The Latest Split Ac Models from the House of Intec

The current summers have brought with themselves humid conditions and elevated temperatures. It becomes intolerable for peeps to bear the fury of the sun. There has been created an immediate call for appliances that can provide some relief to the folks in this sweltering weather. Air conditioners have been the best invention in the home appliance sector so far. These air cooling systems provide people some respite in the scorching heat of the summers. Taking a picture of some few decades back these air conditioners were considered as a thing of luxury but in the modern context they have become a necessity.

Split air conditioners are among the most popular climatic control devices. The sleek design and the cooling capacity of these appliances is enough to impress everyone. These days these climatic control devices come in different models and variants according to the suitability of people. At the present there are many brands that deal in these electronic equipments and Intec is one of the best home appliances brands in India. The company is well known in its sphere of influence for its fine quality and designs. Intec is one of the pioneers of the home appliance segment and it has regularly come up with groundbreaking innovations.The Latest Split Ac models from the House of Intec

Latest Models of Split Air Conditioners

At the present the home appliance sector daily sees new innovations and the latest split ac models are creating a lot of buzz among people. Here are some of the latest split ac models launched by Intec –

Premium Series – Grace Series – INTEC 3 star grace models with curved design are simple but graceful. Its cute LED for displaying the temperatures adds more beauty in the product. Some of the main features of this ac are Quiet Operation, Auto Restart, Auto-protection, Global Power Supply Design(Plug), Timer Mode, High Efficient Internal Thread Copper Pipe, Independent Dehumidification, 6 Layers Rust Free, +0.2C Homeothermal and comfortable, LED Display.

Premium Series – Elite Series – INTEC 5 star elite models are specifically designed with new world class LED with glass panel on right side which makes the product even more sharper and provides a affluent look which increases the room décor making you feel proud to have world class highly efficient air conditioner.

IP Series – The INTEC Premium Series models are crafted of metal and brag of an excellent large flat glass panel. A diversity of colors and patterns are also available on special orders, so not only do you get a highly efficient air conditioner, but also, a attractive living space.

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