How To Buy The Lowest Power Consumption Air Conditioner In India

It seems a tough task to buy the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India as the Indian market is flooded with a variety of options. It is quite confusing to decide on which brand and type one should go for. Among thousands of options, you need to choose one that seems perfect as per your requirement. Lots of factors need to be considered before buying an air conditioner. These are:

What do you require?

Your primary task is to understand your exact need. Once you are clear with your need you can take the next step such as:

  • For how many hours you will run an air conditioner.
  • For how long you are going to use it as an entire year or for a few months.
  • Numbers of people who need an air-conditioned room to comfort themselves.
  • What is the area of the room in which AC is going to be installed?
  • What is the height of the room?
  • Is the ceiling of your room getting direct exposure to sunlight?
  • A number of windows facing west.
  • How much room is occupied? The more it is congested the more it takes time for cooling.

Apart from the above mention factors some environmental factors also needed to be considered such as:

  • How hot is circulating air outside?
  • The humidity level in your premises or location.
  • The level of pollution in your area.

All such factors mentioned above can help you to take a decision regarding which air conditioner is perfect for your home.

One should also think about the type of air conditioner to be bought in terms of efficiency in saving electricity. Two types of air conditioners are commonly available in the market are:

  • Window AC
  • Split AC

The main difference between the two is windows AC has a single unit and split AC has two units.  Split AC is more silent than windows AC and requires more space than windows AC.

The third air conditioner is newly introduced in the market is “Inverter AC”.

Which air conditioner one should buy that consumes less electricity?

Windows and Split AC: These are the regular air conditioner in which a compressor goes on or off. When switched on, it runs on maximum capacity and consumes more electricity. The compressor switches off automatically once thermostat reaches the particular temperature which is set in the AC. The fan continues to blow. When thermostat senses the rise in temperature it starts automatically.

Inverter AC: It is designed to work more sensibly than conventional units. In the inverter, AC compressor remains on till the power is available. It has a smart sensor that works as an accelerator in your car. When it needs more power it gets that and when it needs less, it gets that too depends upon the room temperature. The technology was designed in Japan and used worldwide in air conditioners and refrigeration.

Final Conclusion: As seen clearly that inverter AC is designed with the latest technology, so if your priority is to buy a less power consumption air conditioner go for inverter AC. Rest depends upon your budget and preference.

 Tip: If you set the temperature between 24 to 25 degree your AC will consume less electricity irrespective of any make and brand. You can go for Intec air conditioner as they are energy efficient and durable. The company provides a complete solution to its customers from installation to services.  

What You Must Know Of The Water Heaters

Of course not! We are not involving you in the number crunching game or some hardcore technical facts about the water heaters! All we are trying to put forth are some basic reasons as to why the water heaters are a must-buy this winter.

Picture this. If you move into in to a new house, a water heater during the freezing winters is as important as an air conditioner from the reputed water heater brands in india  to counter the sweltering heat. Imagine reaching home tired but you cannot enjoy a hot water shower, or if you cannot kick start your day with a hot bath. Well, we have got you covered. Based on the size of your house, your bathing needs and other factors, you can either opt for an instant water heater or a storage water heater.

Confused? Here is your first hand information on instant water heaters and storage water heaters.

What makes instant water heaters a great choice for your home?

  • They occupy a small space and can be easily mounted on a wall
  • It gives you the freedom to take a shower during any part of the day even in the coldest of seasons.
  • They are eco-friendly and energy efficient

These heaters last for a longer time as their storage capacity is less. As a result, less water is stored in these and less weight is carried by the water heater thereby prolonging its longevity. As for the ones who have an apartment in a high-rise tower or happen to have a bigger family, they can have high featured water heaters; they are known as storage water heaters! It is true!

So what makes the storage water heaters such a brilliant thing to have? For starters, you need not wait too long for your turn in the shower. More importantly, it stores enough of warm water to meet the demands of the larger family. And in case you are a person inclined to technology and want your water heater controlled the remote way, you can use remote controls or even smartphone apps.

Like we discussed before, each and every tankless hot water have been designed to not only be more efficient, but more durable and effective. As a matter of fact, tankless water can last easily up to 10 years under normal usage conditions. This brings down the expenses with respect to the maintenance as well.

These models were designed with efficiency in mind. Since tankless water heaters are not meant to store water, the flash-heating technology gets activated only when you turn your faucets on “hot” so they won’t constantly be running. The initial price tag for the tankless models of water heaters are indeed on the heftier side but they eventually save electricity bills by 60%.

The home appliances companies in India like intec home appliances have gradually realized the importance as well as the demand of the high-end water heaters and as such, they have started the manufacturing of the tankless water heaters which is now being considered as an ideal replacement for the traditional water heaters.