4K, 2K, 1080p What is The “Good” Resolution for a TV?

What resolution is appropriate for television? The manufacturers of consumer electronics are in a permanent race to add new functions and technology to the devices they manufacture so that we, as consumers, cannot resist and change our equipment yesterday for brand new stuff the day after tomorrow. This happens in any segment but is unusually intense in the case of televisions and their resolutions, which have gone from 720 to 1080 and now 2K, 4K or even 8K.


And here began a curious phenomenon. Anyone who saw one of those 720i televisions at that time will remember that their image was better than what exists so far. It was a great leap in quality. But the same thing happened with each new advance. When moving to higher resolutions the new and improved resolution looked better and more clearly and what until then was the highest level of quality, at that time, being able to compare it with a superior one, evidenced its limitations and lost its appeal. Each new standard immediately made the old one obsolete, which it left obsolete regarding image quality.

The evolution of electronics made the 720i come up with an improved version, 720p (from progressive or progressive, which painted all the lines of the image in a single frame). And these were followed by the semi-standards of 1080i and 1080p. Yes, you guessed it, they have 1080 vertical lines that, in one case are drawn interlaced and in the other progressively. Each resolution increase results in an image with more details, but the resolution, as with the sound power of the audio equipment, is only part of the story. The electronics that are responsible for processing these signals can be mediocre, correct or spectacular.

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The Best HD and 4K TV for All Price Ranges


What is the best technology when it’s time to choose to buy a new TV? Better to choose between an LCD TV, an LED TV, an OLED TV or a 4K TV? What’s the difference? What are the best screen sizes for your living room?

The answers are not always obvious. The purchase guide will help you purchase a new TV.

What types of TV can you choose?

There are a lot of different screen types, which work differently to produce the same results. Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, for this reason, there are some fundamental principles to consider:


LCD TVs that is with liquid crystal display have been replaced by the latest LED TVs, much more efficient and with lower power consumption. This technology is present in some cheaper models


These displays are backlit by a series of LED TV Android directly from the back of the TV that allows you to view adjacent areas of brightness and darkness more effectively, significantly improving the contrast. Also, LED TVs to have a more extensive color gamut than LCD TVs. Due to the high cost of assembly in production, these TVs have been replaced for the most part by TV Edge LEDs.



In these TVs, the LEDs are mounted along the edges of the panel. This arrangement makes this type of TV slimmer and more comfortable to achieve by offering contrast levels higher than LCD TVs, but without exceeding the image quality of top LED TV brand in India that are directly backlit. However, the advantage of buying a TV Edge LED lies in the price, in fact, it is the most economical type of LED TV on the market.


The OLED backlighting (Organic Light Emitting Diode) allows for better colors and higher contrast, while also allowing screens to be fragile and flexible. OLED TVs are currently the holy grail of technology.

Plasma TV

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The Trends of Changing TV in Today’s Time

The television is one of the household appliances that has dominated a good part of our lives. The oldest of the place may even remember the arrival of color televisions to our homes (in Spain later than other countries). A new member of the family could be said.


And is that given the high price that has long been to change TV or get one has turned this task, this process, into a ritual and an event in many homes. A new TV at home was a good time adjusting the two channels (then there were only two) and the necessary parameters, a work that was done on the same TV since no, we still did not have a remote control. But the years have passed and what has changed since then?

The television, despite a somewhat darker time in its existence, has been the family totem par excellence. It has enjoyed a dominant place in our living room to the point that the furniture was coupled to the measurements and needs of the TV. We had high definition LED TV at home, first in the living room, then in the double bedroom and later in other places (console accompaniment) or even in the kitchen.

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What should I look for in a TV besides being Smart TV?

Credit card in hand, walk to our favorite store, select the size and take the TV home. We already have our ideal Smart TV ready to enjoy it or not. And buying a TV is not an easy task. Different brands, models, technologies, options, etc. are so many data.


Technology LCD, LED or Plasma?

When we decided to buy a new TV family, friends, co-workers and of course the seller advise us. Sometimes with good intentions and knowledge of cause and in others only for their personal experience. It is best to listen but above all to know what they are talking about.

The current televisions can use three types of technologies for the manufacture of their panels: Plasma, small gas cylinders that change color according to the intensity of the current; and then LCD and LED, they are the most fashionable, but they are not always the best option.

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Choosing The Right TV Size for Your House

The size of the television has historically been one of the most important factors for a majority of people when choosing the best television for their home. Traditionally the measurements of the television depended to a great extent on the distance from where one was going to watch. However, with the development of technology and the increase in the resolution of the image, the traditional rules have changed.


What factors to take into account to choose the television?

