Android Television- Know the Benefits


Android TVs are small devices that connect to the television via the HDMI port and offer us the full potential of Android on the TV screen. One of the advantages of LED TV Android against smart TV is that they are much cheaper, can connect to any device that has an HDMI port and also allow the user to install all the Android applications, not like the smart TV that give us. Let’s see some of the major advantages of an Android TV:

Infinity of applications for your television

Best Android TV in India has Android operating system that allows you to install a myriad of applications. A huge range of applications are available to those who want to watch movies online or offline. You can easily install games, sound editing applications, send emails, scroll Facebook, and use Whatsapp, etc. in LED TV Android.

Compatibility with televisions


Today, there are many brands and models of TVs in the market and, depending on the brand and model, the user can have compatibility problems when connecting them with other devices in the home, either with our computer, smartphone, etc. In this sense, an Android TV, apart from being able to connect it to any TV that has an HDMI input, which nowadays almost all models have already, will allow you to connect the television not only to the Internet. But, with virtually any device you have at home, thanks to technologies and thousands of different applications that we can find for best Android TV in India.

The user can connect and share all kinds of multimedia content with his TV, regardless of brand and model. This is a great advantage as you can use your mobile or tablet to control our television or share the movies on the computer with TV and you can even download movies or Internet series. In short, thanks to its compatibility, it opens the door to the Internet on any TV as long as it has a free HDMI input.

The advantages of an Android TV in price

Another advantage to count is Android LED TV price in India. The Android TV that you can find in the market oscillate between 30-200 euros, this being a much more economical figure, besides offering you many more possibilities than a smart tv. Today, a smart TV of a good brand can cost us 1000 euros and, compared to Android TV as you can see it is a bit strange that people prefer to buy a smart tv instead of an Android TV, the latter being much Cheaper and offering many more things.

Constant Updates

Another advantage of LED TV Android is that due to the use of an Android system, which today is a system widely used in all types of devices, we will have available almost immediately, all kinds of updates, either for the system, for applications, games, etc. Unlike a smart tv, where each company launches its smart tv with its system and to find certain applications always have to wait for the take for that system, that does not happen with Android, where every day are added to their store Many applications and where updates are received consistently and quickly.

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