Which Air Conditioner To Choose For Your Small Home?

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During the summer, living or working in small rooms can turn into real torture. Fortunately for you, the air conditioner manufacturer companies in India offer perfect solutions for tight spaces: find out in the post how to choose the model for you!

Those who live in a small apartment, perhaps a studio apartment with only a couple of small windows, know how much the air can heat up and become unbreathable, especially when in summer the sun beats against the wall for long hours, bringing the temperature to the stars.

Here then is that the installation of an air conditioner becomes a choice not only right but even necessary to make the environment live able with serenity.

Fortunately, the air conditioners market today is extremely varied and allows you to find perfect solutions even for those who need to cool smaller spaces.

The power of the air conditioners is expressed in tons and must be chosen on the basis of various factors including, above all, the size of the room to be air-conditioned.

Since this is a small space, we advise you not to overdo the power because, not being necessary, not only would you invest unnecessarily more in the initial purchase, but you would also excessively increase your consumption in your bill.

For a small room, 1 ton Intec air conditioners should be enough to satisfy your needs.

If you want to keep costs down, we suggest you choose only one room, the warmest in the house and the one in which you spend the most time during the day, and install a split air conditioning unit in it.

The split option is ideal especially for those who find themselves living or working in an intimate environment.

Beware of the noise of the air conditioner!

The quietness of the appliance is also an important aspect, especially in small rooms and if you intend to leave it on overnight.

In this regard, always check the noise level of the air conditioner you are about to buy: you can find it indicated in the technical data sheet of the appliance.

In the most modern models, what is produced is nothing more than a slight buzz: to be able to choose the right one, you should keep in mind that a conversation between adults is around 30 – 60 decibels.

Still, in the field of silence, know that many split air conditioners have specific functions for the night that can also lower the noise level of the appliance by several decibels.

Other important characteristics to take into account when choosing the air conditioner are:

The refrigerant gas: we suggest you use an air conditioner R32 gas, more environmentally friendly and will last over time.

The operating technology: if you prefer an inverter air conditioner you will have greater advantages in terms of consumption and well-being compared to a slight increase in the initial investment; on the contrary, the older on/off technology, although at first glance it may seem slightly cheaper, raises the cost of electricity.

Staying on the subject of consumption, the evaluation of the stars of the appliance is fundamental for the purchase decision, in order to avoid having to limit its use due to excessive energy consumption. Always check the stars of the appliance and prefer a 5-star model.

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