Why led TVs from top led TV brand in India is your best bet

Why led TVs from top led TV brand in India is your best betThere was a time when plasmas ruled the roster and home appliances brands in India had a host of such products. Then it was the arrival of LCD TVs which had their fair share of success in the market.  Now we have LED TVs. But there is a question as to why you should buy an LED TV. So here we are citing the major reason why you should buy an LED TV from top led tv brand in India

The key difference between an LED and LCD TV is the backlight which is crucial for providing the brightness of the TV.

While the backlighting in LCD TV is provided by cold cathode fluorescent lamps, LED TVs from top-led TV brand in India get the backlighting from white LED panels.

Since the market is inundated with LED, LCD, and even plasma TV, there is always confusion in the consumer’s mind regarding which one to choose. By and large, the consumer’s focus stays on buying an electronic appliance that is cost-effective and loaded with the latest features. If you have specifically zeroed in on buying an LED TV, here is a list of major advantages for you to consider:

  • Two major reasons to choose LED TV are its high light power and longevity. LED TVs are known for using best-in-class technology which generates better brightness with less energy consumption. They have a sleek factor to them due to their thinner appearance.
  • LED TV backlights edge the LCD TVs because the power consumption is lesser than the LCDs. The LED cells produce more light per watt. As a result, you can save power up to 40 percent. LED TVs are designed with adaptive technology dies to which the light source can be controlled according to the image and can be turned on and off. This saves a lot of electricity and keeps your power consumption down.
  • LED-lit televisions have a much better contrast in color and picture quality as they are capable of controlling and generating contrast through the use of partial dimming. When the TV operates in partial dimming mode, the image generated is stable.
  • Due to image stability, LED TV backlights provide much richer colors than LCD panels. LED TVs have better white balance as because of the light emitted by the panels. This feature is absent from LCD TVs. If you want to get an advanced version of the same, a high-definition LED TV will be a better alternative to opt for.
  • Perhaps the biggest feature which attracts buyers is the design profile of LED TVs. These TVs from top led TV brands in India are smaller in size, thinner in terms of bulk, and can be easily mounted on walls. In addition to the sleek features, there are side-lit LED TV models are also thinner than traditional LCDs, as their backlights are located on the sides.

Therefore, if you are planning on an upgrade of TV in your living room and also do not want the electronic appliance to take up much space, LED TV is the right choice for you. Moreover, the LED TVs are up to 2 cm thinner than LCD panels which makes the entire installation process fuss-free.

Why Intec is one of the most trusted home appliance brands in India

Why Intec is one of the most trusted home appliance brands in India

Home appliances are part of our daily lives. Whether it is the television meant for entertainment, an air-conditioner to calm us on a hot summer day, or a washing machine that saves us from the tiring task of washing clothes; they are all but essential. In spite of knowing what we need in an ultra-high definition led tv for our living room, we are always left confused and concerned. As the purchase of home appliances is a costly affair, we need to make an informed choice.

If you are planning to buy the next electrical appliance in India, then Intec appliances are the choice you need to zero in on. Some major touch points influencing a buyer’s decision are price point, brand value, credibility, easy availability, and great after-sale service. Intec, one of the most trusted home appliance brands in India checks off all these boxes. As one of the major players in the home appliance segment, we deliver on the quality of the hardware that our products have. We have also blended the technological aspect of things for our led tv android, ultra high definition led tv which gives you an engaging experience while watching your favorite movies and TV shows. Android is now a thing of the future and is raging across the entire customer base. The last one would want is a TV that lacks android device connectivity. Hence, we give you the latest, sophisticated Android TV experience with our line of products.   Style is never a question for all our Intec products as we make compact, easy-to-install products.

Talking of the price of our home appliances, Intec is definitely on top for its customer friendliness against every penny spent. When compared to other supposed market leaders, all the products from Intec have been priced and marketed keeping Indian sentiments in mind. Hence, our products do not necessarily burn holes in your pocket. Rather you get the perk of getting a home appliance product that is high on longevity and performance. Now comes the availability of our products.

With our ever-expanding network of dealers and other distribution channels, you will not be left to wait for months to get your hands on led tv android, and other products by Intec. Intec appliances are always in stock for making the purchasing experience a pleasant one. Sample this; your existing air conditioner breaks down in the scorching heat. And under that circumstances, if Intec is your brand choice, we won’t leave you disappointed all thanks to our product availability. Very few brands can come close to Intec’s comprehensiveness of products.

