Why Choose An Air Conditioner With Inverter Technology?

Imagine that you were in a car that could only accelerate to the maximum or not accelerate anything. This happens in electrical appliances that can only be turned on or off, and in air conditioners that are not Inverter. It cannot regulate the voltage, frequency, and current, which is a drawback and a loss of energy.

The engine in an air conditioner is the compressor: in an air conditioner without Inverter technology, the compressor shuts off, when it has already reached the programmed temperature, and turns on again when the room heats up. It works at a single constant speed that is excessive to maintain the temperature, goes from 0% to 100%. Because of this, the compressor turns on and off continuously.

These continuous cycles of off/on, shorten the life of the machines, causing voltage spikes that slowly deteriorate your air conditioning system. They also make it more difficult to maintain a stable temperature, and since the motor consumes more energy when it is turned on, this energy is wasted.

However, an air conditioning inverter has a compressor that adapts and therefore adjusts the speed and power according to the temperature of room, providing greater comfort and stability.AC manufacturers in India can help you in purchasing best equipment for you living area.

Intec Inverter air conditioners

Top air conditioner brands in India design inverter conditioners that adjust the speed of compressor, which results in an extremely precise method to maintain the desired climate at all times.

They convey a great sense of comfort and well-being by avoiding sudden changes and provide a high class operating efficiency than conventional equipment. Thanks to this, the electric bill is significantly lower, and at the same time, you protect the environment.

7 Advantages of an air conditioner Inverter:

  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Intec Inverter conditioners allow you to use only the energy needed to maintain the set temperature while cooling the environment faster when you turn them on. Thus, you can enjoy more significant savings in electricity and more comfort.
  • The use of this technology offers an uninterrupted flow of power, therefore, can save from 25% to 50% of energy.
  • Silent and relaxing atmosphere
  • The noise of the Inverter air conditioner is lower, since the Inverter continually varies its power output to get more control of the temperature, and thus eliminates on/off cycles that are so annoying and noisy.
  • Constant comfort
  • The precise control of the temperature, allows an Inverter air conditioner to adapt to different spaces/ occasions/situations such as rooms that may be empty or on the contrary very crowded to ensure constant comfort.

For these reasons, when you buy an air conditioner, we recommend opting for those that offer the INVERTER technology since they are low energy consumption, and although the purchase price may be higher, the conditioners without this technology may eventually represent an electric bill up to 70% higher.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature, and using less electricity, is efficient energy that contributes to the protection of the environment.

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