How to Cut Cost when Using an Air Conditioner?

Saving in air conditioning, even if it seems perfect, is possible. You have to know how.

Tips to save on air conditioning:

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  1. Have a good team: The first step to save on air conditioning is to invest in a good team. A few bucks more at the beginning can save us from a few later and all the figures published in this regard confirm it. According to window air conditioner manufacturers in India, some appliances consume up to 60% more electricity for the same level of provision.
  2. What most consumes is the compressor of the heat pump: the systems that carry inverter technology,save between 30% to 50% of energy with respect to one without it.
  3. Choose a good location: If you want to save on air conditioning, find the best location for less power consumption air conditioner. It is not worth putting it anywhere. However, it is in terms of decorative. Avoid placing the indoor device in areas of currents (windows and doors) or near sources of heat (light bulb, television, oven). Regarding the exterior, place it away from direct solar radiation).
  4. Isolate the house well: It’s a truism, but even so, it is worth remembering that a house without leaks in walls and doors allows to maintain better the temperature and, therefore, save on air conditioning.
  5. Avoid sudden changes in temperature: Lower the temperature of the thermostat sharply for the house to cool before is a common mistake that only involves a more significant expense. The adequate temperature in homes in the summer season is between 22 and 25 degrees, with a humidity level ranging between 45% and 60%. It will be a matter of minutes to reach without the need to produce a peak of energy. Moreover, each degree less implies an additional consumption of 8%.
  6. Keep the appliance clean: Air conditioner best brands in India recommend cleaning the filters “at least once a year” to remove dust, pollen and fibers; Not only will it help the team run better and longer, it also prevents allergies and helps save on air conditioning. The consumer organization advises to vacuum the filters or wash them with cold water since with hot water they could spoil and let them dry to the leftover until they eliminate all the humidity.
  7. Make responsible use of the equipment: Close doors and windows in the room where you are using it, to avoid that the fresh air is diluted throughout the house; do not put it at night or schedule it to activate when you’re not at home, it’s an avoidable expense; make sure it works correctly, to avoid unnecessary energy losses.
  8. Do not depend only on-air conditioning: Try to keep your house as chilled as possible using Grandma’s tricks: lower blinds and leave windows open when possible, try to generate air currents, avoid appliances that give heat (iron, oven, toaster) in the warmer hours. Practices as simple as these can allow savings of up to 30%.
  9. Replace the air conditioner with evaporative systems: The evaporative systems are deficient consumption devices that pass an air current through a tray full of water, so that, when evaporating, the water moistens and cools the stays. While it is true that refrigeration is not the same as with traditional equipment, it is also that they help to save on air conditioning and can be very suitable in dry regions or in localities that do not reach very high temperatures.

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