Choose an led tv android based on resolution

Choose an led tv android based on the resolution

In this era where there are various means of entertainment, we still have some reservations about them as they can be pretty expensive. Besides, not every movie released and every mode of entertainment could be everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, it is likely we would choose an led tv android for a customized style of entertainment. But have you ever wondered what is the point of having a led tv which does not exude the kind of picture quality, color contrast, and resolution? So here we are with some tips on how to choose the right led tv and that too based on your room’s size and other requirements.


  • HD ready led tv android- We are all aware of the fact that people have ditched the age-old analog televisions which produced pale pictures. Worse, the grainy output would make the viewing experience even more horrible. But the ultra-high definition led tv has changed the way of entertainment through tv completely. The HD resolution is 1366×768 pixels which lets you see the visuals in all their detail. High definition is now the standard for every tv your purchase and it has an ever-growing demand. The versatility of this tv is what makes them so popular. The OTT platforms have taken over as our choice for watching movies and shows. This tv with its smart input can easily access major OTT platforms thereby giving you a richness of entertainment.
  • Full HD smart television- A notch higher than the HD-ready tv, the full HD smart television has a higher resolution which means the richness in picture quality and the details captured in pixels would be much higher. When we refer to a full HD tv, its resolution would stand at 1920×1080. This should be your preference if you want a fine-quality picture experience at an affordable price. More importantly, these tv too can pack a bunch of goodies in their offerings.
  • 4K ultra HD smart tv- This tv is a top-of-line smart television that beats all other televisions by some distance. 4K is the pinnacle of picture quality as they are known as the gold standard of tv. Talking about its resolution, the 4K tv comes in 3840×2160 pixels which translates into brilliant one-of-a-kind tv. 4K televisions have cutting-edge technology which enables excellent resolution for wholesome entertainment. Its sheer capacity to capture all the nuances is what makes it an ideal choice for many homes and offices. 4K is now set to become a thing of the immediate future and it has quickly captured the curiosity and liking of a lot of people regardless of the consumer base. After all, very few of us would like to compromise on quality entertainment.


All said and done, we know that the purchase of such televisions is lucrative for each one of you. And yet a lot of people hesitate to buy them; the prime reason being the price. It is true that these android led tv are priced higher than other televisions but they are an entire package. So we at Intec appliances believe that every consumer deserves the joy of having his/her own 4K or other Hd led tv in the home. Keeping this in mind, we have put the most reasonable and affordable price tag on our entire range of televisions so you can make a worthy purchase within your budget. We have also kept in mind that first-time buyers of these sophisticated appliances may face issues in regard to installation or after-sale services. That is why we also offer our full technical support so there are no blips while getting a TV installed and started.

Finding The Perfect Screen Size for Android LED Television?

Whether you want to buy an Android LED Television that can stream your favorite Netflix shows. Or a traditional dumb TV through which you can use your cable connection. The size of the screen should be taken into account. You must take into account the amount of people in your home, how many will watch television at once, and where the TV will be located when doing this..

Then pick a screen size that will comfortably fit your space and entertain all your family members at once.

You should also consider how close you will sit to the TV. You won’t be able to view any details of any content being played on the TV if you are too far away and it is too small.

A good basic rule that works is you should sit at a distance three times more than the height of your screen if it is an HD 720p TV. And sit at 1.5 times the distance if the screen is 4K ultra HD.

No matter how detailed a TV buying guide is, you cannot make the right choice sitting at home. If you have time and it is possible, you should visit the store and look at the Android LED Television.

If possible, you should also bring your family to get the idea of which TV will be right for you even though the 4K content is less accessible than the 1080p resolution.

OTT services such as Netflix have now offered more high-quality 4K content. Therefore, if you have limited room and intend to sit close to the screen, you might wish to invest in high-resolution technology. Additionally, since 4K is the format of the future for content, it’s preferable to prepare now.

Avoid buying extended warranties.

Extended warranties are a major source of revenue for many large electronics retailers. The key justification is their dire need, particularly for a flat LCD panel. Most of the components in today’s TVs are remarkably resilient and long-lasting. So instead, just stick with the basic warranty manufacturers provide when you buy a new TV. Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on new Android LED Televisions, which may be sufficient for all buyers. And if needed, you can anyways extend the warranty from the manufacturer. You will receive reputable service and certified professionals, however it can be a little pricey.