What Is Ac Inverter Technology All About?

Perhaps you are already considering buying a new air conditioning system. You have heard many recommendations about the new models of air conditioning that use the INVERTER energy, but you still do not know precisely how they work.

At Intec, we will explain a little more about the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India’stechnology and benefits.

What does the INVERTER technology mean?

INVERTER technology works straightforwardly: when the compressor needs more power, it gives more control. When you need less energy, it provides less energy. With this technology, the compressor will be on, but the unit of your air conditioner will consume less energy and give more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. In short, the speed and control of the compressor will be adjusted appropriately to the needs of the room.

Five reasons why an AC INVERTER unit is better a traditional one-


As explained above, the INVERTER technology works with the temperature in the room using variable speed. Therefore, thanks to the INVERTER technology, the power can be adjusted, thus reducing electrical consumption and saving energy.

You save money

Because the compressor does not operate at full capacity all the time, the energy necessary for its operation is low. In this way, your electric bills will be too.

It produces less sound

By maintaining a constant rhythm that decreases from time to time but never goes out and therefore it is not necessary to have to turn it on every time, the mode of operation is entirely silent.

Longer life

Less power consumption air conditioner not only makes cooling and heating more efficient, but it also makes the life of your air conditioning unit more durable.

Faster cooling/heating process

INVERTER technology is capable of cooling or heating your room faster than a standard unit. This is because it works at full power from the beginning but decreases when it approaches the desired temperature.

Benefits of inverter air conditioning

While it is true that an INVERTER air conditioning unit is more expensive than a traditional one, is it worth paying that extra money? Yes.

It is worth buying this type of air conditioning if you will use it throughout the year and use it as heating.

What is the difference between an AC inverter unit and one that is not?

In a traditional unit, an exact amount of energy is sent through a fixed speed. This means that the compressor has to stop when it reaches the desired temperature. If the temperature changes, it must be turned on again using the maximum power to achieve the desired temperature.

On the other hand, an inverter air conditioning system varies the speed of the compressors who work at a constant rate, delivering the cooling or heating energy as required.

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