Why is BEE Star Rating important for Less Power Consumption Air Conditioners

Every home needs air conditioning because summer temperatures are rising every year. Details on the many types of air conditioners available are provided here. Each type offers less power-consumption air conditioners and is created for a certain use. You can look through them to decide what kind of AC you need.

While the methodology used to calculate BEE ratings varies from device to appliance. A NABL-accredited lab must conduct testing on each new appliance before it is introduced to the Indian market (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). It takes a few days to test a product and determine its power usage and efficiency.

The BEE declared in 2016 that it would replace SEER with ISEER to determine air conditioner star ratings. As a result, ratings of energy consumption may be more accurate.

While testing every appliance to assign a Star Rating is not practicable for BEE, it is up to the brands to uphold the rating standards for the products. And BEE can still check a few goods at random intervals to ensure that compliances are observed.

Why is BEE Star Rating important?

  1. Reduced Electricity Bills

The appliance’s energy usage is based on its BEE Star rating. A consumer should be aware of this crucial factor when buying any item, especially air conditioners and refrigerators. And because families may have many appliances, doing this is crucial to achieving the greatest possible savings on your monthly electricity cost.

Compared to comparable 1-ton air conditioners rated fewer than five stars, a 5-Star rated air conditioner is the most power-efficient. And if you make this comparison between a 1-ton 5-star rated air conditioner and a 2-ton 5-star rated air conditioner—or between the BEE Star Rating of a split air conditioner with the same capacity and a window air conditioner—it is no longer acceptable.

  1. Good For the Environment

Reduced energy use per family and protection of the environment are two additional benefits of lower power consumption. And as is already known, India produces its electricity using fossil fuels. And switching to more energy-efficient equipment lowers our electricity bill and even contributes to environmental preservation and the fight against global warming.

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