The Trends of Changing TV in Today’s Time

The television is one of the household appliances that has dominated a good part of our lives. The oldest of the place may even remember the arrival of color televisions to our homes (in Spain later than other countries). A new member of the family could be said.


And is that given the high price that has long been to change TV or get one has turned this task, this process, into a ritual and an event in many homes. A new TV at home was a good time adjusting the two channels (then there were only two) and the necessary parameters, a work that was done on the same TV since no, we still did not have a remote control. But the years have passed and what has changed since then?

The television, despite a somewhat darker time in its existence, has been the family totem par excellence. It has enjoyed a dominant place in our living room to the point that the furniture was coupled to the measurements and needs of the TV. We had high definition LED TV at home, first in the living room, then in the double bedroom and later in other places (console accompaniment) or even in the kitchen.

The ritual of changing television based on being increasingly frequent has lost some magic (just a little), it must be said, but still retains that aura of special event. A change in the trend motivated by several factors.

Change in life habits and society


On the one hand, if before buying a television was trapped with letters, now prices have dropped significantly. Even the most expensive models can experience a significant drop once they have been on the market for a couple of months, as a result of the unstoppable progress made in implementing new technologies. Now buying a TV does not sometimes require to take it home … we take it ourselves.

This constant price decrease and the implementation of new technologies make changing the model more and more similar to the change of mobile. Buy smart LED TV in Delhi that lasts two years? It can be, and in fact, it is what sometimes happens. Let’s think a little.


We bought a model and spent a year and a half, a period that, for example, coincides with a year of soccer world cup. Dozens of promotions that tempt us and seeing the specifications we know UHD, HDR and a Full HD model. How are we going to resist that price to change? We cannot, our consumerist heart drives us (if our pocket is left).

The truth is that it is easier to change TV than almost any other device in the house. Consumer electronics have gone down if we talk about televisions. If we add to that the number of hours we spend throughout the day in front of the screen (not only watching TV in traditional mode), we will see how the model change has become almost cyclical but in shorter periods.

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