How split air conditioner price and monthly expenses might affect you?

Split air conditioners are the most common type of cooling system, and they can be found in nearly every home. It is extensively used since it is less expensive and simpler to install. However, if you are considering purchasing one, you should be aware of the split air conditioner price as well as its other costs, particularly those that will become a part of your life and will occur every month. Interested? Let’s go through some of the hidden prices and expenses that you might not be aware of when purchasing an air conditioner.

The Standard Unit

When compared to window air conditioners, split air conditioners produce less noise because the noise-generating machinery is positioned outside the room. These devices come in a variety of cooling capacities, but unlike window air conditioners, their size isn’t directly proportional to them. This is because the main cooling mechanism is located in the outdoor unit, whilst the indoor unit is smaller. Split air conditioners prices in India currently have cooling capacities ranging from 0.75 to 4.5 tonnes. In this article, we’ll assume that your air conditioner fits the aforementioned description. Is that clear? Now for the meat of the matter.

The cost of installation

After the expense of the split air conditioner, you will have to pay for installation. Some vendors, both online and offline, also provide free installation. If not, the whole installation cost, in most circumstances, will be less than Rs. 2000. However, this does not include the cost of additional copper wire, which will vary based on a variety of circumstances.

The price of copper wire

Most manufacturers provide a certain length of complimentary copper wire, but if your AC setup necessitates more, you’ll have to pay for it. This necessity will be communicated to you by the installation crew. Copper wire costs Rs. 200 per foot in most places, including fitting charges.

Service Cost

  • The cost of service varies depending on whether your computer is still under warranty. After purchasing an air conditioner, the compressor is the most expensive component to service. Most manufacturers’ compressors come with a 5-year warranty. If your compressor breaks down after the guarantee period has expired, it can cost you anything between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 8000.
  • The cooling gas is the second most expensive part of maintaining an air conditioner. The gas is circulated in copper tubes, which are prone to corrosion, as previously stated. If you live in a place like Mumbai, where the humidity is high, the copper tubes are likely to rust and shatter. As a result, there will be less cooling, and eventually none at all. The tubes can be repaired by a local AC mechanic for a fee ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 700. After that, you’ll need to refill the compressor’s gas tank. A 1-ton air conditioner would set you back roughly Rs. 2500. The majority of brands’ warranties do not cover this.

Monthly Electricity Cost

  • When purchasing an air conditioner, most customers overlook the cost of electricity. This is where star ratings are important, and you must make your decision properly. As previously said, the lower the star rating, the lower the electricity bill. Inverter air conditioners are the most energy-efficient. The estimated electricity costs for houses and offices are listed below.

Household Costs (Runs 3-4 Hours/Day)

Your monthly electricity bill will be around Rs. 620 if you buy a 1-ton air conditioner and use it for about 4 hours every day. This is a rough estimate based on the per-unit cost of power in your area of Rs. 4. If the same considerations are taken into account, the monthly electricity bill for a 1.5-ton AC would be around Rs. 920. If you choose a machine with a better star rating, the cost will be reduced, and vice versa.

Office costs (7-8 hours each day)

The cost of power per unit in commercial areas differs from that in residential spaces. The monthly cost for a 1-ton machine would be Rs. 1,382, assuming the AC works for roughly 8 hours every day. Using the same figures as before, a 1.5-ton system will set you back Rs. 2,073 a month. The monthly cost of a 2-ton air conditioner is roughly Rs. 2,880. This time it’s for an air conditioner with no mention to a star rating. The prices will be cheaper if you purchase a higher-rated air conditioner.


The sun is ready to soar as summer approaches, and there’s no better time than now to go pick out the perfect cooling gadget for your house or office. You can compare the costs of our INTEC split air conditioners price to those of other brands to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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