Office Air Conditioners: Which Option to Choose?

Choosing an option among the different air conditioners on the market is never easy. If it is to find air conditioning equipment for offices, the choice should be based on different criteria.

Here, air conditioner manufacturers in India explain the most convenient options for offices and what factors should you consider before buying air conditioners for this kind of space:

Air conditioning equipment for office

With the arrival of the hottest months, there is concern about the cooling the places where you spend the most time. If it is the workspaces, such as offices, it is important to identify what are the best options in less power consumption air conditioner and also what you should consider to make your decision.

 Autonomous cooling air conditioners

-Air curtains

Air curtains are an alternative that is often used a lot in commercial spaces and offices. They are characterized by being located above the access doors to this kind of spaces. Its function is to generate an invisible barrier to efficiently isolate two different surroundings, without limiting people’s access. Basically, they help prevent an air-conditioned space from being affected by outside air flows through an open door.

 -Wall air conditioner

The wall air conditioner is one that, as its name implies, is installed on a wall. In this sense, you can identify two different types: the split type air conditioner and the all-in-one known as a window air conditioner.

The air conditioners split type are the best known and, in fact, the most widely used, although its use has spread in homes, can also be applications such equipment in offices, especially those that are small in size.

Window air conditioner brand in India integrates all the components in the same unit. Although it has an exit to the outside, this is because it is embedded in the wall and one of its ends is located outside the building. This type of air conditioning equipment is used in homes or spaces where there is no possibility of installing an indoor and outdoor unit due to lack of space.

-Portable air conditioning

The last option, top air conditioner brands in India want to propose is the portable air conditioner. It is recommended in small spaces where it is not possible to carry out any type of installation work.

The effectiveness of the portable air conditioner lies in two questions: it does not require installation and it can be moved to other spaces.

Central Cooling Air Conditioners

This class of air conditioning equipment is ideal for large spaces and above all for cooling several environments at the same time. For example, if you are looking for an HVAC solution that can be applied in a multi-office building, duct air conditioning may be the best alternative.

The air conditioning duct comprises a centralized distribution system air through a false ceiling.

It has the advantage that its installation is completely integrated in the office, without having appliances in sight and therefore contributes to the aesthetics of the place.

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