Things you need to avoid doing to your home appliances

Things you need to avoid doing to your home appliancesWe do know you cannot do without your washing machines. It is nothing less than horrifying to wake up and see a pile of untidy clothes that need to get washed. Your washing machine is definitely the savior here. Hence, brands like Intec home appliances manufacture top-grade washing machines with high levels of efficiency. However, mishandling the washing machine can cause a breakdown and lead to more technical faults. So in this article, we are citing the major points that you need to avoid for your washing machine to run smoothly.

  1. Don’t wash anything and everything: Hang on! It is a washing machine and a grinder to shred your clothes. Therefore, you need to get rid of unwanted articles like metallic suspenders, coins, belts, and cufflinks so the clothes can be washed in a proper manner. Moreover, putting aside such metallic objects can prevent your washing machine’s internal components from breaking down. The glass/fiber door is a fragile part of the washing machine and is susceptible to breakage. Instead of burdening yourself with repair costs for a freak usage which can be avoided, it is better to use the washing machine safely.
  2. Overloading: People often believe that washing machines of better-known brands like Intec home appliances give you the luxury and freedom to cram as many clothes as possible so you can launder and dry your clothes early. Little do people realize that such usage can cause severe damage to the washing machine. Let us clear the air. A washing machine’s spinner needs some space to function properly. The more clothes you add, the more you jam the spinner which can cause a malfunction in your washing machine. Need we say more?
  3. Improper Balancing: We are all aware that a washing machine is a heavyweight and high-performance device that has quite a weight of its own. Therefore, it becomes obvious that you keep the machine level on the floor. When the washing machine is in operation, the spinner rotates at a high speed. If the machine is not placed evenly on the floor, it could either topple or fall down.
  4. Ensure regular maintenance and check the user manual: More often than not people ignore and would possibly keep on ignoring the user manual when they buy Intec home appliances. User manuals must not be ignored as explain the correct way to use a washing machine and other safety guidelines that should be adhered to. Likewise, your washing machine needs regular maintenance to avoid facing major glitches that can add to your machine’s downtime.
  5. Don’t Delay Repairs: If your washing machine does develop a malfunction, it can be very costly. This may not look like a huge problem initially. But if the device is getting used with those malfunctions, your washing machine can incur heavy damages that can increase substantially.

Excess Detergent: Avoid using an excess detergent for the reason that the residue of detergent can leave residue on the clothes. Though this may not damage the machine per se, you are still better off following this piece of advice!

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