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Ultra HD: Do You Need to Change Your TV Today?

intec smo

One technology, three appellations (at least)

Ah … What would the universe of high technologies without an innovative marketing to give them body? The advent of the next television standard is accompanied without surprise by colossal stakes. As a result, there was hesitation, and therefore confusion. Yes, we used the verb to the past since; theoretically, the dice are thrown: the high definition of tomorrow will be called Ultra HD or UHD. The term 4K, among the first employees, still exists, but it does not entirely designate the same definition.

 The number of pixels present in the height of the image, the eye is more sensitive to this dimension is known as the screen. Most CRT TVs and DVDs adopted the standard definition (SD) in 576 pixels. The arrival of high definition (HD) in 2005 was initially via what was called HD Ready standards in 720p (p for progressive) and Full HD in 1080p (become HDTV and HDTV 1080p since 2008). That is where we are today. Now, this definition is about to be multiplied by 4: double the width and the height. What makes them 1920 (x 2) x 1080 (x 2) = 3840 x 2160 = 8,294,400 pixels. This definition is called Ultra HD. The 4K is a special format used in the cinema by professionals.

What is Ultra HD for?


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An Overview of High Definition led TV

2In the current years, the market for high definition led TV has begun flourishing and individuals consistently changed over to the TVs that offer lively and brighter picture quality. One additionally thing with purchasing LED TVs is the wide range of alternatives to look over. This much wealth of decision is probably going to make you befuddled. So what you have to do in such a circumstance? How might you pick the best LED TV mark in Delhi that would supply every one of your requests? When you truly value every one of your necessities it will make your buy a considerable measure less demanding.

The initial step before acquiring best led TV manufacturer in India is to do a sufficient measure of statistical surveying. You have to perceive what diverse brands bring to the table to you. One most ideal route is to investigate the web to gather the surveys of the LED TV. These item audits are extensively accessible on the web and are truly useful in settling on a ultimate conclusion. The audits would contain those from the organizations and in addition from the customers. The best thing about these audits is that as opposed to speaking pretty much the positives, they would honestly tell about the confinements. Along these lines you can undoubtedly choose and select the LED TV that you ought to purchase.


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5 Reasons Why LED TV Manufacturers in India are Prospering?

The craze is on – almost everyone is purchasing their very own LED television! The growing market of LED TVs affirms that customers are done with the old one. It is definitely time to improve your viewing experience. In this modern era, televisions of different sizes, models and brands are offered in the market.

LED TV manufacturers in India is availing great services to their customers. There are many new models of LED TV that come with exciting features. But before buying one should understand what an LED Television is? The dealer approaches you and has shown you a famous brand that manufactures quality LED Televisions. Because of the renowned name, you will definitely feel that you are going to buy something really worth buying. But think twice, are you actually going to purchase an item you do not really understand?

Intec LED TV -  IV200HD (51 cm)

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Everything That You Need to Educate Yourself About Led TVs

With new innovation and new classification continually appearing in the hardware business, it is simple for customers to get befuddled and overpowered when hunting down another television set. For shoppers hoping to purchase a LED television, it is essential in the first place a comprehension of precisely in what capacity called LED televisions contrast from LCD televisions that actualize frosty cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) innovation. Finding out about the distinctive sorts of LED televisions and the advantages and downsides of every will permit buyers to settle on educated choices as to which sort may best suit their individual needs.

Understanding LED TVs

Televisions that are alluded to as LED TVs really have LCD front boards that are illuminated by light-transmitting diodes, rather than chilly cathode fluorescent lighting. All LCD televisions require a wellspring of backdrop illumination since LCD, or fluid precious stone diode, chips and pixels don’t transmit light all alone.

According to LED TV manufacturers in India, the main genuine LED TVs are the goliath screens found in stadiums, enclosures, and on high-resolution boards. In this way, albeit generally portrayed as LED televisions, purchaser level LED televisions really have LCD screens, which is the reason some organizations all the more precisely allude to them as “Drove based LCD televisions.”

 Ultra High Definition Panel

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Glorious Air Conditioner and LED TV Range by Intec

In a country like India where climate is tropical humid for almost 9 months, it is almost a necessity to have an air conditioner. But the requirement of every individual varies according to the structure of the room where that AC is to be installed. Intec is emerging as one of the leading air conditioner manufacturer in India, providing a range of air conditioners such as window, cassette, tower and split.


Air conditioners have changed a lot over the years and their cooling capacity is just remarkable now. These ACs are designed to suit the precise requirements of the users. The Window air conditioners are the best solution for the space issue for people who couldn’t afford or did not want central air conditioning. In split ACs compressor unit is installed outside and there is less noise generation. If you want to focus on a particular room of your house then tower ACs are perfect for cooling down one room. These ACs come in varied sizes and shapes but are well known for their sleek looks.

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