Air Conditioner Combating Summer Heat With Ease

Air conditioner is the only home appliance that gives respite from vehement heat. It is a necessity for every household in our country given the global climate condition has affected the weather condition all over the world. Air conditioner brings down the temperature in a matter of few minutes in the area wherein it is installed.

Hence it would be pretty interesting to know the exact method in which the AC works.

How an AC works?

Air conditioner has basically three components that acts as the heart and soul of its mechanism. These are compressor, condencer and an evaporator.

  • To start with, the working fluid makes it way out of the pressure in the form of hot gas in high pressure. The compressor lets the hot gas pass to the compressor. More heat is dispersed by metal fins which are formed outside the air conditioning system.
  • The fluid that leaves the condencer is now much cooler and it also changes its form due to high pressure. It moves toward the evaporator through a narrow hole and by the time reaches to the other side of the passage, there is a drop in temperature.
  • During this occurrence, heat is extracted from the air in the surroundings that separates the liquid molecules into gas.

Types of Acs

Air conditioner is undoubtedly the most needed home appliance in a house or business buildings in summer. Since there is specific requirements by the consumer groups in the market, air conditioner manufacturer companies in India including Intec home appliances have various AC types to choose from. Check the different types of ACsĀ  mentioned below to determine which variant suits your home cooling needs most.

  • Split Air conditioners- Known so because the two components in this type of AC is separated into two different units. While the evaporative unit is placed inside the cooling area, its condencing unit is installed outside. Split air conditioners are further differentiated between mini split (ductless system) and central (ducted) air conditioning. The latter is used in larger areas like conference rooms and gathering halls.


  • Window ACs- These are commonly seen and installed in many households and offices despite the rising popularity of split air conditioners. It comes as single unit that makes installation easy on the walls and window spaces. For the purpose of cooling, these airconditoners use double shaft fan motorthat have fans mounted on both sides of the motor i.e on the side of the evaporator as well as the condencer. An insulated partition divides both the panels in the same encasing.


  • Tower AC- This type of ACs are your ideal choice for air cooling in the summer months provided you have enough floor space. Tower AC has extremely thoughtful design and efficiency since they are portable and can be moved to any part of the house like a trolley. Like split ACs, tower ACs also has two units. The outer unit throws the warm air to generate cool air from the internal unit.


  • Cassette ACs- The most powerful types of cooling in terms of cooling and is best suited for larger rooms. They are a lot silent when in use, do not require ducting. Cassette ACs are usually fixed on the ceilings for effective use.


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