One of the biggest key points that most of the best-led tv brands in Delhi miss are that a customer must be assured after purchase regardless of the time period that has gone in between. As shaky customers who lack a bit of technological literacy, a brand’s after-sale service is a boon. One cannot rule out the possibility of a few minor blips on electrical appliances or low satisfaction post-purchase. For such issues and cases, we offer an extensive, “no questions asked” support service under which an escalation is resolved at the earliest. Our entire pool of support service team is trained to dissolve customer grievances of any degree and extent.

Thus, Intec is the one home appliance brand in India that pursue not just excellence but also excellence derived from high customer satisfaction. For we believe the pursuit of greatness is possible only when have integrity in place.

Check the TV before buying:Suggestions by LED TV Manufacturing Companies in India

Planning to buy smart LED TV in Delhi is a very responsible matter, because the whole family will look at it every day for several years, and even minor flaws in the image will greatly affect the nerves. And, if a serious defect is found on the screen that is not considered a marriage – for example, a strong “light”, then there will be no joy from the purchase at all. Therefore, to check the TV in the store you need to prepare very carefully.

It is advisable by LED TV manufacturing companies in India to prepare for the purchase of a TV in advance by choosing a model suitable for the parameters and price on the Internet, and reading about it a maximum of information and user reviews.

Checking the packaging and appearance

Evaluate the packaging. There should be no damage, bumps or wetness on the box. Crumpled corners and glued tape are good reasons to refuse to buy this copy. Next, check the completeness of the TV and make sure that the remotes, cables, fastener parts and documentation are in the bags without traces of opening.

Next, proceed to inspect the TV itself, paying maximum attention to this; because without noticing a crack or chip later it will be very difficult to prove that, it appeared through no fault of your own. Using a smartphone flashlight, “enlighten” the TV from all sides, making sure that there are no scratches on the screen or body, chipping decorative elements, traces of unscrewing bolts.

Check remote, HDMI, antenna and audio inputs

If your TV looks okay, connect it to a signal source in the store. This is usually an antenna cable and AN HDMI. When turning on, you need to give the device time to load the Smart TV operating system, if any.

  1. Click the remote control – the buttons should not stick and fail, and the TV itself should respond to signals without delay.
  2. Increase the sound and make sure that there is no wheezing and rattling of the case at high volume. Slow down and listen to whether the acoustics are able to reproduce high frequencies, whether speech is legible.
  3. Connect the headphones, thus checking the operability of the 3.5 mm
    audio jack and the sound quality.
  4. Connect the antenna and check the quality of TV channels.
  5. When rearranging the HDMI cable, make sure all HDMI ports are working.

Checking the uniformity of the backlight

But the unevenness of the backlight began to occur more often, and even among eminent manufacturers. The saddest thing is that the exposed areas are not a warranty case for most manufacturers.

You can determine the unevenness of the backlight on the screen fill in black, having previously turned off the dynamic backlight technology in the TV. Best of all, the “lights” are visible in a dark room and this is just a problem, since in most stores a bright light is turned on, which does not allow you to see this defect “in all its glory”.

Inspect the screen carefully. If you see noticeable bright spots, then refuse to buy this copy.

Check for “banding”

“Banding” are prominent bars on gradient colours or on grey-purple fills. Banding in the form of stripes often occurs due to pressure on the matrix inside the case. And in the form of gradient defects – due to the peculiarities of the work of inexpensive matrices. To check, display a grey background or gradient picture on the screen.

Check Wi-Fi

The minimum wi-Fi connection quality check is to compare how many sources your TV and your smartphone see. Full check – connect to the store’s network and go online with a smart TV test. You can distribute Wi-Fi from your device.

Spending half an hour checking the TV will save your nerves, and later pay off with pleasant emotions when watching a clean – without lights and spots – picture. Moreover, the verification methodology is quite simple and accessible even to a technically unsophisticated buyer. Take at least a flash drive with images and ask to turn on.

New World Of Possibilities With Android TV

If you have not yet heard of Android TV, it’s time to discover a new world of possibilities from your living room. It is a device that, connected to your television, allows you to surf via Wi-Fi, check your email, enjoy social networks, play with the highest quality, play Full HD video, connect your pen drive and enjoy your favorite videos and music. Choose what to see as a family thanks to TV on demand, chat with your friends or even talk on Skype.

With this device you can also control your Smartphone or Tablet on your television screen, so everything you have on your device, you can enjoy on television. For example, see the latest photos, without having to pass them to a CD or another format. In short, you will get a multimedia center on your screen. And best of all, it is not incompatible with the SmartTV and works with anyone who has HDMI input. Add possibilities to your television and buy android TV in India.

