The variety of LED TVs offered by LED TV manufacturers in India

The variety of LED TVs offered by LED TV manufacturers in India

LED screens are the most common type of TV today. Customers willingly choose devices built by LED TV manufacturing companies in India. Liquid crystals are placed in the matrices of smartphones, laptops, and full-size monitors, as well as tablets and TVs.

Today, everyone uses LED screens, but not everyone can answer what an LED TV is. However, there is nothing complicated in this matter. This article will tell you what exactly are the features and benefits of LED TVs.

Types of LED backlight LED TVs

There are several backlight placement systems in LED TVs. Since LED differs from LCD technology only in its backlight, its specific features should be considered in more detail.

Screen lighting methods differ in the placement of luminous elements relative to the screen, as well as in their color and design features.

According to the color of the light sources

The following types of White led backlight are built into the television receivers:

Three-component LEDs. They are abbreviated as RGB or WRGB. In one housing of such an LED, there are three emitters at once.

To create an image in liquid crystal LED TVs, diodes of red, blue, and green colors are used. TV sets with RGB backlight show a deep and rich picture. They cost more and use more electricity.

White diodes of this type are called “multi-crystal”, and therefore they may have a different number of luminous elements.

Phosphor white LEDs. The design includes an ultraviolet diode, and with it blue and violet. Also, a layer of phosphor is added to these devices. The accumulated radiation of the phosphor mixes with the diode’s own light and gives a bright white glow.

According to the lighting placement

Edge LED is a technology for placing backlight on the very edges of the screen. Options are possible: the backlight is placed around the perimeter of the device, or only on parallel sides. It can also be installed from just one edge – more often it is the lower border of the screen.

More precise design features and characteristics of the final image are determined by the dimensions of a particular display model.

This type of LED backlight has several serious drawbacks, so devices with Edge LED are relatively cheap. Television receivers of this type give poor contrast, and glare is formed at the edges that are unpleasant to the eye.

On the illuminated areas of the screen, adequate and beautiful color reproduction is poor. However, devices made using this technology have an extremely thin bodies. The average thickness is only a few millimeters.

Another technology, Direct LED, places LEDs behind the TV matrix, over its entire area. Due to this, the case becomes thicker, but at the same time, the ability to control the dimming of black in certain areas of the display is added. The contrast of the matrix with a Direct LED backlight is higher, as is the price of such a device.

Now, as you know the main differences between the various LED TV models present in the market, we believe it will be easier for you to select the one which will be most suitable for you. If you want to get LED TV at the lowest price in Delhi, visit

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