What are Most Common TV Sizes One Should look out when you buy android TV in India?

The decision to buy a television is not simple. There are numerous brands with different characteristics that fall within the same price range. There are various TV sizes available, but some of these sizes are more prevalent than others. When buying, there are numerous TV sizes to pick from. There are TVs with sizes ranging from average to very huge. The size of your TV will depend on your preferences, your budget, and the size of your room. Choosing the ideal TV size for your bedroom or using the TV viewing distance method.

You can use this guide and the room calculator to determine which of the many different TV sizes for Android TVs in India is ideal for you.

Most prevalent sizes

These days, a variety of TV sizes, including small, medium, and even very large ones, are available. When you buy an Android TV in India, you’re looking for the ideal TV size for your space.

  1. One of the key benefits of small TV sizes is their incredibly low price. Normally, a cheap LED TV under 24 inches may be purchased for less than $150.
  2. A 28-inch TV screen will be available soon after 24-inch TVs. Stick with a 28-inch screen if you want to use a TV as the main TV in your living room. From a distance, it is easier to view, and the image quality is also improved. Likewise, compare Android TV vs. Smart TV.
  3. A 32-inch TV is a good size for a modest living room. Although many people prefer larger TVs, a 32-inch TV may be seen from a few steps away. If you intend on watching TV
  4. Between 32 and 43 inches, 42-inch TV screens are common. However, many living rooms might not have room for a 42-inch TV. When seated comfortably away from a 42-inch TV, you can easily view every detail.
  5. The most popular TV screen size is 48 inches. If you’re looking to buy a 48-inch television, there are several alternatives available to you. The 48-inch dimension is a popular size for high-quality LED TVs and even Smart TVs.
  6. Due to their size, this can fit in most single-family houses and apartments with open floor plans’ common living areas and bedrooms, many households used to purchase 55-inch televisions. An organization or producer
  7. 65-inch televisions are becoming more and more common. A surplus of TVs during the tariff war led to a considerable drop in the price of 65-inch TVs. Because 65-inch TVs offer a better viewing experience, they have become more accessible to the general public.
  8. From 70 inches and up, many TVs are produced that are the wrong size. More TV models and brands are available in the 70-inch and 75-inch sizes, with the latter being more popular because it costs more than the 65-inch size. However, the 77-inch TV is the only OLED TV available in this size range. Also look at: Online TV Store


We’re convinced that after reading the information above, you can get an excellent set when you buy Android TV in India. At INTEC, we offer a huge selection. Come see what we have to offer right away if you’re looking for high-quality merchandise.


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