Air Conditioning With Children And Seniors: What You Should Know

Summers in India are usually very hot, with temperatures that can exceed 40º during the day. Children below three years old and people over 70 are the ones who suffer the most with heat waves, especially when they last for days.

Heat stroke can have severe consequences for the elderly and children, who may suffer from insomnia, skin irritation and discomfort when sleeping, which makes the nights seem endless.

“When there is a baby or an elderly person at home we often question whether the use of air conditioning is good or not”

To not affect your health, but do not give up the comfort of an air conditioner, monitor how you use it and follow these simple recommendations:

Opt for an air conditioner that also purifies the air

Heat and humidity are not the only foes. In spring, plants release pollen, affecting a quarter of the population with allergies and rhinitis. The bacteria and organisms that are in the air are another of the things that worry us when there are children at home.

“The bacteria and organisms that are in the air is another thing that worries us when there are children at home.”

We know that it is difficult not to lower it 20º at a time, but Intec air conditioners allow you to maintain a constant temperature and give you the comfort you need without the sensation of extreme cold when entering the room.

Air conditioner brands in India recommend that the temperature of the room oscillate between 21º and 25º C and try, as much as possible, to install other air conditioning systems in the rest of the house. In this way, when for example you pass the baby from one room to another, you will avoid having a thermal shock.

“It is important to avoid thermal shock.”

Remember, a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperature or even between rooms is not recommended for these people. It is good to have a uniform temperature in the house of 25º than to have two rooms at 21 degrees and the rest of the house at 30º.

Avoid a direct air flow

If you look at the control of your air conditioner, you will find a button that gives you the option Air swing.  This function helps you regulate the direction of the air flow so that it does not go directly to the face. With this mode, you ventilate the entire room evenly.

Monitor the humidity of the air

They say that air conditioning tends to dry the environment a lot, but what you may not know is that many air conditioning systems have an option that “humidifies the air.” This option is essential for these people at risk to have greater comfort when using the air conditioning.

Make proper maintenance of the air conditioning

When you have an air conditioner, it is essential that you clean the filters of the indoor unit before the arrival of summer, especially if there are newborns at home, or older people suffering from allergies or asthma. If your air is used only in cold mode, you should pay more attention to cleaning since it spends all winter off, so dust particles and mites accumulate

Install an air conditioner in all rooms

As we have mentioned before, having a newborn baby, children or seniors at home requires extraordinary measures. Buying Intec air conditioner for a single room in your house while the rest are at a higher temperature, can cause the individual to suffer from thermal shock

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