Why Buy Less Power Consumption Air Conditioner-Factor Affecting Power Consumption

How much power does your air conditioner use, and can buying a less power consumption air conditioner save you money? You’ve come to the right place if these thoughts are running through your head. In this post, we’ll look at how much energy an air conditioner uses, whether it’s a 1 ton, 2 ton, or 3 ton unit, as well as techniques to lower that usage and lower your electricity costs.

Let’s take a quick look at the numerous aspects that affect how much power an AC uses before we begin to calculate the power consumption of your AC.

AC Power Consumption Factors Include:

  • Outside and inside temperatures: When the outside temperature is 40 degrees Celsius, it requires more energy to cool a room than when the inside temperature is 32 degrees Celsius. However, if you use less power consumption air conditioner, your bill wouldn’t go up.
  • The number of people in the room: Because the human body produces a lot of heat, a room with 20 people will require a larger air conditioner or numerous air conditioners to keep the air cool, whereas a room with 3 people can get by with a smaller air conditioner or a single air conditioner. Therefore, since there are more people, there is also more power, which increases the electricity bill.
  • Room size: Air conditioners take the heat out of your room’s air. So, the more space a room has, the more air there is in it, and the more electricity is needed to chill that air. A 100 square foot room requires less electricity to remove the heat than a 200 square foot one.
  • Electrical equipment: Things in your room generates heat, which raises the temperature there and requires your air conditioner to work harder to chill the same amount of air, which increases power usage.
  • Air volume: We frequently leave cabinet doors open, which increases the amount of air that needs to be cooled by your air conditioner.

Calculate Power Consumption 

You need to be aware of the following three things in order to manually calculate your AC power consumption.

  1.  Operational hours – The total number of hours your appliance, in this case, an air conditioner, is in use.
  2. Your air conditioner’s wattage – Power is measured in watts. It refers to the rate at which a device uses or generates electricity.
  3.  Electricity tariff – Your electricity provider will charge you a certain amount for each unit (kWh) of electricity. Say 12 rupees.

Solution for Less Power Consumption

So, if you are looking for a solution for your raising bill, consider investing in less power consumption air conditioner from Intec today.

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