Want The Best Image Quality- Trust the Latest LED TVs

In the market, there are two different TV panels in the high range: OLED and LCD IPS. If OLED technology is affordable for you, then you can enjoy the best quality of high definition LED TV that exists in the market.

What is OLED technology?

OLED is the acronym for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, which should not be confused with LED LCD panels that you have seen in stores and supermarkets in recent years. What’s more, stop calling the LED TVs, please. LED is just panel lighting, something that the manufacturers, masters of marketing, named as if it were a revolution.

An OLED TV panel uses an entirely different technology, and the panel is composed of an organic material that emits light when the electric current passes through it. In that sense, OLED is more similar to a plasma, where the panel also self-illuminates.

The LCD panels (include all IPS and LED illuminated) need an illumination, which is now LED so that the pixels are illuminated. In OLED TVs each pixel can emit light by itself and autonomously so that blacks are free blacks.

On a white background the lighting, and therefore brightness, of the panel will be superior. But if we do the test with a black background and a white square in the middle the OLED will give us a much brighter square, with an infinite and not very small contrast (black will look gray and white off) as in LCD panels. The ability of the pixel to emit its color and light is the key to the future, the key OLED.

This technology will sound to you from the AMOLED panels (they are OLED panels with an active pixel matrix). You just have to put a video next to any LCD of the market (it does not matter if it is the most expensive in the world, it is the limit of the technology) to see that the contrast is much higher and the blacks of the LCD panel appear gray and illuminated from outside.

The future is OLED (or should be)

Cannot say clearer. The cinema is seen in the dark, and in the dark scenes, the LCDs suffer a lot, even the high range. The OLED solve this problem and give free blacks in practice and infinite contrast (theoretically at least), these two premises are determinants to justify the claim that OLED has no rival.

The problem is that in addition to the price is a very new technology, and many OLED panels on smartphones suffer from burns, like the first plasma televisions. Until they have been in best LED TV brand in India for a few years, we will not be able to discern if their reliability is one of their weak points.


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