Tips to Select the Top Quality Air Conditioner in India for Home

One of the things India is notoriously famous for is the summer heat. Of all the things visitors complain about our county, the heat and mosquitoes top the list. The temperate climate takes some time getting used to. However, the heat becomes unbearable even to natives some times. It is during these times that we crave for a “heat buster”, so to speak. The middle class family is raising its standard these days, and with the appliance like washing machines and air conditioners becoming cheaper each year they are opting to indulge in the luxurious life.

            The growth in technology has made these, once considered luxuries available to the common-man. Many branded companies are coming out with cheaper and efficient ACs these days, in order to entice new owners. The new age air conditioners not only cool the air, but also come with a hoard of other functions such as air humidifier, air purification etc. these features provide for more than what the customer paid for. The customer has to have a basic knowledge of the abilities and shortcomings of the AC before one purchase the AC. Some of the things one has to consider if he is looking for best air conditioner in India are as follows-

  • Cooling Capacity: The cooling capacity of the AC is measured in Ton or Tonnage, and is chosen as per the size of the room the AC is to be installed in. The cooling capacity is the measure of how much heat the AC is able to extract in one hour.  A room of about 120 to 140 square feet will require an AC with a cooling capacity of 1 ton, and will increase as the size of the room increases. IT is important to find the air conditioner of the right size for your requirement. A bigger AC is not only costlier, but will also consume a lot of power and will generally be ineffective in cooling the desired area efficiently.
  • AC design: Two of the most popular AC designs split AC and the window AC. Both have their own pros and cons, and choosing the one form the two depends on the requirement of the consumer. Both the ACs has similar specifications when it comes to cooling and power consumption. However, the installation and reinstallation methods are different. A window ACs will be more suitable if you need to move frequently, compared to split AC, since the relocation and reinstallation of window ACs are easier. However, Split AC’s is more aesthetically pleasing and makes less noise.
  • Energy efficiency: One should not disregard the star rating on electrical appliances that indicate the energy efficiency. These ratings will help you save costs and keep the unit safe. The five-scale reading makes it easier to pick out the ones that are more energy efficient, saving you costs on the long run. The unit with more stars will consume less energy than the one with fewer stars.

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