The massive benefits of washing machine-dryer combo

 The massive benefits of washing machine-dryer combo

Washing is a boon and it has saved a lot of homemakers from the daily rigors of smashing and crumpling clothes. One just cannot digest the bitter fact that washing clothes is almost a daily routine for many of us. Hence washing machines from the brands like Intec appliances come off as a much-needed reprieve.

But there is another catch to it. While you get the relaxation to have your clothes minutely washed in a washing machine, the effort that goes into drying can also pose stress. Hence, your best bet is a washing machine-dryer combo. All thanks to the advancement in technology, the top electrical appliance manufacturers in India have clubbed the dryer into the washing machine itself. Lucrative as that sounds, let us look at the advantages of a machine-dryer combo:

  1. Saves your valuable time- You can count on the washer-dryer combo washing machine for some of the heaviest sessions of washing clothes. The high tonnage capacity of these washing machines ensures the cleaning of the bulky fabrics of bed sheets, jeans, and whatnot! All you got to do is dunk your clothes into the washing machine, including the stained clothes. Then you add the detergent, give the machine a spin and off go your washer. Once the washing cycle finish, you get clean clothes every time.
  2. Get dry clothes in all seasons- There is no way one can predict when it would start to pour. The rainy seasons are always a bane for those who wash their clothes only to see heavy lashes of rain spoil their hard work. Moreover, the whole waiting time to see your almost dried cloth get wet again, and go through the same process of drying in very little sunlight can be frustrating. With a washer-dryer combo of washing machine, you can dry your clothes independently, that too indoors. From now on, you would not have to worry about damp clothes which have to be ironed out for wearing.
  3. Wash bulky items with ease- As mentioned earlier, the heavy tonnage of such a washing machine can be a game changer. The sturdy build, and the mechanism which is put to work combine a well-rounded washing machine that can last for years. And no, you would not have to worry about the quality of the fabric post-wash as the combo unit is much gentler on clothes with its design profile.
  4. More space efficient- The major value added by the washer-dryer combo washing machine of top home appliances brands in India is space utilization. These types of washing machines, take up only half the space of a washer and dryer set. If you happen to live in a small apartment or home, this type of washing machine can fit in perfectly without diminishing the area of your home. This in turn would let you use the other part of your house for any important household chores. In any case, washer-dryer combo washing machines are the best choice for optimizing your space of your by thoughtful downsizing and streamlining your laundry setup.

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