How to Clean Air Conditioner: Maintenance Tips


Air conditioners need cleaning and maintenance for optimal performance. It is not a complicated task, but, requires patience because it takes time. Think that investing a little time in cleaning the air conditioner will make the air more pure, fresh and cooling system more efficient. In addition to all these reasons, knowing how to clean an air conditioner is more important to avoid any dirt and bad odors when you turn it on. Reputed Air conditioner brands in India provide complete device maintenance tips for ensured quality and longevity of air conditioner.

To know how to clean the less power consumption air conditioner it is important to keep in mind that the device will have a lot of dust accumulated from months. It is recommended to do a 360-degree cleaning of the air conditioner at least once a year as this will extend its life and most important of all, you will avoid any health problem.

Proper installation of the air conditioner is an important aspect. The filters are perhaps the most important part of the apparatus since that is where the greatest amount of dust, dirt, and bacteria resides. Not knowing how to clean a less power consumption air conditioner in india can cause problems like physical discomfort, irritation or dry eyes, nose, and throat as well as other symptoms such as cough and respiratory problems.

 Types of air conditioners:

The most common are: split and window:


Split air conditioners in india are most sold in the market. Before your start cleaning of the split air conditioner, it is necessary to disconnect it from the power. These devices contain evaporator embedded inside the apparatus. When lifting the lid, you must remove the filter carefully. First, shake off the accumulated dust and then wash it with some soap and water. When everything is parched, put it back as it was. The compressor you have on the outside should be as free of dust as possible; do this with the help of a brush. Once the grille forming the compressor is brushed, proceed to finish the cleaning process.

– To know how to clean the window air conditioner is the same as with the split appliances. Make sure the window air conditioner in india is disconnected from any power source before beginning to clean it. Remove the lid first to clean the filter with soap and water. Then carefully remove the motor frame from the air outside. Remove excess dust with a brush. Apply a product to clean the whole window, and when it is totally dry, put it back in its place.

Cleaning air conditioner filters:

Remember to turn off the air conditioner before performing this task.

Top air conditioner brands in India recommend proper cleaning of the device. First, use a vacuum cleaner and then wash filters with cold water. It is important to rinse them with cold water because if you do it with hot water, they can deform.

– You must be careful how to clean the air conditioner and the products you use. When you leave them dry, put them in the shade.

– Spray water with some degreaser or non-aggressive cleaning product on the battery of the copper tubes behind the filters. It cleans the bacteria through which the air passes. Leave an open time for it to dry, and you will be able to use it.

– There is a grid behind it where the air is absorbed and a fan where it is expelled. These areas accumulate dust, leaves, lint, so it is vital to clean it.

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