, since the size obtained is 53 inches, we can choose a 4K UHD TV 55 or 60 inches. If you do not want to cover the entire viewing angle, you can opt for a smaller one, 42 or 45 inches.

Another aspect that influences the optimal viewing is the viewing angle, which must be between 7 and 15 degrees with respect to the center of the TV, to obtain an optimal perspective. Consider these things if you are going to hang it on the wall.

Get A Spectacular Experience of Watching Videos Only on 4k TVs

4k televisions are hot property for the last few years and its popularity shall only sore in the upcoming times. The viewing experience in the high definition LED TV was a very impressive one but the consumers are elated with the brilliant transition made by the 4k television and how it has set the new parameters. Much to the fanfare about 4k TVs, the video format in the said 4k television too can be one of the biggest takeaways. So what makes 4k videos a viewing experience to relish?

4K, for starters, is a term which defines the signature 4000 pixels for all the horizontal videos. By and large, the two 4k standards are DCI and UHD. DCI 4K (which is 4096 x 2048 pixels) is the resolution standard which is best suited for professional video. While cinema and production houses use DCI, most television is UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels), a consumer display standard for television and computer monitors. Some of the TV manufacturing companies have taken it even further with the inclusion of HDR. Having such a bundle of features in the TV can be a huge boost in daily entertainment for the tech-savvy lot.

best led tv brand in delhi

How good is it from the 1080p?

The 1080p is still ruling the charts in different parts of the globe. 1080p is still in vogue and the results are impressive. Yet they cannot be the standard for online video resolution. But while 1080p content was once considered hi-def, these days it’s really better suited for social media posting. To reiterate, it is the 4k’s capability to generate high definition pictures using 4x the amount of pixels than 1080p, conveyi a higher bit depth, higher frame rate, and a wider, brighter color gamut. Simply put: 4K delivers a crisp and beautiful viewing experience across a wide range of platforms. With the wide range availability of the size parameters of your TV, you are literally spoilt for choices like a kid in the candy store! The technological attribute gives more than one reason to buy 4k televisions even for the most skeptical of buyers. Thus, the best led tv brand in Delhi are putting their best foot forward to give a wholesome package in a 4k TV which can also turn out to be a healthy investment in the time to come.

Intec appliance has been one of country’s oldest indigenous companies company dedicated in production of home appliances of the highest standard.         Over the years, it has established itself as a consumer favorite brand in the television segment largely due to the fact that all the appliances have score high on quality as well as pricing segment. Intec appliances have always aimed at packaging the latest of technological features in their electronic goods like televisions, air conditioners etc. With pan India availability of our products, we cater to the large market of home appliances, a niche which has turned from luxury to a necessity purchase over the years.

The Big Deal About Smart TV

In this guide we present the Smart TV, we tell you what they offer and what the requirements to be able to take full advantage of them are. Better a regular LED TV or a Smart TV? Let’s find out what’s right for you.

Smart TV means “Smart TV,” a nice name that nevertheless says little about what it does. It would be accurate to name it “Internet TV,” since the main feature of Smart TV is their ability to connect to the Internet, and from here open up to a multiplicity of uses that go beyond the visualization of films and television broadcasts.

Not all Smart TVs offer the same functions; they are very different from each other because what they can do depends a lot on the software and also on the presence of accessories. The software is very dependent on the brand, that is, a Samsung Smart TV will have different software from the LG or Sony, but usually the same brand of TVs will install the same software across the range.

In other words, the software of a 60-inch Samsung Smart TV that costs several thousand euros will be the same that you will find on a 30-inch model, still Samsung, which requires much less, but different from that on a TV another brand.

Buy smart LED TV in Delhi that, as we said, must be able to access the Internet, so you need to have a connection in the place where you want to install it. For example, if you are looking for a LED TV android to put in your beach house or in the mountains, Continue reading

4K, 2K, 1080p What is The “Good” Resolution for a TV?

What resolution is appropriate for television? The manufacturers of consumer electronics are in a permanent race to add new functions and technology to the devices they manufacture so that we, as consumers, cannot resist and change our equipment yesterday for brand new stuff the day after tomorrow. This happens in any segment but is unusually intense in the case of televisions and their resolutions, which have gone from 720 to 1080 and now 2K, 4K or even 8K.


