LCD TV brands Vs LED TV Brands – Why LED Is Better in 2022

Plasma TVs came first, followed by LCD TVs, and now LED TVs. But now that it has switched from the outdated net television to an LCD TV with a somewhat pricey investment, is it worthwhile to invest in the best-LED TV in India? You can learn more about the benefits of LED TV in this post and base your choice on that knowledge. The backlight, which gives the TV its brightness, is the main distinction between LED TV and LCD TV.


Cold-cathode fluorescent lights are used as the backlighting in standard LCD TVs. White LED panels, on the other hand, carry out this function in LED TVs. The selection process for a variety of types, including LED, LCD, plasma, and smart TVs, can be complex. Deciding between many television models with varied sizes and features can be challenging and time-consuming.

Which television has what advantages are one of the most commonly asked topics in the modern world. Every television model has its benefits. Knowing the benefits and characteristics of an LED TV before making a television purchase will speed up and improve the choice process. The greatest LED TV in India stands out for two key reasons: strong light output and a long lifespan.

LCD technology is used in LED TVs. However, advantages of LED TVs include a brighter screen, less energy use, and a slimmer design.

Facilitates of LED Television

Despite being more expensive than LCD TVs, LED TVs have a number of advantages in terms of illumination. We’ll look at what these are now.

  1. Energy conservation: Compared to conventional LCD TVs, LED TV backlights are more efficient. More light is produced per watt by LED cells. Up to 40% of the electricity used can be saved by doing this. As a result, your electricity bills will reflect the operating costs of LED TVs less. Very significant energy savings are realised since the light source can be turned on and off and regulated according to the image.
  2. contrasting: By using partial dimming, some LED-lit televisions may produce images with better contrast. Power is conserved through partial dimming at steady image locations.
  3. More accurate colour: Compared to LCD screens, LED TV backlights offer significantly richer colours. This is accomplished by altering the LEDs’ white light’s colour. An application like this compensates for LCD TV’s drawbacks. High-definition LED TVs offer a superior solution to that. These devices improve the image on the screen by using multi-color backlighting.
  4. Smaller size: Compared to previous TVs, LED TVs are both thinner and lighter. As a result of their side-mounted backlights, side-lit LED TV models are also thinner than conventional LCD versions. They are lightweight and take up minimal room. They are more practical as a result. Consequently, LED TVs have greater benefits than LCD TVs.

Choose INTEC

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