Possible Causes of your window air conditioners failure to cool?

An air conditioner, which is not freezing, especially during summertime, is a serious issue. Your air conditioner may not be cooling for various reasons, including a clogged filter, a broken thermostat, or worn-out parts that need to be replaced. These problems show that it’s time for maintenance on your AC system. Therefore, routine AC maintenance is essential to keep it clean and operate well.

The following are some typical causes for why all window air conditioner brands eventually stop blowing cool air:

Power issue

Although this may seem very elementary, ensure the cord and the outlet are flawless before contacting an AC service professional. The air conditioner unit takes a lot of power to operate; it may have blown a fuse or tripped because of this. Remember to check it.

Low levels of refrigerant


A refrigerant leak is an additional frequently occurring cause of AC not cooling. A chemical called a refrigerant is necessary for the cooling process. It passes through the inner and outside coils of the air conditioner, changing from liquid to gas as it discharges heat and moisture from the interior air outdoors. Thus, a refrigerant leak prevents the air conditioner from producing cold air. Additionally, this could harm your compressor. A steady leak over time might lower the refrigerant level in your air conditioner. A specialist in AC repair will also inspect the lines and address any issues with refrigerant levels.

Dirty Air Filter:

A dirty air filter is one of the most frequent causes of an AC that isn’t cooling effectively. Dust and grime buildup in the air filters prevent cold air from exiting the outlet. The air conditioners cooling capacity is also decreased when the air does not flow properly.

Set the thermostat to:

Check your air conditioners thermostat setting. There is a good likelihood that the temperature is not set properly. Make sure it’s set to Auto so that the fan only activates when the air is cool.

Soiled coils

The condenser removes heat from the air conditioner, similarly to a storage heater. It should not be unclean for the condenser coil to remove heat from the outside effectively. The condenser coil may be clogged with dust and debris if the air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air. If the coil is covered with dirt and debris, the AC loses efficiency and ceases cooling the space. With routine AC maintenance, a professional in AC repair will address minor issues in advance.

Compressor malfunction

A compressor keeps your home cool. An essential component of the AC is a compressor, which is a motor. It regulates how refrigerants go between the condenser and evaporator. The compressor can develop problems that prevent the cooling process from the beginning and the air conditioner from blowing cold air.

Defective motors  

The fan motor might become faulty in any window air conditioner brand. The inability of the outer unit to dissipate heat reduces your air conditioner’s ability to cool a room.

Faulty components

The second possible cause is a faulty control board, capillary, thermostat, etc.


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