And here began a curious phenomenon. Anyone who saw one of those 720i televisions at that time will remember that their image was better than what exists so far. It was a great leap in quality. But the same thing happened with each new advance. When moving to higher resolutions the new and improved resolution looked better and more clearly and what until then was the highest level of quality, at that time, being able to compare it with a superior one, evidenced its limitations and lost its appeal. Each new standard immediately made the old one obsolete, which it left obsolete regarding image quality.

The evolution of electronics made the 720i come up with an improved version, 720p (from progressive or progressive, which painted all the lines of the image in a single frame). And these were followed by the semi-standards of 1080i and 1080p. Yes, you guessed it, they have 1080 vertical lines that, in one case are drawn interlaced and in the other progressively. Each resolution increase results in an image with more details, but the resolution, as with the sound power of the audio equipment, is only part of the story. The electronics that are responsible for processing these signals can be mediocre, correct or spectacular.

And that will result in moving images with mediocre, correct or spectacular Continue reading

The Trends of Changing TV in Today’s Time

The television is one of the household appliances that has dominated a good part of our lives. The oldest of the place may even remember the arrival of color televisions to our homes (in Spain later than other countries). A new member of the family could be said.


And is that given the high price that has long been to change TV or get one has turned this task, this process, into a ritual and an event in many homes. A new TV at home was a good time adjusting the two channels (then there were only two) and the necessary parameters, a work that was done on the same TV since no, we still did not have a remote control. But the years have passed and what has changed since then?

The television, despite a somewhat darker time in its existence, has been the family totem par excellence. It has enjoyed a dominant place in our living room to the point that the furniture was coupled to the measurements and needs of the TV. We had high definition LED TV at home, first in the living room, then in the double bedroom and later in other places (console accompaniment) or even in the kitchen.

The ritual of changing television based on being increasingly Continue reading

Choosing The Right TV Size for Your House

The size of the television has historically been one of the most important factors for a majority of people when choosing the best television for their home. Traditionally the measurements of the television depended to a great extent on the distance from where one was going to watch. However, with the development of technology and the increase in the resolution of the image, the traditional rules have changed.


What factors to take into account to choose the television?

You have to buy smart LED TV in Delhi and do not know how to disentangle among the many TV models in stores? Before making your choice, would you like to have some clarification on the technical features that must have Continue reading

Ultra HD: Do You Need to Change Your TV Today?

intec smo

One technology, three appellations (at least)

Ah … What would the universe of high technologies without an innovative marketing to give them body? The advent of the next television standard is accompanied without surprise by colossal stakes. As a result, there was hesitation, and therefore confusion. Yes, we used the verb to the past since; theoretically, the dice are thrown: the high definition of tomorrow will be called Ultra HD or UHD. The term 4K, among the first employees, still exists, but it does not entirely designate the same definition.

 The number of pixels present in the height of the image, the eye is more sensitive to this dimension is known as the screen. Most CRT TVs and DVDs adopted the standard definition (SD) in 576 pixels. The arrival of high definition (HD) in 2005 was initially via what was called HD Ready standards in 720p (p for progressive) and Full HD in 1080p (become HDTV and HDTV 1080p since 2008). That is where we are today. Now, this definition is about to be multiplied by 4: double the width and the height. What makes them 1920 (x 2) x 1080 (x 2) = 3840 x 2160 = 8,294,400 pixels. This definition is called Ultra HD. The 4K is a special format used in the cinema by professionals.

What is Ultra HD for?


In addition to the obvious interest for best LED TV manufacturer in India to revitalize television sales at half-mast with a new park that only wants to be formed, there are benefits for the consumer. The most obvious is the improvement Continue reading

Smart Android LED TV – Everything You Need to Know


The most intelligent development in the television’s world is android tv. It is a smart tv which is based on the Android 5.0, also known as the lollipop- an operating system, developed by Google. It has two features; you can use it as a tv or into stand –alone digital media players. Led tv android version has versatile uses like it makes searching through on-demand TV services with the power of Google search engine through voice command or fingertip touch. It has every function and features what you have on your smartphone, even more than that, with a wider screen. Just enjoy the programs along with smart features with your love ones.

Features of android tv

There are lots of advance features of android tv; it allows you to use an HDTV set to watch video Continue reading