What Traits to Look When Picking Your Air Conditioner Brand in India?

These days, there are dozens of premium window air conditioner brands in Indiaand costs for remarkably similar models can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next. If you want to get a good window air conditioner that will endure for a long time, you need to be aware of the traits to look for.

Which attributes are more vital?

It can be difficult to select the top window air conditioner brand in India. You can find the ideal air conditioner for you, though, if you have the right information and do a little research. Pay great attention to the five points before making a purchase and consider all factors carefully before making an air conditioner purchase.

Capacity and efficiency

First and foremost, The size of your floor determines the capacity of the air conditioner’s capacity. One tone of capacity can be filled with up to 120 square feet of space. For spaces smaller than 200 square feet, 1.5 tones is excellent, and 2 tones is recommended. Secondly, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has rated every piece of electronic equipment with a star (BEE). The more stars there are, the more energy-efficient the machine becomes. An air conditioner with three stars or more is what you ought to buy. If it has a higher star rating, it will use less electricity.

Aluminum/Copper Coil

Air conditioners use coils made of both copper and aluminum. Although it costs a bit more upfront, the former is more durable than the latter.

Installing and Maintenance

Make sure you have the installation terms and conditions from your seller. The installation of the equipment in your home is almost always included in the price of the supplier. You may have to pay a little installation fee occasionally or not at all. Secondly, choose a brand that provides greater product after-sales and service support. To feel secure and save money, buy Intec household appliances.


INTEC’s vast lineup is comparable to air conditioners from other well-known manufacturers. The Intec window air conditioner brand from India is built with high-quality materials. We promise that even our most affordable models have top-notch features and can last for many years. If you’re looking for higher-quality window air conditioners in India, choose from our enormous selection of premium products right away.

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