Everything you imagine on your television

In addition to all this, you can download multiple free applications from the Google Play store and other Internet sites as mentioned, TV on demand, various applications, games, etc. However, we must be careful and look at the apps that we want to download, since some are paid as in the mobile or tablet.

How does Android TV work?

It is straightforward to use. The only thing that your television needs ais HDMI connector, where you will connect the Android TV and Internet with Wifi Router, although with an optional accessory, you can compare it with a network cable directly to the Router. However, if you want to play files from your pen drive, it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet, although in Red, you will gain 80% more possibilities.


For easy handling, you can install a keyboard or USB mouse with cable. If you decide to connect a keyboard in Spanish, you will need to download an application in a simple way that recognizes the keyboard in Spanish. In the support section, there is direct access to the app. The same will happen if you choose to install these peripherals, but wireless.

Another option is the mini keyboard + mouse + control function (2.4 GHz), such as the Mini Wireless Fly Mouse keyboard model. With it, you can control all the gadgets in your home in one device: TV, DVD, HIFI, VCR, video consoles etc. It also incorporates a microphone and a speaker with which you can make calls and video calls, with programs such as Skype.

Also, if you have an android LED TV price in India, you can manage your television with remote control, synchronizing both devices.

When choosing an Android TV, it is advisable, that at least have:

  • Bluetooth The version 4.0 is very advanced and will give us fewer problems when connecting keyboards via Bluetooth.
  • Internal memory. To have an excellent reproduction of High Definition video. The recommended is 8GB: 5GB in the SD memory partition and 3GB in the system.
  • It is essential to have proper cooling because if it is of poor quality, the device will overheat and restart. The more full the Android TV, the better, since the heat will dissipate better.
  • It is essential that our Android TV has an optimal rate.
  • Support by the manufacturer. In the case of Android TV, it’s two years.

Discover 5 Myths And Truths About Smart 4k Tvs

The human capacity to see the resolution and price of the devices are some mysteries unraveled

Smart TVs 4K has finally become a viable option for Indian consumers, who find a wide variety of models on the market. The best LED TV manufacturer in India such as Intec are present in the domestic market with devices of different sizes and specifications.

  1. Is every 4K the same?

Myth. When reading “4K”, we think that best LED TV manufacturer in India are always talking about the same characteristic, but not quite. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has released the term Ultra High Definition (UHD) in 2012 to describe devices with at least 3840 x 2160 pixels. The idea was to replace the name “4K”, standard developed for the cinema screens and with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. However, the fact is that the organization has no regulatory power. Thus, a manufacturer can sell 4K smart TVs with 4096 x 2160 pixels, while another sells 3840 x 2160 pixels, also 4K devices.

  1. Are curved TVs better?

Myth. Manufacturers often advertise smart curved TVs as being better at increasing the feeling of immersion, covering the higher field of view of the viewer. It is right on a desktop monitor, but not for smart TVs. There are two crucial differences between these two panels: the size and number of viewers. On the computer, the immersion result is useful because only one person is facing the screen. But the TVs are designed to be seen by more than one person, which changes all the dynamics. In this scenario, whoever is at the end of the sofa will see a distorted image, besides not enjoying immersiveness.

  1. Does the human eye not distinguish 4K?

Partly true. The human eye has a fixed ability to capture the resolution. That means that for more pixels that appear on the screen, there is a limit from which it will not make a difference to our view. On average, an individual can distinguish separate objects in a range of 0.1 mm at a distance of 25 cm. Despite this, you probably will not sit less than 25 cm from a 4K TV. If you do, then the difference between Full HD and UHD is visible.

  1. 4. Is there little content available?

Truth. Indeed, there is much more content available today than when the standard was released. The Play Globe displays part of its programming in 4K HDR on smart TVs since 2016. The Netflix also offers movies and series in Ultra HD, as well as other streaming video platforms.

  1. Is OLED Panel Better Than LCD?

Truth. OLED technology brings an improvement over LEDs. The lighting system is pixel-by-pixel, unlike what happens on the LCD and LED screens, where a single back panel illuminates everything. The result is greater control over brightness and contrast, as well as more accurate color emission and darker dark tones.

The technology does not interfere in anything with the number of pixels: a 4K OLED display has the same 3840 x 2160 pixels as a 4K LCD or LED. The gain in image quality lies in the improvement of color and contrast, something that critics of “how much better resolution” are always pointing to more critical specifications.